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Brahmasthan in Vastu


The Importance of Brahmasthan in Vastu Shashtra

The central zone of your property is the most powerful area. According to the ancient architectural system, Vastu Shashtra, the central part of your plot is the holiest zone, and it is called Brahmasthan.

All the directions meet here. Therefore, it is said that Brahmasthan scatters energy to the entire property. Not just homes, but Brahmasthan has its importance in factories and offices. If you have obstacles in this space, then free it right away and to bring in prosperity and harmony keep reading to know how to make most out of the Brahmasthan.

Brahmasthan in Vastu

How to identify Brahmasthan?

The significance of Brahmasthan can be seen by the fact that it is always advised to keep the space vacant. It is believed that the central area is the root of the energy and nothing should be constructed here. To keep the area free from obstacles, you need to follow the below-mentioned procedure to identify the Brahmasthan in your plot:

  • You can easily divide the plot in eight directions. Starting from east to west and from north to south divide your plot into 8 equal parts.
  • Now divide the 8 parts into 64 equal parts, the 4 squares that you will get at the center of the plot will be the Brahmasthan.


Important Vastu Tips for Brahmasthan

The area surrounding the navel place of the VastuPurush is known as Brahmasthan. It is the powerful and holy zone of the plot, so make sure you are not blocking the main energy here. Follow these tips to have a Vastu Compliant Brahmasthan:

  1. It is important to keep the area non-obstructive, so you can plan to have the main hall here.
  2. You can also have sky open area like a courtyard in the Brahmasthan.
  3. For a better flow of energy, never use this area to construct a toilet, bathroom, and even the septic tank.
  4. For good health of the occupants, always avoid having a kitchen in the central area or Brahmasthan.
  5. You can plan to have social events in the Brahmasthan so make sure you don’t have any pillars in the Brahmasthan.
  6. In confined spaces, where it is necessary to have a room in the Brahmasthan, make sure to not to have any furniture in the area.
  7. Modern day duplex houses have staircases in the center, don’t follow the trend it will bring bad health to the occupants.
  8. You should never sleep in the Brahmasthan.
  9. According to Vastu, it is strictly prohibited to have a beam, well, storage area or arches in the Brahmasthan.
  10. In order to achieve peace and wealth, the Brahmasthan at offices and factories can be kept vacant by making gardens.

Under no circumstances, you should have a construction in the Brahmasthan. Always make sure not to have garbage or shoes in the central portion of your house or office. Brahmasthan disperses positive energy to the entire house so keep it clean, tidy and open for relaxation purpose. Check how to enhance Brahmasthan or Brahmasthan Vastu Dosh Nivaran here.

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  1. Interesting knowledge I have gained today about Brahmasthan in Vastu. This is something very new to me and I am sure many people are also not aware of this. Thanks a lot for sharing this. Can you share more details about other Vastu tips?


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