Pop Ceiling Designs Ideas for Living Room


Pop plays a vital role when it comes to living room decoration. Perfect painting with modern pop ceiling designs give a superior look to your roof. Now the traditional pop designs have been replaced with plus minus pop designs and even more modern designs. Here are few pop designs ideas which you can adopt while getting your pop designed.

These are the simple designs which you can adopt if you are concerned about price as these simple pop ceiling designs are not expensive and take less time as compare to plus minus pop designs or modern designs.

Plus Minus PoP Designs are the next level of pop designs which give next level of finishing and make the roof more attractive. Such type of designs are bit expensive normal pop designs. This also consume more material as well as time while designing.

Third level of Pop designs are modern pop designs which give awesome look to your roof and are mostly used now a days. Here are the few designs. You can also ask for brochure from your contractor while planning for modern pop designs.

gypsum-false-ceiling-design-with-wooden-decorations Pop-Ceiling-Design-Photos-for-Drawing-Room modern-pop-design
However, you can view lots of pop ceiling designs with the contractors as they bring lots of designs in their brochure. But only experienced and qualified contractors can have the modern designs.