Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Vastu for Living Room

Vastu Tips for Living or Drawing Room

Living in Vastu Compliant Living Room These days when it comes to home or office lots of emphasis is given to the place being vastu...
Brahmasthan Vastu dosh nivaran

How to enhance the Brahmasthan. Dosh Nivaran/Remedies

How to Enhance the Brahmasthan in a Flat? According to experts, if you take care of Brahmasthan then 90% of the Vastu of your home...
Vastu Shastra for Balcony

Vastu Shastra for Balcony

While getting construction done for your home, you must take care of these vastu points when it comes to balcony design and construction.
Vastu Shastra Effects

6 Ways How Vastu Shastra Can Change The Way You Live

Every individual in this world tries to arrange for a place to live happily with his or her family. Everyone wants to live comfortably...

Feel the Power of Vastu with Paintings

Paintings and Photo frames play a vital role in home and office if placed as per vastu shastra hence placing them at proper location...
4 Cardinal Directions

The 4 Cardinal Directions

How to Use the 4 Cardinal Directions in Building a House? No one wants direct sunlight in their bedroom during the afternoon, but everyone wishes...
Shifting Office Vastu

Vastu Suggestions while Shifting Office

Must know these vastu tips if you are shifting office and arrange the things according to vastu to get positive energy. Vastu Shastra is an...
Bedroom Vastu Shastra

Bedroom Vastu Shastra Tips to Bring in Peace and Harmony

Bring in Peace and Harmony with these Vastu Guidelines for Bedroom When it comes to the bedroom, we all picture a place dedicated to peace...
Vastu tips for Staircase

Making Vastu Compliant Staircase

Vastu compliant staircase is extremely essential for peaceful living. Many builders tend to focus specifically on the staircase as this has a big impact...
Vastu for Study Room

Vastu Shastra Tips for Study Room

Peaceful ambience of a vastu compliant study room As a parent one thing that you want is that your kids do well in studies so...