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32×40 House Plan Map Designs for East, West, North, South Facing Plot

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House plans are of various types and they vary according to the dimensions. When the dimension varies then the house plans and their options vary too. For selecting a good house plan it is necessary to keep all the things sorted in mind. The layout and specifications are to be kept in mind.

One may feel that it’s too hard and confusing. But one should try to keep it as simple as possible. One should avoid falling into the trap of various unwanted options. This blog is made specifically for a specific dimension.

If you are looking for 32 into 40 house plans then this is the one for you. This blog will cover all the smaller and bigger points. So get ready to plan your 32 into 40 house plan.

What it consists of

The 32 into 40 house mainly consists of following features and specifications. Let’s talk about them.


  • 32 into 40 houses consist of 1280 sq ft.
  • The building area of this 32 into 40 house is 1808 square ft.
  • This house consists of a parking lot.
  • This house has 4 bedrooms.
  • Along with bedrooms this house has 4 bathrooms.
  • Floors in number are 2.
  • This house plan is very trendy and comfortable.

All these are the salient features of a 32 into 40 house plan. One can demand or desire the above mentioned things.

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How to design a 32×40 house plan

In this section we will discuss how one can design the house plan of 32 into 40 houses. Consider the following steps-

  • Drawing room can be planned on the outer side.
  • Living room along with the kitchen can be placed in the left corner.
  • Master bedroom along with the attached toilet can also be placed on the ground floor.
  • On the upper side or first floor one can manage two rooms and an open space can also be made there.

Like this the 32 into 40 house plan can be used with spacious and popular design.

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Things to take care of in 32 by 40 Feet Plan

While selecting a house plan one needs to take care of a few things.

Things to take care of

In this section we are going to discuss some points that one needs to take care of and how one can choose the best house plan by keeping them in mind. The following things are to be taken care of-

  • Keep checking the recent trends to keep yourself updated.
  • Choose the space as per your need.
  • One should rearrange the setting of rooms as per their desires.
  • Open space should be kept in mind.
  • Parking lot and its space is to be kept in mind too.
  • If you want to keep it as a vastu plan then consider all the facts regarding it.
  • See the affordability.

All these things can help consider a good house plan.

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Benefits of 32×40 house plan

Benefits of 32 into 40 house plans are enormous and few of those are mentioned below. Benefits of 32 into house plan are as follows-

  • This house plan is affordable.
  • This house plan is very spacious.
  • Many designing ideas can be made inside the house.
  • Parking lots and open space can also be prioritised.
  • It can have attached bathrooms.
  • Ground floor and first floor can be made wisely.
  • Plot width of the first floor can be 32 feet.
  • Kitchen size can be kept at 142 sq yards.

All these benefits make it the best fit for house planning at affordable ranges.

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Ideas for 32×40 house plan

Here are a few ideas that one can consider for a 32 into 40 house plan. Let us start discussing them.

Ideas for 32×40 house plan

  • One plan can be according to the equal distribution of bedroom numbers in the ground floor and first floor or the ground floor can have more rooms and the first floor can be utilised for open space.
  • A lawn and parking lot can be kept at back if one is concerned about the parking space.
  • In the first floor the open space can be kept along with a store room too.
  • Bedrooms can also be planned on the first floor.
  • This house planning can be made as spacious as one wants by adjusting the inner dimensions.
  • One can see how perfectly this house plan fits by keeping a structural design in mind.

All these were few points that one can consider for getting a brief idea of how house planning can be done from 32 into 40 house plans.

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How good planning is done and what are the things one needs to consider before doing that?

In this section we are going to talk about how good planning of a house is to be done and what are few things that one needs to take care of. One needs to prioritise these following things which are written as follows-

  • Keep in your mind whether the natural light is available and how the ventilations will be good.
  • Shafts are therefore used to provide this feature.
  • Keep the privacy in mind too while making a good house plan. Make sure that the meeting room or guest room are not connected directly to the kitchen.
  • Make sure that the space utilised by your planning meets your future needs too.

One can plan a house accordingly by keeping all these things in mind.

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Vastu and importance

If one wants to make the house plan according to vastu then one needs to know how vastu is directed towards arrangement. The arrangement according to vastu consist of following things-

Vastu and importance

  • Kitchen and pooja room are given importance.
  • Bedrooms are directed towards specific directions.
  • Kids room are placed accordingly.
  • Study rooms are given specific directions too.

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Importance of vastu

  • It makes the house more auspicious.
  • It makes the house properly ventilated.
  • It brings harmony and peace.
  • It keeps negativity away.
  • It attracts wealth.
  • It is also known for maintaining  the balance.
  • It attracts positivity.
  • It is known for having the blessing of deities.

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With all these things now we believe that you must have discovered the points that you need to consider for a house plan of 32 by 40.

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