Front Elevation Designs in India


People’s approach to front elevation design has changed over the past few years, nowadays designing elevations can be seen with a surge towards contemporary trends. No one wants to replicate the design from other houses; everyone tries to take a different route which gave birth to fresh front elevation design ideas in India.

The awareness and confidence towards bold elevation designs have become more global. Besides, you can see the reflection of the personality of the house owner in the Indian style elevation designs. If you are planning on elevation study, then design the elevations for your dream home after reading this blog.

How to Plan Elevation Designs?

People include trendy aesthetics because they want their house to look outstand; however, real estate agents use elevation design for maximizing the revenue potential. Truth be told, you can’t compromise on the objective of curb appeal when it comes to front elevation design.

  • First rule of elevation study is to consider the massing, scale, proportion and materiality of the project.
  • Secondly, you should keep the fact in mind that the design is stable, strong and capable to withstand the adverse effects of natural agencies.
  • Always try to keep it simple, because simple designs last for generations.
  • There should a stepwise approach to draw the house elevations, so don’t just copy the design you see in a magazine, rather, seek expert assistance to assess the baseline, wall heights, outlines, and rooflines.

Design Trends of Front Elevation in India

Designing the front elevation means the house has a proportion between aesthetics and styling. These days, you can see houses with heavy Indian elements and some exhibit new age art comprised of steel and glass. In short, a good blend of elements has emerged in the Indian style elevation design. The most popular design trends are listed below, take inspiration from here for your next project:

Contemporary and Modern Front Designs: In the form of contemporary elevation, both designers and architects agree upon the trend of asymmetrical hierarchy. This designing approach gives a fresh and welcoming look, and with the use of steel and glass installations, the asymmetrical designs are fitting into the minds of Indian house owners.

Modern Front Elevation Design

More and more residential floors are designed with this approach and demanded widely because they feature breathtaking views.

Ethnic Front Designs: There are lots of houses and custom apartments designed with the ‘heavy on Indian elements’ look. The approach towards being traditional can be seen with pillars, curves, arches and elevations that are designed to look like steamboats.

ethnic front elevation design

A sense of intimacy in these elevation designs is given by utilizing the traditional color combination.

Cookie Cutter Elevation Designs: If you are not aware of aesthetics and afraid to invite the design inspirations from French cottage chic, Bohemian and Scandinavian styles then you can incorporate the trendy alternatives of cookie cutter elevation and designs.

House owners who want to be on the safe side can design their facades and main entrance by following the format of cookie cutter approach.

Multi Level Elevation Design: These days, penthouses and multifamily apartments in India are designed with selective patterns that are strategically planned to make full advantage of the views and location. These designs are usually inspired by contemporary trends and feature straight lines and increased application of glass. Besides, the clever use of paint lines helps the multi-level design to increase the curb appeal of any house.

Multi Level Front Elevation

It is always better to have the sort of composition in mind during the beginning, however, what you are trying to achieve from the elevation can only be achieved by massing and proportioning of the design ideas.



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