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Since Covid has hit us, everything needs to be done by home. Whether it’s shopping, studying, working or any possible thing that you can think of because going out is a risk that no one should be willing to take. As a part of this major stay-at-home lifestyle, creating a home office becomes a major necessity. And a major part of creating a home-office/study-corner is to get the perfect furniture since that ensures a comfortable and peaceful space for ideation and working.

Here are a few furnishing items that you can have to create a perfect study room/ home-office for yourself:

  1. Tables: When we begin to talk about creating a perfect study space for ourselves, the first thing that comes into our mind is getting a good table that serves our purpose. You can have a variety of table options depending upon the size and style of your home office. You can go with a few basic choices like tables with a wooden top and a metallic frame with side drawers and just-enough leg rest. You can also look for any table with a completely wooden frame and an attached bookshelf. There are a great number of tables that are available in the market for you to explore for yourself. You can also customize your table depending solely upon your space and requirements. 
  2. Chairs: Since chairs are the only thing you’re gonna spend a major part of your day sitting on, we recommend you to spend enough money on a comfortable enough chair. You can buy a high back chair with a neck rest that has adjustable height. Another great choice for a chair for a study table is a mid-back chair. Such chairs can be easily found on any online website. Tilting chairs and active sitting chairs can also be considered a comfortable and economic choice that is easily available as well. Getting good chairs can help you improve your posture and back health as well.

  3. Bookshelves: another basic thing that comes into one’s brain while talking about home offices is bookshelves. Bookshelves are a basic piece of furniture that you can set up in your study room to keep your books in an organized manner. You can keep your favorite novels and academic books on that shelf. If you have enough space in your room then you can go with a standard bookshelf in the corner of your room. Depending on your choices, you can go with a cubic, metal, corner, or modular bookshelf. And in case you don’t have enough space you can get wooden wall shelves that can serve your purpose just fine.

  4. Table Lamps: table lamps are another requirement for your study room in order to lighten it up a little and minimize the glare while you are reading something. There are different sorts of table lamps available depending upon the aesthetics of your room and The intensity of light that you need for them. You can go with basic LED, novelty, banker’s, retro, or modular lamps depending on your personal choices. There are a variety of adjustable lamps that are also available.

  5. Trash cans: mini plastic trash cans are kind of a necessity in your study room. Since you’re gonna be working with pen and paper over there, you need to make sure that you have a trash can near your chair to throw the extra garbage inside of it rather than making your table and room a mess. You can buy either open plastic dustbins, or trash cans with lids or you can buy yourself mini metal trash cans depending on your choice.

  6. White Board: It is also quite an important study room furniture. If you are having a whiteboard, then you can easily write all the ideas, plans, and your to-do list on it. And, the best part is you can easily erase or modify what has been written on it. Moreover, it will constantly remind you of all the pending tasks that will help you to manage your time better. If you are solving mathematical assignments, then just simply write down the formulae on the board such that you do not need to constantly turn over the pages for the formulae. They are environment friendly and you do not have to create a huge mess of unwanted papers too. Make use of colorful markers to write on the whiteboard. It will make the place even more appealing for you. And, hence you will feel motivated. 

While you are buying your study room furniture, you need to make sure that you think of it as more of an investment because it’s the place where you’ll ideate, motivate and grow. Take your time to find the perfect furniture for your room that matches your aesthetics and only buy it when you are completely sure about your choice of buying that particular thing and once you are done with setting up the furniture, the other step that becomes tad-bit necessary is decorating/accessorizing the room. In order to do that, you can go with buying small plants and keep them on your bookshelf/table corner. You can also accessorize your study table with some small sticky notes and paste a few motivational quotes, timetable, and pretty frames on the wall in front of you. You can always get cute stationery and place it on the desk with a pen-stand. Another thing that you need to make sure of is to keep your study corner always clean and organized because it will always help you stay motivated and study hard to create a better life.


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  1. Yes! you nailed it! Every furniture piece that you have mentioned should be in a study room even though the size of the room is small. The desk, the chair and a bookshelf are a must in every study room. If the room permits, then you can also add a couch or a bean bag to make it more comfortable. Thanks for the great post!


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