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Feng Shui Bracelet and Its Benefits

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People have different beliefs and mindsets. Some people may think that crystals can bring peace and harmony. Some may think that vastu can bring good luck to their lives. People believe in different things and it’s normal to have differences in opinions.

Feng shui bracelet is a bracelet that is popular for bringing good luck and prosperity to the wearer. It has  a great significance and people rely on it. In this blog we are going to discuss how feng shui bracelets are beneficial and how to choose the best one.

Along with that other things related to feng shui bracelets will be discussed. Let us start discovering the feng shui bracelets.

What is a feng shui bracelet and what are its benefits?

Feng shui bracelets are related to Tibetan mantras and their impact in attracting health and wisdom to people’s lives. It is made up of raw obsidian stones.


The powerful mantra is engraved on it. The description of feng shui bracelet is as follows-

  • The beads are 10 mm.
  • The bracelet is stretchable.
  • Weight is near 30gm.
  • It is related to pixiu charm.
  • It is  quite affordable.

Feng shui bracelet is known for these benefits-

  • It brings good luck.
  • It brings positivity.
  • It brings charm to our lives.
  • It keeps the negativity away.
  • The power is associated with mantras.
  • It gives strength.

All these are benefits of wearing a feng shui bracelet.

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Importance of pixiu

Pixiu is considered as a powerful force. It was said that it can capture the imagination of people and pixiu can do wonders. The other things are related to pixiu too. Pixiu is said to-


  • Bring money to people.
  • Bring happiness to lives.
  • Bring peace in their lives.
  • It can keep the evils away.
  • It is considered as a guardian.
  • It protects their believers.
  • It is a source of power.

Pixiu is considered very important and powerful too.

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Reasons to pair pixiu with black obsidian of feng shui

There are many reasons why pixiu is paired with black obsidian of a feng shui bracelet. The reasons are as follows-

  • They are known for protecting and giving power.
  • They are known for keeping evil spirits away.
  • They help to remove the obstacles that come in the way of self growth.
  • They help discover the inner self.
  • It is good for personal growth.
  • Pixiu helps in achieving goals.
  • The emotional baggage is limited via their help.
  • It helps in spirituality .
  • It gives harmony and well being.

These are the reasons due to which  pixiu is paired with black obsidian. Feng shui bracelets combinedly give the benefit of all of these.

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Where can one wear a feng shui bracelet?

One can wear feng shui bracelet in any of the hands depending on the factors that are shared as follows-


  • The left hand is considered good for receiving money. For monetary benefits it is advised to be worn here.
  • In the right hand one can wear it if someone wants to give out or share positive vibes.
  • One can choose any of the hands for wearing a feng shui bracelet according to their own choice.

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How to take care of a feng shui bracelet?

One can take care of a feng shui bracelet by taking care of it in a special manner. The ways are discussed here –

  • Cleaning it is necessary. You can clean it with gentle cloth.
  • Place it in a safe place.
  • Keep it away from moisture.
  • Place it in the home’s entrance if someone is not wearing it.

These simple tips can help in maintaining the purity of your bracelet.

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More tips for maintenance of a feng shui bracelet

Here are a few tips that can be followed for maintaining a feng shui bracelet. The tips are shared as follows-


  • Smoke session on your bracelet can be really helpful. Incense sticks can be passed from the bracelet and it can help a lot to clear the negativity.
  • Placing a bracelet on a crystal can also help maintain his natural powers.
  • Charge it with moonlight and see the effect.
  • Visualise it is absorbing energy and you will see the majestic effects.

With the help of all these things you can simply enhance the majestic power of your feng shui bracelet.

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Things to avoid

While using a feng shui bracelet there are few things that are kept in mind so that any negative impact of wearing it can be avoided. Tb things to take care are as follows-

  • Always try manifesting good things with the bracelet . It will really help you alot.
  • Avoid letting others touch your bracelets.
  • Keep it as personal as you can.
  • Clean it properly.
  • Charge it often.
  • Bring positive changes by staying positive.

You can have maximum effects of this bracelet by doing all these things. Let us now talk about the price list of feng shui bracelets.

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Price list of feng shui bracelets

Feng shui bracelets can be bought from various sites. The price list of feng shui bracelet is as follows-

  • AVK feng shui bracelet for good luck at Rs 949. Men and women can wear it and it is very flexible
  • Gemtub pack of feng shui bracelet , pack of 5 at Rs 3,456. 
  • Gemtub paixon feng shui bracelet at Rs 999.
  • Gem Tub black feng shui bracelet at Rs 599.
  • 8 mm feng shui bracelet at Rs 349.

One can check various amazing offers and discounts to have a feng shui bracelet.

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How to surround yourself in a positive era?

Along with things like crystals, bracelets, etc. One should also take care of the pattern of their thoughts.

Surround-yourself-in-a-positive-eraBy taking care of the quality of their thought one can simply surround oneself in a positive era.

One should-

  • Read good books.
  • Should pursue good habits.
  • Should learn new skills.
  • Try to use socratic questioning for a rational approach.
  • Try to know yourself better.
  • Spend time with good people.

All these things can help one achieve a good and positive aura. Removing all the negative ailments from inside is a  good thing to start with.

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