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Modern False Ceiling Designs and Ideas for Living Rooms

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You know as far as I remember when I was small ceilings that time used to be the most neglected part of the house.There was no such thing to decorate a ceiling or no person to focus on the ceiling. The only way to make it look good, perfect and suitable with any wall color or the décor of the room was to paint it all white or any simple and sober color. But these days we see that ceiling has grabbed the maximum attention in order to improve and enhance the look of the house and finally got that respect which was missing till now.

Jokes apart, do this the concept of the false ceiling was born and in trend among interior designers. So it simply sums up things like whatever may be the history let us we all face a present scenario where the false ceiling has become the most desirable and innovative way of designing or improving the overall all look of rooms.

Here are some ideas regarding false ceiling or the ways in which one can put up the maximum attention and eye-catching enhancement to the ceilings:

  1. Creative Layers: Layer has always been the best thing be it clothing area, decorating home, accessorizing or decorating the ceiling of the room. Layer with cement by making some shapes over one and another or by simply layering it with different lights falling down will also help in enhancing the look a lot. There is a myth that different lights in the same room will spoil the look but layering it with different lights does its job in a better way only. The best home décor ideas for a person can be tipped from Décor Champ.
  1. Stylish Statement: Have you ever thought that why should walls get all the attention while decorating with DIYs or artistic way? I mean why not the ceiling be the host for all of your innovations and stylish thoughts while you brainstorm. So for a change, this time put all your creativity and innovations to the ceiling and have that out of the box feeling.
  1. Artistic Expression: Are you also a type of person whose mood depends up on the vibes you get the moment you enter your house. Then this idea is especially for you people. Make your ceiling lights and look according to your vibe. Brainstorm the best out of your artistic vibe and give the best to it. Times when you are up for a date you need something romantic then put some lights which gives that vibe, some days you need drama put some dramatic light then, some days all you need is peace then have some peaceful vibe giving lights on your ceiling.
  1. Shapes and Shadows: Geometric shapes and experimentation with lights play a great role in enhancing the overall look so next time go for shapes like hexagon, rectangle, heart and many more that are not common and usual. This will, first of all, give unique a then secondly make your house much more enhanced, improved and interesting look to your living room. You can also add some hanging ceiling lights for that dramatic yet innovative look.
  1. Hold on Ceilings: This particular type of ceiling looks very interesting and is in trend from quite a long time. Here it looks like the ceiling is detached from above and is clamoring for attention to hold on it to stop it from falling. A maximum number of houses have this type of fashion going on their ceiling. You can also add large LED lights and popping colors to the ceiling walls. Those who love color combinations while painting a house or room then go for it where one color should be subtle and light and the other one should be bold and eye-catching.
  1. Minimalistic and Chic: Never forgetting that simple and sober looks above everything. The elegance of simplicity is definitely In this particular look looks best when kept simple and you can even add a surprise element with contrasting color for adding some more definition to your ceiling by just adding a border to your ceiling indifferent. Thick wooden beams running on the ceiling either criss-cross or any other shapes make an interesting checked pattern that gives an innovating look. Check out the website of Décor Champ to get regular updates on the best home décor tips for renovation.

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  1. Thank you so such for sharing such brilliant ideas.I really enjoyed a lot reading this blog.The ideas seems to be well researched.


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