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“Vastu Tips for Couple Photo Direction: Enhancing Love and Harmony in Your Home”

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Vastu shastra is an ancient principle that stresses on the alignment of spaces with the natural forces and how you arrange and organize objects in your living space holds great significance according to the Vast principles.

And according to it, even the positioning of even the pictures of couples in their living space, can influence their relationship and thus plays an important role.

This blog post will guide you on which direction to place your couple photos to foster love and harmony in your relationship

Reasons on why the Vastu shastra matters

There is not one but many reasons to point out on why these ancient Indian philosophical principles matter while looking for a position to plant the hibiscus at home.

Understanding Vastu Principles 

One of the main reasons is that the alignment of the living spaces with natural forces will contribute to their harmony and positive energy.

In this shastra, different directions are associated with specific elements and energies and certain directions are thought to harness the positive vibrations in the atmosphere.

It is said to create conducive and balanced living environments. It also takes into account the Earth’s magnetic force.

A proper alignment with the magnetic north is believed to be important for the improvement of health and overall well-being.

Here is west facing house vastu plan.

Choosing the Right Direction

Choosing the Right Direction

  • The south-west corner is considered ideal for the positioning of couple’s photographs. Placing your images in this direction will definitely strengthen the couple’s bond and aid in the long-lasting of their relationship. 
  • Placing your photographs in the east is also considered as auspicious. This is because the east is usually considered as the ideal direction for all the new beginnings. Thus, this arrangement will foster an energetic connection between you and your partner. 
  • However, when you take care to position your photos in certain directions, you should also pay utmost attention to not place your couple photographs in certain directions.
    Refrain from placing your pictures in the south direction as it may lead to the budding of conflicts in the relationship.

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Tips for Arrangement

Though the direction on which to place the photograph must be clear by now, the following tips can be taken into consideration while arranging your couple pictures.

Tips for Arrangement

  • Choose frames of High Quality:  Pick up a frame that is strong and durable, preferably made up of good quality metal or wood for your photos. Try to keep the frames cohesive as it would give you a complete look and would certainly represent the unity that you have harboured in your relationship as a couple.
  • Display Images of Couples in Pairs: Display the images in pairs and try to include images from all the happy phases of your life, thus representing your relationship’s long-lasting nature.
  • Avoid Negative Imagery: When you display all the happy phases of your life, try to avoid framing those pictures that were clicked during the low points of your relationship. The negative shots can be instrumental in bringing all those bad memories into your mind.
  • Maintenance: Always try to maintain the cleanliness of these photographs and dust them often to attract all the positive energy and ward off any negative energy that is lingering in your living space.

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Benefits of Proper Placement 

Positioning of your couple images in the directions that align with Vastu principles, can attract an array of benefits and some of them Include:

Benefits of Proper Placement 

  • Increased Love and Harmony: As mentioned earlier, placing the couple’s photographs in the right direction which is south-west will no doubt strengthen their relationship and increase the love that they share for each other. 
  • Stability and Security: It will be a gamechanger in making your relationship more stable. The south-west direction is associated with the earth element and so it contributes to the security of the bond that the couple have between them. 
  • Pleasant Energy Flow: Vastu principles are generally followed among people as they believe that it would attract positive energy and keep away all the negative energies and the same goes with placing the couple photograph in the right direction.
    It is believed that positioning it in the south-west direction in the living space will ward off any evil eye that is casted on the couple and attract positivity. 

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Additional Considerations 

Vastu asks to place the couple photographs in the south-west direction. However, there are certain additional things to think about like room layout, size and proportion of the photographs to name a few. Let us look into them.

Additional Considerations 

  • Room Layout: If the entrance of your home does not have an ideal south-west corner to position your photograph, you can opt for the same direction in your resting space or living room. 
  • Size and Proportion: Go for frames whose size aligns with the size of the room in which it is to be placed. If it is of inappropriate size, this can influence the energy balance. Also consider that an equal spacing is left between each photo so that it gives a polished look.
  • Personal Connection: Photographs are hung so that they can rekindle all the good memories that the couple have shared. Pick those photos that will act as a representation of your good memories.

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Maintaining a Positive Relationship 

Hanging the couple photographs in the right direction according to Vastu principles are definitely considered as useful in harnessing love and harmony in your relationship.

Maintaining a Positive Relationship 

However, even when these things are taken care of, it is very important that you have faith in your partner and maintain a connection with him/her.

Because engaging in open conversation and being honest with each other can bring a lot of changes in your relationship.

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Thus, arranging the couple photographs in the directions which are considered right according to the Vastu Shastra can no doubt aid you in building a strong relationship with your spouse.

However, try to be honest with them which is the key to a successful relationship and use Vastu as a complementary instrument in making sure that your relationship is stable.

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  1. This insightful blog delves into Vastu Shastra, highlighting how the strategic placement of couple photos can foster love and harmony, emphasizing the importance of aligning with natural forces.


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