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Vastu Shastra for Running Horse Painting

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Paintings at home are not only used for attractiveness or decoration of home they also have significant role in vastu. Hence it should be proper and as per vastu shastra. A wrong direction and sometimes wrong painting can cause negative effect in your life.

As per vastu, the Running Horse Painting is very effective and plays a vital role in member’s life of the home where present. As per vastu, it is said that running horse painting effects in getting rid of the finance problem.

We cannot deny that everything revolves around money in practical world however we also assume money is not everything. But when it comes to the business or profit and loss, everybody is concerned about money.

As per vastu shastra, placing a running horse painting in group similar to given below image places very good effect in life. Especially, when it comes to finance.

You must know the vastu effects before placing a running horse painting in house or office as placing it in wrong direction can cause negative effects. Not only in vastu, in Feng Shui as well horse is a symbol of power, success and authority.

Hence horse symbol is a must have in your living room or at your work desk or in your office. Here are few important points you must take care of while placing running horse painting in house.

Vastu Shastra for Running Horse Painting – Important points

  • It is recommended to have pair of white galloping horses on the floor or in water in north of North West zone as shown below:


  • Only consider horse symbol only in the form of figurines made of metal, wood, ceramic or as painting.
  • You should always avoid placing horse symbol made of leather.
  • You can also place a decorated jumping horse with right foot stamping and lifted tail at your desk. Decorated horse is a good omen and stamping and tail lifted denotes sure success.
  • Prefer horse coming from left side or from front.
  • When it comes to painting, painting should have seven horses.
  • If it is a statuette of horses that you are going to place on your office table, make sure that tail of the horses must be towards entry. It should look like horses are entering in the building i.e tails towards entry.
  • For wall paintings as well, place painting in such a way that tails toward entry.


Paintings at all, place a good effect on life of living bodies in house or office hence you should have right painting at right place always.

Where to buy running horse painting:

If you want to buy running horse painting, its available online. Click here to view price and buy vastu compliant running horse painting online from your favorite store.

Running horse painting can be placed in living rooms or offices for getting optimal results. According to vastu it is believed that running horses bring prosperity and growth to the place. Many benefits are there of having running horse painting in home. Major benefits are-

  • It brings strength to the house.
  • It brings peace.
  • It brings harmony to the environment.
  • It brings positive energies.
  • It brings endurance.

These were the main benefits of having running horse painting in the home according to vastu. 

Points To Ponder While Placing Running Horse Paintings

Points To Ponder While Placing Running Horse Paintings

Some points are needed to take care of while placing the painting. Points are as follows-

  • Always place painting in a bright background.
  • Choose a painting of white horses.
  • Make sure the expression of white horses is not an aggressive one.
  • Take care of the directions of places while hanging.
  • Avoid a single running horse painting and choose a 7 running horse painting.
  • Blue background is considered suitable for that.
  • Medium like wood or canvas can be used for the painting.

Take care of these things and choose a good painting for your home or surroundings for bringing peace and harmony.

There are many vastu tips for home to bring a perfect vastu environment. And Horse painting is one of the best option from them. 

What Does A Horse Painting Represent?

What Does A Horse Painting Represent_

Let us tell you now what it represents. A 7 horse painting represents the following-

  • It represents balance and harmony.
  • Boosted career and business.
  • It represents protection.
  • It represents artistic aesthetics.
  • It represents power.
  • It signifies success.
  • It signifies victory.

All these things are signified or represented by a horse painting. Always consider a good running horse painting and install it according to vastu direction only for a better and good outcome as they will help you reap maximum benefits. Use a vastu compass for knowing the locations as they are very helpful. A 7 running horse picture is great and it will definitely bring charm to your life.

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  1. Dear Karunakaran,

    Please read the entire article. We have mentioned each and every thing. In case you don’t find, please write to us and we will be happy to help you.

