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Macrame Wall Hanging and Its Beautiful Options Here

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Walls should not be left empty and undesigned. Walls attract the visitor and they help in giving a desirable view.

There are many great options in which one can design walls. Be it placing portraits of great paintings. The wall decorating ideas are not limited to this. 

If you are also fond of decorating and renovating your walls then macrame wall hanging is the best choice.

Using them has many great benefits and one can use it for many great purposes. They are really very affordable.

In this blog you are going to explore many great options of macrame wall hanging for your walls. Let us begin by sharing the best wall hangings.

Macrame dream catcher for great vibes

This encircled macrame hanging equipment looks really good and it can magnify your wall in a very magnificent way.


The criss-cross pattern of this will make you feel complete and satisfied by its design. The material is so cool and made up of premium quality.

It is worth investing in. The beige colour of this is super modest. One can buy it at Rs 1,200 to 1,400.

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Wall hanging  macrame shelf to provide space and elegance

This wall hanging comes with a space and the space can help you to keep any other dexoratobe product on it.


Not only the macrame but the shelf along with it makes it perfect. You can place a vase or books to make it more elegant.

The price range is also very affordable and you can definitely use it for your white walls.

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3 tier floating shelf macrame

If you want a more spacious and cool look then this macrame wall hanging is for you. Make your wall look adorable and decent with the help of this macrame.


It has 3 floating shelves that can make it more spacious for you. Place favourite plants on it and magnify the colour of your wall.

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Cotton rope handmade marcame

The pure cotton threads will leave you mesmerised and astonished by its beauty. The purity in it will make you buy it. It is for people who love simplicity.



The white colour will reflect peace and will help you to achieve a desirable look. Buy this affordable cotton rope macrame for your walls. The price range is Rs 1,456.

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Boho touch with boho macrame

Boho looks for new and trendy designs. This woven macrame has its beauty in its pattern. The pattern consists of three threads hanging from the top and the rest of the designs woven perfectly.


It reflects good art and the neutral colour is perfect. Decorate your wall by making mini bookshelves beside it and see how your wall looks.

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Leafy pattern marcame

A mini natural look for your wall is here! This marcame gives you all the love and care of nature as it has a leafy pattern. The three leaves will give your wall a realistic look.


If you do not like the wall in a simple manner or the plain designs of macrame do not appeal to you then this is the right choice. Choose this leafy pattern marcame and have fun.

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Macrame wall mirror

This design of macrame is not only for beautifying purposes but it has some more useful features.


The mirror present in it can help you get ready and to have a look of your beautiful face in this beautiful mirror. Opt for this design if you want a built-in mirror in macrame.

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Why to use macrame hangings?

There are many reasons of using macrame hangings on your walls and the main of them are as follows-


  • They give a beautifying look to your wall.
  • The simple and modest touch of their beige colour looks aesthetic.
  • A natural look can be obtained via them.
  • It is easy to decorate walls with them.
  • They are quite affordable.
  • They are easy to install.
  • They come in various patterns and one can choose the desired one.
  • They are quite durable.

Along with all these uses it is must to say that they require little maintenance. All these features of macrame make them the best choice.

You should choose the best one and you should magnify the look of your wall.

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Some options to explore macrame wall hangings with plants

If you are a nature lover and you want your wall to have the best macrames to put plants in them then this section is just for you.


We are going to share some best macrame plant hangings for you in an affordable price range which will make you want to beautify your wall today.

Best macrame wall hangings with plants are as follows-

  • Urooz macrame cotton boho plant hanger in three plant holdings. The curvy look of this hanging is just awesome and you can place three favourite plants in it. The price range is just Rs 489.
  • Aster plants macrame in various colour ranges. You can buy one macrame at Rs 199 and you can explore many more to choose the best colour.
  • Love and beyond lilac macrame plant hanger for your lovely plants. The cool shelf in it makes you place three plants on it. Choose the best plants and place for a great look. The shelf is of wood so it is durable. Buy it at Rs 500.
  • Zippy flora hangers in cotton form. There are two plant holder spaces to place plants in it. They will look super cute and adorable as they will hold plants in them. The cotton pattern is so cool and comfy that it will protect your plants. The cost is Rs 499 only.

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All these plant macrames are made for plant lovers who can enjoy watching their plants being placed on cute and fine macrames.

Use macrames for wall hangings and see how blissfully the view will change.The affordability is something that attracts people to buy them.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a macrame for your wall and give it a more perfect and trendy look.

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