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Sheesham Wood: all you should know about

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Are you unfamiliar with Sheesham wood? Sheesham wood is a material derived from the Dalbergia Sissoo tree, also known as the Indian rosewood tree or Penny leaf tree.

It grows in India and neighboring countries, including Nepal. This wood’s most distinct feature is that no two pieces are identical, in terms of appearance.

You may now rest confident that you know what Sheesham wood is. Did you realize that Sheesham and teak furniture are among the most popular wooden furnishings?

The Sheesham tree’s wood is hard and flexible, making it ideal for producing long-lasting furniture in any design. Sheesham bed frames tend to survive longer than those constructed of other woods.sheesham wood

Sheesham is a hardwood, which makes it unique. It’s classified as such because of its hardness. Wood from dicot trees is sometimes referred to as hardwood. Softwood trees, on the other hand, grow at a quicker rate and are far larger. Hardwood trees are considerably more durable due to the xylem vessels’ lignin lining. Despite their strength, hardwood trees are long-lasting. Hardwood trees have several other characteristics, such as resistance to fire and ductility. Sheesham is an excellent example of a hardwood tree.

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Features Of Sheesham Wood

Sheesham hardwood, which is abundant in India, has the following characteristics:sheesham wood furniture

Appearance of Sheesham Wood

  • Sheesham hardwood is a golden to deep reddish-brown hue.
  • It has dark lines on the natural wood background, which are visible as black streaks.
  • It’s built with interlocked grains that make it incredibly hard and long-lasting.

Workability Sheesham Wood

  • Sheesham wood or Indian rosewood is a good match with all types of finishing, adhesives, and machinery. As a result, it is always in great demand and highly preferred for furniture-making, particularly Sheesham wood beds.
  • Sheesham is a popular choice for wood carvings since it is so flexible. Sheesham is one of the most frequent woods utilized in the making of solid wood furniture.

Durability of Sheesham Wood

  • The dry-wood termites can’t attack Sheesham wood from Indian rosewood trees, which are highly resistant.
  • Because Sheesham or rosewood are both hard and textured, they’re difficult to work with. It won’t shift or warp, making it ideal for cabinets.
  • It is highly resistant to natural decay in the case of Sheesham wood furnishings. It’s susceptible to wood-boring beetles, though it should be examined on a regular basis.

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Whether you want to furnish your living room with a beautiful Sheesham wood coffee table or purchase a custom-built Indian rosewood bed for the bedroom, you’ll find plenty of options in today’s furniture market. With so many benefits and qualities that make Sheesham wood highly desirable, it’s no wonder why more and more individuals are choosing this type of hardwood over other types of wood as they go shopping.

Whether you’re looking to buy new pieces or need care tips for your existing ones, remember these tips when working with Sheesham wood. You’ll find that everything runs smoothly when dealing with such amazing material!

Caring For Sheesham Wood Furniture

Although Sheesham wood is known for its durability, strength, and resistance to mites, certain procedures can be followed to preserve and care for your rosewood or Sheesham wood pieces; thus they will endure a lifetime.sheesham wood dining table

  • Extreme heat should never be applied to Sheesham wood furniture.
  • Do not put Sheesham wood furniture or an Indian rosewood bed in the same room as a fireplace or direct sunlight.
  • Heat-resistant mats and coasters should be used before placing hot things in contact with the wood furniture top to avoid scratches on the surface.
  • Use a fabric to dust the furniture regularly.
  • When cleaning Sheesham wood furniture, use a soft, slightly damp cloth with some gentle cleaner or soap
  • Apply polish to Indian rosewood beds and other pieces of furniture every few months using a clean, dry cloth; this will keep the oil content up and prevent cracking.
  • If you have any cracks or scratches in your Sheesham wood furniture that need to be repaired, it’s best to hire a professional rather than attempting to fix them
  • To keep its look, finish, and appeal, get your Sheesham hardwood furniture polished at least three times a year.

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Sheesham Wood Cost

Teak wood, as well as solid wood and Sheesham, is a popular choice for furniture because of its durability, ease-of-care solutions, and resistance from termites. When it comes to low cost, Sheesham has several advantages over hardwood or teak wood.

If you compare the price of a Sheesham bed to any other kind of bed constructed out of timber, you will no longer have to hesitate before hitting the buy button!

Sheesham wood furniture is highly cost-effective (Rs. 2000* per cubic foot) and varies from location to location since there are no additional expenses involved in its upkeep. Sheesham hardwood or Indian rosewood is easier to move around than other woods because of its low weight.

The beauty of Sheesham wood furniture is its broad usage. Sheesham wood furniture offers a wide range of advantages. It may be used in any décor style and is frequently chosen by interior designers and homeowners.

Sheesham wood furnishings are long-lasting since they are composed of wood. Any sort of Sheesham furniture adds value to any residence due to this quality. The cost of Sheesham furniture is also pocket-friendly, making it a widely preferred choice.

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Sheesham wood, also known as Indian rosewood, is a highly flexible material that can be molded to any finish and therefore serves as the go-to wood for furniture creation. It provides a smooth finish and gloss to everything made from it. Because of its versatility, Sheesham wood is widely used in construction projects.

A Sheesham wood bed adds elegance and flair to any room without requiring much effort. It’s time to upgrade your home with some high-quality Sheesham wood furniture now that you know what Sheesham wood is and how it may benefit you. It’s possible to sand it and refinish it. It’s also easy to maintain with its forgiving yet resilient nature. This enables it to be molded into any design according to your preferences.

Sheesham hardwood or Indian rosewood is the wood to use if you want to make one-of-a-kind furniture in your house. Sheesham hardwood furniture can also be found online in numerous designs.

These rosewood hardwood patterns are often elegant and have straight-cut patterns that go with any décor style. Sheesham wood furniture looks great when paired with other elements of your interior design scheme.

Due to this special quality, many interior designers urge people to choose Sheesham timber furnishings.

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  1. Never knew Sheesham wood would look so royal for home furniture. I was searching for an elegant coffee table and came across with this wonderful one, which would add to the luxury of my living room. Thanks for sharing great tips on how to take care of this wood so that we can have sustainable furniture at home.

  2. I already have a Sheesham dining table and it is very sturdy and durable. But never knew, that there are so many ways to take care of it. Thanks for this fabulous article! now I can take the learnings with me.

  3. Excellent research! I’m happy to have found this blog! The arrangement of the information is orderly and tidy. There are many great temple designs. I’ve been looking for the best ideas for my home’s temple. And fortunately, I came across this article! It truly is incredible. I have so many options now that I can choose any of them to improve the mandir design in my home. In photographs, these patterns jump out. Overall, it was enjoyable to read.

  4. The blog is well-researched and very much informative. I had no idea Sheesham wood would appear so regal in furniture. I was looking for a classy coffee table, and I found this amazing one that would add to the luxury of my living area. I already own a dining table made of Sheesham, and it is quite strong and long-lasting. But I had no idea there were different approaches to caring for it. Thank you for this wonderful essay and for providing excellent advice on how to care for this wood so that we can have long-lasting furniture in our homes.

  5. I am an antique collector and recently I have purchased a Sheesham dressing table. My mother told me that in ancient days, people took care of their wooden furniture very well that they lasted years beyond. Your article has been extremely helpful. Now I know how to preserve it well.


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