    Team DecorChamp

    • Hello I want to hang 7 white horses painting in my living too.

      we have space on a wall which is facing toward north. Please suggest, is it a good opinion.

    • Sir/Mam,
      I am a student preparing for my MBA. I sit facing east. I have two questions:
      1) Can I have horse painting as my desktop wallpaper as I spend most of my time on desktop?
      2) What should be the direction the horse should face and how many horses?

  2. Sir/Mam,
    I have seen single Black horse galloping and right leg its seems to be stamping on the ground with lifted tail and coming from left direction. How it will be ? Please Suggest. the colours too.


  3. I have got running horse painting of one black on the left and white on the right . Not sure if I put that on the wall.
    You mentioned it should be white .
    Do you think it will make any negative impact if I put that on the wall.
    Pls e mail me on

  4. i have 7 gallopin running horse image where it should be place in house for get sussesfull carrier and improve financial condition.

  5. Hi Sonia,

    This is a really good article and I would like to say thank you for writing this. I have a small query on this, if you can answer that for me. You have mentioned the direction where we can put horses on the floor.
    Can you please also suggest the direction for a painting on well?
    Should it be the same direction? North West?

    Thanks for your suggestion in advance.


  6. Is it good to keep the mahabharat’s 4 horses picture in homeand pc wallpaper?if yes then in which direction?as we can change the direction of pc every now and then but not of the painting or poster…..thanks in advance _/_

  7. Sir
    Please advise how many horses should there be in painting for success, to install at home. Please advise color of horses too.

    Thank you

  8. Sir/Mam
    I hav a painting of seven different color running horses, two white & rest are of diffrent colors, running towards right from left. Kindly reply where to place at home for best effects.

  9. Sir we have brought a pair of black horses but they are similar to what we see in chess. As in their statue is similar to horse used it chess. They are half till the neck and than base continues. Is it advisable to keep them at home? If yes than what direction.
    Kindly reply at

  10. i have 9 white running horse image where
    it should be place in house for get sussesfull
    carrier and improve financial condition.

  11. i want to keep a horse frame in my shop can you suggest me which direction the frame should be and with how many horse in it

  12. i want to keep horse frame in my retail shop of garments can you suggest which direction the frame should be hanged and with how many number of horse should be there in the frame

  13. I have a painting of seven white color running horses, running towards right from left. Kindly reply where to place at home for best effects.

  14. I have a painting of seven white color running horses, running towards right from left. Kindly reply where to place at home for best effects.

  15. Dear All,

    Please read article twice or thrice. I have read maximum comments and I am sure reading above article once again will surely clear all your doubts.

  16. Comment:

    In lyf all good n bad things r happen
    for a purpos so dont think any bad in ur heart n mind just do good help for d people who r poor datz it…. everything ll b goodthing in our lyf…


  17. Dear Sir Good morning
    I read your article slightly confused pl suggest me
    1) can we put 3,4,5,6,7, poster of office
    if yes please suggest me in which directions
    please provide me ans do not tel me read again again to get ans


  18. Sir I have picture of seven white running horese in d water ..pls tell me which direction is use full for financial …north or northwest..pls tell me.

  19. Hi I have seven running horses (white color) they are running left to right . can i hang this pic in my offer

  20. Hi we have center table with painting of 8 horses cud u pls suggest shall i place it in the office or home! And which is the right direction?
    When i look at the painting they running from my rgt side to left side.

  21. Comment:Hii
    i have 2 has seven white horses running in water from right direction with a bright sun in the background.the second poster has five black horses running in water from left direction with snowy mountains at the back.suggest the directions for hanging these posters.thanx in advance.

  22. i have kept running horse photo frame on south side, horse running towards west side

    IS it fine ?or should i change the direction

  23. hello
    is this make any diffrence if they are 9 white horses (coming from the frount in the water) painting or it should be specificially galloping horses.
    please reply.

