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The Tales of Tub : A Relaxing Journey

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Shower or Bathtub? What are your thoughts on this? Well, when it comes to the debate between these two, it’s almost really the personal preference.

Some might love a bathtub, soaking in the luxury of it while relaxing, while some might say that a quick shower is always efficient and convenient.

If you’re someone who believes the latter to be true, has come to light to change your mind about it, and well if you’re already team-bathtub, then this is the perfect place for you to know why you’re in the correct position. 


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In this article, we are going to demonstrate with detailed discussion as to why TeamTub is better in every way.

There’s something extremely luxurious and soothing about taking a long relaxing soak in the tub. It’s almost as if you’re in your own little oasis in the desert that is the hustle bustle of your life.

Plus, a little bath salts and bath bombs never hurt anyone 😉 Doesn’t this sound like a great way to indulge in some quality time with yourself all while taking a step towards self care ?

Moreover, you could use this article about embracing a bathtub over a shower with your friends & family and have an eristic yet friendly debate on the same. Let’s see how many of you are TeamTub and how many are TeamShower. 

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Bathtub Over Shower 

So for TeamShower, challenge accepted! Let us show to you why bathtubs are better than showers. Firstly, bathtubs offer a more immersive and luxurious experience.

You can fully submerge yourself in warm water, allowing the soothing sensation to envelop your entire body. Secondly, bathtubs provide a space for relaxation and tranquility.

You can light some candles, play soft music, and create a spa-like ambiance. Lastly, bathtubs are perfect for indulging in self-care rituals like using bath bombs, salts, or essential oils.

So, whether it’s for unwinding or pampering yourself, bathtubs offer a unique and delightful experience! 🛀✨

Why should you choose a bathtub over regular showers 

choose a bathtub over regular showers

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Say bye to hustle bustle 

A bathtub provides a serene environment where you can unwind and destress after a long day. No shower can give you the relaxation that a tub could provide.

Picture this : You’re home after a long tiresome day, with the stress clearly showing through your eyebags about a deadline and you can visualize your boss yelling once again about failing to meet the deadline. You come home, and your partner has prepared you a bath.

That’s right, in the tub, warm water with the perfect amount of bath salts and scents that complements each other with candles all over the bathroom, a little bath bomb with your favorite beer on a coaster & a little ship for the man of the house, just like monica does to chandler. Remember? Why would you ever in your right mind choose against a tub? Nope!

No More Sore Muscle

Soaking in warm water can help soothe sore muscles and alleviate tension. But wait, how does a bathtub relieve muscle tension? Actually, when it comes to muscle relief in a bathtub, it’s all about the warm water.

No More Sore Muscle

The warm temperature of the water helps to increase blood flow to your muscles. This increased circulation can help relax tense muscles and reduce inflammation.

Additionally, the buoyancy of the water in a bathtub can help alleviate pressure on your joints, allowing your muscles to relax even more.

So, taking a nice soak in a warm bathtub can be a great way to give your muscles some much-needed relief. 

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Improved Sleep

The human mind works mysteriously, not gonna lie. Taking a bath before bed can promote better sleep by helping you relax and unwind.

The bathtub’s warm water would relax your mind making it very simple to fall asleep. Studies have shown that soaking in warm water also helps regulate the body temperature which promotes a good night’s sleep.

It also serves as a calming signal, promoting the release of hormones like serotonin that could signal your brain to wind down and prepare for rest.

So, TeamShower, impressed yet? Next time you’re having trouble sleeping, consider this, its might just do the trick. 

Skin Care

Bathing in a bathtub allows for better skincare routines, such as exfoliating or using hydrating masks. All the skin care girlies can use exfoliating gloves in the tub.

Skin Care

You could also have a face mask on, while watching your favorite tv series in the tub, with a glass of your favorite wine in your hand. It’s the perfect therapy.

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Adding essential oils or bath salts to your bathwater can create a spa-like experience and enhance relaxation.

But remember, you would always need a monica for this, because the wrong proportions can hinder your relaxation time and instead, could cause irritation.

So, use the perfect amount of bath salts and let them play in the water for the most soothing experience at home.

Essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, and even lemon oils also play a significant role as they are said to have stress-relieving properties.

But remember, always research the do’s and don’ts about essential oils before use. You could also do a patch test. Have fun experimenting with it.  


A bathtub offers a private space where you can have some alone time and enjoy your own company.

bathtub offers a private space

In the place where the world never stops running, you could definitely use some me-time and spend a soothing quality hour with yourself.

Some people say that the solutions for the hardest of their problems comes when they are all alone, with their thoughts and more.

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Therapeutic Benefits 

Hydrotherapy, such as using jets or whirlpool features, can provide therapeutic benefits for certain conditions. This is a great way to relax and still have a fun experience. 

Time for Reflection 

Bathing in a bathtub can be a peaceful time for self-reflection and introspection. Who really am I? What am I doing with this life?

Time for Reflection

Is this what I really want to do? There are so many deep questions going on in our minds, aren’t there?

But the answer to these lies in our own selves, we just need to be in a state where the answers could come to our minds.

Well, a bathtub is all you’ll be looking for when you realize that the time a soak in the tub gives is the time you can really enjoy and love the way you are.

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There you have it! These are just a few of the many benefits of enjoying a bath in a bathtub. To wrap it up, bathtubs offer a more immersive and luxurious experience compared to showers.

They provide a space for relaxation, muscle relief, and improved sleep. With the option to indulge in self-care rituals and enjoy some alone time, bathtubs offer a unique and delightful experience.

So, if you’re looking for a way to take off your mind from a few stresses of daily life and pamper yourself, a bathtub is your way to go! 

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