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Vastu Tips For Garage – Helpful Guidelines For Car Parking

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Vastu Tips For Garage – Having a car in a house is becoming more than a necessity. Earlier it was treated as part of luxury, but with the increasing development, the car is now a necessity rather than a luxury. But before bringing home your next car ensure that the garage or car parking has the correct Vastu for the long life and efficiency of the vehicle. You must follow the guidelines for car Parking Vastu in House and design the garage accordingly. You must house the car in the right direction to avoid unnecessary expenses. Below you will come across some Vastu guidelines for car parking or garage.

Vastu Guidelines for Garage Direction

The online Vastu for Home guidelines comprises complete details regarding the direction for garage placement. As per the Vastu guidelines, the best direction for the placement of the garage or car shed is the Southwest direction. You must choose the location of the car parking or garage in the south and west-facing direction for the betterment of the vehicle. The northeast corner of the house must be avoided for garage or car parking. But, if you have no other option left with you rather than parking in the northeast corner of the house, then ensure that the corner has slumped. Moreover, you also need to ensure that the south and west walls of your house are strong enough to offer protection for the vehicle. Southeast direction can also be considered for designing the cark shed or garage.

Entrance and Pathway Direction

The entrance of the garage is also an important factor to consider when designing a garage according to Vastu. If your car garage is in the basement of the house ensure to check the Vastu for Basement in House before considering the entrance. As per the Vastu guidelines, the entrance for the car parking or garage must be from the south or east direction. If it has any architectural restrictions and car parking is built in northeast direction then you need to ensure that the entrance is connected to the home via a pathway. Improper connectivity or lack of connectivity can cause inconvenience and hence it must be avoided.

Vastu Shastra also suggests that the pathway towards the car garage must be clean, smooth, and clear. The pathway must also be well maintained without concrete and it ensures easy access to the parking. You need to keep check of the items that are placed inside the garage and it must be free from waste and inflammable materials. Unnecessary items from a garage must be removed and destroyed completely.

The Surroundings of Garage

Vastu Tips For Garage – When deciding car parking or garage for your car, you must always ensure to maintain sufficient distance between your car and the house. This is necessary for ensuring the free-flowing of the energy and prevents the accumulation of negative energy. As per Vastu guidelines, Southeast direction is always considered the best for constructing car sheds. But you need to ensure that ample space is maintained between the walls of your house in the east and the car. There are important guidelines that must be kept in mind when deciding to construct a car shed in your house.

If you want to maintain proper ventilation in your garage, ensure to build a window. But the Vastu for Window guidelines must be followed when designing a window in your garage for sunlight and ventilation.

Vastu Guidelines for Big Cars

If you are the owner of an SUV or any other large car, it is important for you to know the Vastu direction for big cars. Just like you consider the Vastu for Car Interior you also need to consider the right direction for parking of your SUV or any other large car. Southwest direction is considered best for parking of the large car for its good health. You need to ensure that the car is parked in the direction where it faces southeast direction. This will prevent frequent visits to your car parking and the vehicle will ensure hassle-free and long-lasting healthy life.

If you are unable to construct a garage for your car due to limitation in space, then the option left with you is to build a porch in your house where the car can be parked. However, the porch for car parking must be built in the north or east direction. You may consider building it in northeast direction and there must be pillars around the porch area, but pillars must be away from the walls of the house with a cantilever roof. This is the best option for designing a porch in your house for car parking where there is limited space for a garage. You can also check out Vastu Shastra for the Bathroom when you decide to build the bathroom close to the porch area or garage.

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  1. Vastu tips for Garage- Helpful Guidelines for Car Parking
    With the increasing development, it has become a necessity to own a car nowadays. So you can take help from the Vastu Guidelines about car parking. According to this, the best direction to park your car is in the Southwest direction.
    You should also check with the entrance and pathways directions mentioned in the Vastu Guidelines. According to it, you must maintain an appropriate distance between your house and your car. For big cars, you should build a porch to park your car.

  2. My friend is very into Vaastu Shastra, and I showed her this blog. Surprisingly, she also follows almost the same that is mentioned here in her garage. Thank you for sharing such accurate and well-explained information.

  3. The article offers practical Vastu tips for garage placement and car parking. It provides helpful guidelines to ensure positive energy and harmony in your home’s parking area.


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