  24. I have 8 multi colour running hours painting plz suggest right direction. They run left side..
    (golden. Silver. Copper.) photo frame

  25. Hi,
    I have 9 horses painting on cloth hv framed it and its hanged on south wall of my living room,
    they are running facing east plz suggest if its ok.

    thanks for article so please suggest.


  26. I have 7 white horses running from left side…..and the background is night with the picture of moon…..
    Is it good …..For finance…..

  27. Mam/sir
    My painting of seven horses is Hanged on south wall and All the Horses are Moving in Different Directions what Does it Means..*?

  28. Hello,

    I want to put a running horse painting on the wall which is in south west direction there is a door on the right hand side of wall if i take a painting of horse running from left to right it will look as if the horse is running out from door. please advice me the right thing.

  29. Conflicting in your following points please clarify:
    Prefer horse coming from left side or from front.

    If it is a statuette of horses that you are going to place on your office table, make sure that tail of the horses must be towards entry. It should look like horses are entering in the building i.e tails towards entry.

    Please guide :

    My office is in the Northern direction of my house having its enternace from the West side , which is my right side . My office table is placed on the Northern side facing eastrn wall. Pls guide where should the horse be placed on the office table

  30. Can I put a horse painting painted by myself? Or will have to buy one?please tell among painting and statue which results more virtue.

  31. I have four horses carved rose wood . where I have to place in living room . Now I have kept in north west . the horse are heading towards main door .. Please help me out

  32. In your article you have mentioned ” on the floor in north of north West zone” ……I am not able to understand the exact direction so kindly clarify

  33. I didn’t understand, It is recommended to have pair of white galloping horses on the floor in north of North West zone

    What is the exact direction?

  34. Sir I have eight different colours horse’s running in water ,is it good indication,where can I hang the photo in office,p ls give suggestions

  35. My house is south facing and gate is on east side and drawing room is in south -West. On which wall I hang seven horse running painting.Also suggest which painting I buy horses running east to west or west to east

  36. Sir,

  37. Can we place 5 horse painting who run from left and right both side? If yes then which direction should we place it?

  38. Can we place 5 white horse oil painting who running from left and right both side? If yes then which direction should we place it in home or office?

    • it should be always there
      pic or poster which are temporary has not concrete effect
      so you can pest the pic ( hard copy back to laptop

  39. can i place 7 white horse painting in north wall , because if i place in south wall face of horses outside the home?
    or i place this painting in north west side.

  40. Hello respected sir,
    I got a 9 horses painting done coming from the front on canvas board. Is it okie with the number horses.
    If u can share ur mail details i wil send u a photocopy of that so that i can get some help. I would bare charges if any.

  41. Hi,
    Can i have (a wallpaper) painting of a horse in golden color total 07 numbers coming straight inside on the South wall. As per fengshui South directions are for Fame. Could you please suggest on this

  42. Hello Sir,

    I have one horse Statue and in the North Side with the wall there is a table, If i will place the Statue there, the face of the horse statue will be in the South Side and tail will be in the north direction.

    I sit right to place there or the tail should be in the South Direction and face of the horse Statue should be in the North, please answer

  43. I want to place the 7 horse painting for peace, finance and success……….what background color and horse facing to which direction is recommended for this?

  44. running horses 8 not 7. i did not agree with this post i only took in 2% of whats said. it doesnt have to be white horses. and painting should be hung at your success area which you need to do the work for that, to find your success area.

  45. I have seen horse painting in so many houses, but never knew that they can be auspicious in terms of finance. It is unbelievable. I am amazed to read this blog! And, the way direction and everything is mentioned regarding the painting is just flawless. I totally loved it.

  46. Running horse has a significant role in Vastu shastra as it signifies removing financial problems. If you want this painting in your office, ensure the tail is towards the entry. It would help if you always placed these paintings in the right place.

  47. Where it is present, the Running Horse Painting is highly powerful in terms of vastu and has a significant impact on the lives of the residents of the home. According to vastu, running horse paintings have the ability to solve financial issues.


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