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How to enhance the Brahmasthan. Dosh Nivaran/Remedies

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How to Enhance the Brahmasthan in a Flat?

According to experts, if you take care of Brahmasthan then 90% of the Vastu of your home is corrected. It is the center portion of your flat, which is also known as the energy point responsible for dispersing positive vibes in every direction.

According to Vastu Shastra, the Brahmasthan in flat must be kept vacant and non obstructive. It is believed that the energy will be disturbed if you have anything constructed in this place. As per Vastu guidelines for home, Brahmasthan is as sacred as the Ishan kon, so you have to own a flat or house which has a vacant Brahmasthan.

How to identify the Brahmasthan in your Flat?

It is easy to identify the Brahmasthan in flat. It is the central portion of your house. You can find it by using a graph paper. First of all, line up the house with all cardinal directions, and then draw 64 modules on the graph paper, the 4 equal parts in the center portion are called Brahmasthan.

It is easy to find out the Brahmasthan in a perfectly square shaped flat, however, with the help of a Vastu expert slight adjustments can be made in the calculation of the modules for irregular shaped plots and flats.

Vastu Guidelines for Brahmasthan

Brahmasthan is a sacred zone in your house, so make sure to keep the area clutter free and clean. To enhance the power of Brahmasthan and to bring in positive vibes into your home, you can follow the general Vastu guidelines.

  • It is always best to leave the area empty because whatever is placed in the area will dominate the house and the lives of the occupants.
  • The 4 central modules that you use to identify the Brahmasthan should not include any kind of water pipes or electrical lines.
  • You can demarcate the central modules by using a border or a different color for Brahmasthan. The suitable color for the walls in the Brahmasthan is white. Some suggest marking the area with different flooring.
  • It is also advised to have a skylight over the center square in your flat.

Simple Remedies for Brahmasthan Vastu Dosh Nivaran

Brahmasthan is considered as the place of the creator of theuniverse, therefore you should not have toilets, lumber rooms, kitchens or bedrooms here. Due to the scarcity of lands, sometimes flats are designed with pillars in the center area, which brings ill effects to the occupants and is strictly prohibited in Vastu.

It is advised to have a vacant central area for prosperity and health, but don’t worry there is a remedy for a pillar in Brahmasthan. You can overcome the major Vastu defect with the help of these items:

  • Crystal lotus: It is one of the most used Brahmasthan Vastu dosh nivaran Lotus is a symbol of purity and enlightenment, and in Vastu Shastra, it is used to correct the imbalance in Brahmasthan.
  • Copper Pyramid: It is a powerful tool which is used for virtual shifting of a defect at center. If the spiritual zone of your house has a pillar, then you can display a copper pyramid to correct the imbalance in Vastu.
  • Yantra for correcting the imbalance: The best Brahmasthan Vastu dosh remedy is to implement a Yantra that can strengthen the center of the flat even if you have a pillar over there.

The tools and Yantras used for Vastu remedies are usually made from brass, copper, wood and crystal. In order to initiate the cosmic divine connection in your flat, it is important to consult an expert to correctly implement the remedy.

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  1. Not many people share Dosha remedies so openly as you have shared especially for Brahmasthanam. I am sure that your readers will appreciate your work on dosha remedies, especially for those related to the Brahmasthanam. Thanks for your efforts.


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