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Vastu Compliant Family Photo Placement

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In this day and age, where everything is moving at the speed of light, it is very difficult to navigate and maintain a stable relationship with our own family members.

In this scenario, it has become very crucial that we try to foster harmony and love among the family members.

According to Vastu shastra, the arrangement of certain photos in its particular direction will bring love and harmony into the family.

This blog post will help the readers to decide on where to place their family photos.,

The Significance of Vastu 

Vastu’s history can be traced back to 6000 BC. It is an architectural and designing philosophy found in ancient Indian texts which tells principles that can be followed while constructing buildings and homes in harmony with natural and energy forces.

The Significance of Vastu

It is believed that following vastu principles encourages inflow of positive energy which helps with health, wealth and relationships to be stable in homes

Family photos represent the connection and love between the members in the family. Some pictures are cherished because of the memories.

According to Vastu, it is important to place the photos in the right direction to improve the flow of positive energy into homes, it is believed that placing them wrongly may lead to destruction of peace.

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Choosing the Right Direction 

According to Vastu shastra, every direction has a significant impact on the energy flow into the house or workspaces.

So, choosing the right direction enhances the positivity and optimistic energy in the space. While aligning family pictures, direction should be chosen wisely. 

Choosing the Right Direction

  • East: According to Vastu principles placing the family photos in the east allows the flow of positive energy into the homes. East is the direction of sunrise and sunrises symbolises new beginnings. Arrangement of family photos in the east enhances harmony in relations. 
  • West: West direction is associated with air as per Vastu. West represents connection and communication so arranging family photos in the west helps to attract positive opportunities and helps in enhancing communication among the members. 
  • North: It is believed that north is a direction of prosperity and abundance. So placing family photos in the north direction improves financial stability and helps professional development. 
  • South west: It is better to place your family photos in South West direction as per vastu principles since South West direction is considered best for maintaining unity and peace in family relations.

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Additional Tips for Family Photo Placement 

Some things that can be followed and kept in mind while placing family photos which are:

Additional Tips for Family Photo Placement

  • Avoid bedrooms: Bedrooms are a place for rest and relaxation in homes as per vastu shastra. The place should be filled with peace and positive energy for inducing good sleep. Placing family portraits in the bedroom especially on the wall facing the bed may disrupt the energy necessary for a sound sleep. 
  • Even numbers: While arranging the family photos make sure the number of pictures are even in number. Odd numbers are believed to create an imbalance of energies as per Vastu. So even numbers can increase the flow of positivity. 
  • Colours and frames should be chosen as per the vastu principles. And also ensure that the frame design and colours blend with the style of rooms. 
  • Do not place the photos on dark or shady walls, so better opt for a wall that gets natural lighting. Lighting is a great way to promote optimism in the house.

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Enhancing Family Bonds 

Placing family photos in the right direction not only enhances energy flow and optimism but also has other benefits like:

Enhancing Family Bonds

  • Improved dialogue: Placing family photos in the west direction can enhance communication and interactions among the family members
  • Stability and unity: Family photos placed in north or northeast direction are believed to be best according to Vastu shastra. These directions represent harmony and enhance unity among the members of the family. 
  • Renewed development: As stated before, the east is the direction for new beginnings. Family portraits can be placed in the east which enhance the flow of positive opportunity resulting in growth of family as a whole. 
  • Motivation and Enthusiasm: Placing family photos in the right direction induces energy among the members to overcome every situation as a unit. If there is a positive and optimistic environment in the home it motivates the members to achieve the goals.
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Creating a Sacred Space 

Following Vastu shastra while placing your family pictures is also a step in the process of creating a sacred place filled with positivity and peace. Some other tips are:

Creating a Sacred Space

  • Cleanliness and clutter: Cleanliness is a key to godliness. So, it should be noted that the walls on which photos are placed and the photos itself should be cleaned regularly. Dust free environment enhances free flow of energies
  • Natural lighting: Lighting not only adds visual appeal to your photos and spaces but also gives clarity and positivity. It is advised to use natural light wherever possible as it spreads optimism all over the space. 
  • Feng shui objects: Feng shui objects that bring luck and spread positivity can be placed near the places to attract positive energy. Wind chimes, crystal, laughing buddha etc are objects that can ensure flow of good energies into space. 

Try to display pictures that give you happiness or pictures of more positive moments.

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Though placing the photos in the right direction alone will not bring happiness into a family, these can definitely aid you a little in creating a balanced, harmonious living space.

Placing them in the right direction can foster better communication and love among the house occupants.

Make these family photos as something that not just captures your precious moments but as an attractor of positive energy.

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