Pop Ceiling Designs Ideas for Living Room


Everyone wants his living room to look captivating. One can have various ceiling interior decorator options. However, installation of POP designs in living room is one of the finest ideas these days. Pop plays a vital role when it comes to living room decoration. Perfect painting with modern pop ceiling designs give a superior look to your roof.

It can be noted that most of the latest false ceiling design emphasize on beautifying the central zone of the living and drawing rooms. Now the traditional pop designs have been replaced with plus minus pop designs and even more modern designs. These designs include high-end lightening systems of various color combinations. There are various fancy ceiling plates available as well for this. The best part about these plates is that it can be customized as per the client requirements.

Simple False Ceiling POP Designs for Living Room:

These are the simple designs which you can adopt if you are concerned about price as these simple pop ceiling designs are not expensive and take less time as compare to plus minus pop designs or modern designs. Simple POP designs with attached lighting systems are a quick and most effective way of decorating the living rooms and drawing rooms. These POP designs are the best recommendations if your living or drawing room is a high ceiling room. Given below are pictures of few simple pop designs to get an idea.

Simple False Ceiling Pop DesignSimple POP Design Ideas

To view simple pop design image gallery, scroll below.

Plus minus POP Designs for Living Room:

Plus Minus PoP Designs are the next level of pop designs which give next level of finishing and make the roof more attractive. Such type of designs are bit expensive than normal pop designs. This also consume more material as well as time while designing.

Modern False ceiling designs made up of POP can be availed in a huge range of color, lightening systems, and designs. To be specific, Plus Minus POP Designs are preferred the most among various forms of POP designs for living room and drawing rooms.  These designs with interesting three-dimensional effects are trending these days.

Plus Minus Pop Design Living Room

Plus Minus POP Ceiling Design

To view plus minus pop design image gallery, scroll below.

Modern POP False Ceiling for Living Room:

Apart from POP, false ceiling designs can be availed in various other materials as well, like wood, aluminum, etc. This is next level of POP false ceiling designs which are very popular now a days. These Pop designs are modern pop designs which give awesome look to your roof and are mostly in villas, big flats or big living rooms. Here are the few designs of these modern false ceiling designs. You can also ask for brochure from your contractor while planning for modern pop designs.

Modern False Ceiling Designs

False Ceiling with Wood Design

POP False Ceiling with LED Lights in Living Rooms

In addition, one can go with the LED lights for such ceilings, best suited for living and drawing rooms. These POP designs are way better than the traditional plasterboard designs due to their lighter weight, endurance, and mostly the ease of installation. No matter, you use the conventional lighting patterns or chandeliers, POP ceiling supports all with perfection.

Presented below are some of the best false ceiling designs trending these days for modern living rooms and drawing rooms. Have a look on these and show it to your contractor if you want to adopt any from these:


1. Modern False Ceiling with Wood




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