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How to Decorate a Room for Kids

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Suppose you are redecorating or renovating your house then what are your prior thoughts regarding decoration? The color of the walls, bigger bedroom for yourself, new curtains, new furniture maybe, etc right? All you people are concerned about is making a better and bigger space for yourself but what about kids? Don’t they need their room which gives them and to others that proper kid vibe? Imagine parent’s room full of stuff toys, walls painted out in baby pink color, cartoon wall hanging are all around the room, just imagine. Did it feel inappropriate right?

Yes, it is because every age and type has their own personality, has their own vibe, that is why from wall colors to curtain’s color and from wall hanging to bed sheet’s color everything matters when it comes to parent’s room or kid’s room. There should be proper themes and styles under which each child’s room should be prepared and maintained. In order to understand what particular things should be placed in the children’s room to provide more lively and happy feelings for kids here is a list:

  1. Color Matters: See I am just not making any difference between girls and boys. But this is true. For kids, girl’s choices are quite different than boys. That doesn’t mean you have to paint your baby girl room all pink and boys room all red. All I want you people to know is when you are going for painting your children’s room please go firm and choose a light color that does not affect anyone’s eyes. Going for dark, eye-catching colors will simply affect children’s eyes and will also provide negative and non-happy vibes to them. As it is said the mood of kids literally depends upon the color of the room. So, if you want your kids to be happy, healthy choose their room color wisely.
  1. Furniture: Well for this point I think it is more of common sense thing because we are talking about kid’s room right so furniture like stools, tables, chair, the closet should be of their height where they can easily reach. Things kept in closet, drawers, on tables will be used and utilized more if children can get them easily and with this way they will keep them more organized and I am sure you too don’t want your kid coming again and again to you just to give any particular thing that is kept at height in their room, so with it you can relax and let your kid do their things on their own.
  1. Be Playful: I have to be honest here that I am not at all fan of overly decorated kid’s room. Rather be playful, be innovative, make yourself little more creative and then create or re-create your kid’s room. As we know how important it is for kids to spoil the walls by drawing and writing with whatever they get. So you can go for wall paint that over which we can write or draw anything and it will easily come off. Or another option is you can place a blackboard in reach of your kid so that all their creativity and innovative mind will come out on it and walls won’t get affected. When it comes to playfulness, you can also put up some interesting pictures on the walls. One of the best options can be the Running Horse Painting. Kids fancy this stuff a lot.
  1. Maximize Space: It is very important that we keep a lot of space in our kid’s room. As we know how playful kids get so spacious rooms are important otherwise your kid might end up hurting themselves. If their room is conjusted and packed then they won’t get enough space to play and they might not consider a good and happy place to their room. Check out the website of to get a lot more tips and tricks that would be definitely helpful for your house.
  1. Follow Their Interest: It is important to setup your kid’s room in a way that they particularly want to. See when kids are small their room décor doesn’t matter that much and it least bothers them but when they start growing up they start dreaming and they start thinking about some particular things. Like some started feeling for cricket, some develop an interest for space and stuff while some start living in a supernatural So when this happens to suppose your kid is iron man’s fan then lay out poster of it and other Avengers too. If your kid has a feeling of becoming an astronaut then set up their room full of stars and sun and another solar system thing. This thing actually motivates them and let them be involved in that particular thing or pursuing their dream too. But with this, it gets equally important for parents to let their kid understand the difference between real and fictional world.

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  1. I was sick of having a childish painting in my children’s room. They’ve outgrown it now and want a new paint job on the walls. Your concept of updating the children’s area with brilliant hues that can be easily cleaned is fantastic. Furthermore, because it’s summertime, a beach or pool party motif would be ideal for the space. Thank you for your wonderful idea! For my kids’ room, we’ll take into account it.

  2. Designing a home for kids is not easy, but this article has helped me do so. All about decoration in a kid’s room, like colors, furniture, space, and many other amenities that should be in a kids’ room, is described firmly in this article. I am grateful to reach such an informative article.


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