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Vastu Compass-All About it

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Vastu shastra is considered to be very useful while designing  or redesigning either your home or workplace. According to vastu shastra people build up their specific places to extract the benefit of harmony and peace. 

Vastu shastra is of great use and many people consider consulting this architectural planning for developing their things.

Layouts along with different measurements are paid attention to design and choose the direction of bathroom, study room , kitchen , etc.

Vastu shastra and vastu compass are correlated. Vastu chart tells about the layout plan and vastu compass is a device that helps telling the directions that are required to know.

In this blog we are going to discuss how vastu compass is used and how it is used to create very desirable and vastu based architectural designs. Let us start discussing the vastu compass .

Vastu compass and its different types

Vastu compass is taken by people who are considered professionals of vastu shastra to tell the specific direction and to help navigate it so that designs can be alloted.

Vastu compass is of different types.

Vastu compass and its types are discussed as follows-

  • Floating vastu compass is based on automatic designs and it helps navigating the direction all by itself. It does not need any specific input to tell the direction.
  • Pivotal compass is specifically used by professionals. This type of compass along with a red point helps telling the exact direction and tells the direction by being placed on the surface.

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Why is a vastu compass needed?

Vastu  compass like other compasses tells direction but along with that vastu compasses tells the specific directions that are considered important in vastu shastra.

The directions such as north, south, northeast, northwest, east, west, southeast and southwest. All these directions are considered important in vastu shastra. In total there are 16 directions.

A vastu compass helps by-

  • Telling exact directions based on earth’s magnetism.
  • Helps in telling direction very easily.
  • Pointers make it easier to point direction.
  • Good allotment of rooms etc can be done by vastu compass.
  • Vastu compass can help people to detect directions on their own.
  • It replaced the old method of knowing directions by sun.
  • It is less time consuming.

How can one check direction by Vastu compass?

One can very easily check the directions with the help of a vastu compass.

Follow the following steps to check directions with a vastu compass.

  • First stand in the main central region of the plot.
  • Hold the gentle very gently in your hand.
  • Note that the position of holding the compass should be straight and should be in front of your chest.
  • Make sure that the disturbances like other magnets etc should not be near the region .
  • Voltage power supplied should also be kept away while using vastu compass.
  • Avoid wearing any kind of metallic jewellery while checking direction to avoid misleading information.

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Like this one can check the direction.

Why are directions so important in vastu shastra?

In traditional ideas vastu shastra is given very importance. It is said that the allocation of rooms or any other place of home should be aligned in a specific direction only.

Alignment in specific direction of specific place can give many benefits such as-

  • Good positive vibes.
  • Maintaining balance in home.
  • Keeping harmony.
  • Attracting good positive vibes from the environment that help sustain people.
  • To keep negative energies away.
  • To reduce conflicts.
  • To balance the outer and inner energies.
  • To invite wealth and prosperity.
  • To show dedication towards spiritual powers.

Direction and deity association.

It is believed that each direction is related to different deities.

Specific directions that are guided by specific deities are required to be maintained for harmonious life.

Deities are termed as dikpalas and the specific deities or dikpalas are related to specific directions by following manner.

  • North direction is associated with kubera.
  • South direction is said to be associated with yama.
  • West direction is with Varun.
  • East direction is related to Indra.
  • North east direction is said to be associated with Ishaan.
  • Agni is associated with the south east.
  • Southwest is associated with Nairuti.
  • North west is associated with Vayu.

With all these directions specific deities are related and hence attention is paid to these directions.

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How to store a vastu compass?

Vastu compass needs to be specifically kept in particular places and some places are to be avoided.

Place a vastu compass in-

  • A position where it is away from sunlight or any other heating element.
  • Note that the vastu compass needs to be kept away from magnets.
  • Vastu compass is placed away from electric fields .
  • While placing it in pockets , take care that it should not be in the pocket where your  mobile phone is.
  • Do not let your compass be kept exposed for longer periods of time.

Vastu compass and their price range.

Various vastu compasses are available today under various ranges.

  • Magnetic compass under Rs.236
  • Copper flip compass under Rs.316
  • Steel compass for vastu under Rs.300
  • Vastu chakra tool under Rs 400
  • Jet energised vastu chakra compass under Rs.500

You can buy these or other vastu compasses either by online websites or by retailers near your homes.

In stationary shops they are usually available.

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Vastu compass and app.

Now mobile phones can also be used for detecting the directions.

Apps can be downloaded and then the directions can be predicted.

Various people nowadays use mobile apps and align their homes according to vastu shastra.

Things to take care while buying vastu compass 

Keep these few things in mind while buying a vastu compass.

Vastu compass should be bought-

  •  Vastu compass is to be bought according to the price range as there are many options available under many price ranges.
  • Quality of compass is to be kept in mind too.
  • Go with a good quality compass.
  • Note that pointers are in a good position.
  • Before buying, have a small test to detect the working of the compass.

With all these things in your mind you can buy a vastu compass and have its benefits.

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