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West Facing House Vastu Plan

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How to decide and a simple guide to design a west facing house.

The Vastu plan has been considered very important in Indian traditions. Before proceeding with any new structural building or arrangement , the vastu plan is checked and is kept in mind for the upcoming planning. The Vastu plan and its benefits are all well known and we all know why it is considered. It is considered great due to many reasons.

People seek harmony and prosperity in their lives and we know how we as Indians focus and believe in our tradition. Traditions and our cultural beliefs are of great Importance. Just like other cultural beliefs the vastu plan is also considered a vital one. People have gained a lot of benefit from adopting them that is why it is believed to be accurate.

The West facing house vastu plan is something that we will discuss today. Although the directions that are considered in the vastu plan are various, we will be focusing on the west facing house plan in this blog.

Vastu plans and its importance in Indian culture.

In India vastu plans are considered very great due to some reasons. People prefer designing and allocating their homes or workplaces due to vastu due to beneficial reasons. Let us talk about those reasons in this section. Vastu plans are preferred because-

Vastu plans and its importance in Indian culture

  • It is believed that they are the epitome of peace.
  • It is believed that they bring success.
  • It is believed that they bring harmony.
  • It is believed that they are epitome of positivity.
  • It is believed that they keep negative vibes away.
  • It is believed that they are fruitful.
  • It is believed that the deity showers blessings if the vastu plan is kept in mind and the planning is done accordingly.

All these things are the reasons why the vastu plan is given a lot of importance by Indians.

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West facing house vastu and the myths associated with it

West facing houses in vastu are of great importance and are equally treated like east or north facing houses. But few of the myths that are associated with west facing houses are discussed as follows-

West facing house vastu and the myths associated with it

  • It is said that west facing houses are not equally beneficial.
  • It is said that west facing houses do not let positive energies strike.
  • It is said that west facing houses do not bring prosperity.
  • It is also said that west facing houses do not bring happiness.

What does vastu say?

  • All facing houses are equally important and all of them bring equal prosperity.
  • The main gate or front gate is the thing that matters the most.
  • There is nothing bad about west facing vastu plans.

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Benefits of living in west facing houses.

As the myth is cleared that west facing houses are not bad and are equally auspicious. Now let us discuss the benefits of living in a west facing house-

  • It brings energy to the house.
  • It brings the power of youthfulness to the house.
  • The people who live in west-facing houses are the ones who have more friends.
  • People living in west facing houses are loved by all.
  • People living in west facing houses are the ones who are respected everywhere.
  • The professions like politician, leader, teacher , etc are suitable for west facing houses. People in these professions extract benefits by opting for west facing houses.

So these were few of the benefits for living in a west facing house.

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West facing house vastu plan according to vastu.

The west facing house is important and now let us discuss how one can extract benefits of living in a west facing house by selecting the specific directions and spots. Keep in mind where to allot the location of bedrooms or other important spots to extract benefits.

If you are deciding or you have a house with west facing then try to allot the specific directions to the following specific things-

  • Pooja room-Your pooja room should be a place which needs to be aligned properly. The face of deities should be in the west direction and your face is to be kept in the east direction.
  • Living room-For living room try to keep the  direction like  east, north, northeast. These directions are considered great for the living room.
  • Kid’s place-For deciding the location of the kids room try to see if the directions like south or west is available as these directions are great for the kids room.
  • Bedroom-For bedroom the southwest side is considered accurate. Make sure you extract benefits by keeping the bedroom in the southwest direction.

All these directions can be kept in mind for extracting benefits if you have a west facing home.

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Additional benefits of a west facing house 

In this section we are going to share some additional benefits of west facing houses. West facing houses are considered important and useful as-

Additional benefits of a west facing house

  • West facing houses are best for great sunshine exposure.
  • West facing houses provide warmth.
  • West facing houses prevent enemies.
  • West facing houses attract wealth.
  • West facing houses attract prosperity.
  • West facing houses make people affectionate.
  • West facing houses enable a great living environment.
  • West facing houses are known for saving energy.

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With all these benefits mentioned now one can easily decide how to structure their west facing house according to the vastu plan.

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