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Vastu Tips for Hotels – Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Profits in Business

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Vastu Tips for Hotels – The well-planned and beautiful infrastructure of the hotels always attracts a multitude of visitors and guests, thereby increasing the profit levels. Vastu Shastra plays a pivotal role in inviting the visitors and making huge profits in the hospitality business because the placement of the hotel and the direction of the rooms are directly connected to the guest’s arrival.

Hospitality business actually depends on the quality of services and better facilities for repeated customers. The satisfaction of guests must be the top priority of all hotel managers. Creative designs and layouts with Vastu guidelines have much to offer to the hotel industry. Rooms constructed with Vastu norms make the guests feel relaxed, comfortable, and welcoming. So, hotels, restaurants, or cafes must integrate precious Vastu designs in the layout to encourage more visitors and guests to visit them again and again. Hotels designed with Vastu Norms are likely to create an environment for enhanced guest’s experience and this results in highly satisfied customers who will return and stay again or repeat orders.

Vastu Tips for Hotel Location

The very first thing you have to do is to choose the plot for the construction of the hotel. As per the Vastu Norms, the shape of the plot for the hotel must be square, rectangular, octagonal, circular, or hexagonal. These shapes would help your hotel business to cash in lots of profits in the long run. Besides, the shape of the plot you also need to choose the ideal location for the construction of the hotel and restaurant. The location of the hotel can make or break the hotel business. As per Vastu guidelines, the best location for hotel business is the one where all sides face the road. But, this is not possible every time and hence for such a situation the north and east sides of the hotel must be kept open and if possible it should face towards the road.

You also need to ensure that slopes of land are facing towards the northeast direction. Keep a check on the hotel layout and design to ensure that the east and north sides of the hotel are open without any hindrance.

Vastu Tips for Hotel Entrance

The entrance of the hotel plays a pivotal role in making the business successful. When designing the entrance for your hotel you must ensure to make it beautiful, welcoming, and elegant to attract customers to your hotel. Vastu Shastra for Hotels suggests that entrance must be easily accessible and has no obstacle in front of the entrance.

It is also a smart move to plant warm flowers, install exotic fountains, and equip the entrance with a smiling doorkeeper so that they can offer the best first impression in the mind of visitors and guests.

Vastu Norms for Hotel Rooms and Toilets

In a hotel, there are different types of rooms ranging from honeymoon suites to deluxe suites to conference rooms and rooms for massages. So, the layout of the hotel must be designed according to Vastu norms, and placement of the rooms must be in adherence to Vastu for a profitable business. The first floor of the hotel must be dedicated to the conference room, while the other rooms and suites must be placed in the southwest direction of the hotel. The beds in the rooms must be in the west or south direction so that the feet of the guests lie towards the west or north side. For the balcony, the best direction is towards the eastern or northern side of the room. You may check the Tips for Toilets for the placement of the attached bathrooms in the rooms.

Hotels have attached bathrooms and toilets for private use and common toilet for every staff and visitors. According to Vastu for Toilets, the bathroom and toilets for external use must be in the west or northwest direction of the hotel. These directions are best for toilets as it keeps the negativity away from the hotel and considered auspicious direction for toilets and bathroom construction in hotels.

Additional Vastu Tips for Hotels

Vastu Tips for Hotels – The ground floor of the hotel must be dedicated for reception and cafeteria. The rooms of the hotel can be constructed on other floors, but the kitchen and reception must be on the ground floor only. Vastu suggests a southeast direction for the construction of hotel kitchen. Toilets for external use and visitors must be constructed in the northwest direction of the ground floor. You may check out the online Vastu Tips for Toilets to know other suitable directions for construction of toilets and bathroom. Color hues like yellow, orange, cream, and brown for interiors are best as per Vastu Norms. Cool shades like green and grey must be avoided.

These were some of the Vastu norms for hotels that you must keep in mind when constructing or designing a hotel.

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  1. Wow wonderful Vastu tips for hotel. I didn’t even know that these things are so important for a hotel. But now I will definitely check these tips when I visit a hotel next time. Please share details of hotel bathroom as well. I am very much interested to know more about this.

  2. Honestly, I feel setting the vibe of any place is the key to its success. So, if you are a hotel owner, or are planning to open a hotel chain, then you must follow Vastu principles to attract good vibes.


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