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Concealed Light Design and Why This Light is Used

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Lighting plays a very significant role in any workplace. Be it your home or office . Everywhere the amount or type of light is required to be paid attention. While choosing the lights in your room or home many factors are considered. 

Concealed lighting is a type of light that is used to conceal the traditional lights and it is mostly used to provide ambience. There are many features and functions of concealed lights and we will be discussing that here.

In this blog we will check the most amazing and appealing designs of concealed lights. If you want to opt for a good concealed light in your room or home then this blog is just for you. So let us start your journey of choosing ebts concealed lights.

What are the advantages of concealed lights?

There are many great benefits of concealed lights and here are some very amazing benefits-

Advantages of concealed lights

  • They help lessen the shadows of conventional lights.
  • It gives soft lightening effect 
  • It gives good focus. They are mostly used in libraries or the workplace.
  • It can make the view three dimensional.
  • It helps in emphasising the artwork present in the room.
  • They are useful in saving electricity.
  • It helps in focusing the beam of light.

All these are benefits of concealed lights.

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Variations in concealed lights

There are many different types of concealed lights. The different types of concealed lights are as follows-


  • Cove lights are the lights that are placed in corners of your living room or you can fix them around bedrooms. The desired atmosphere can be achieved with the help of cove lighting.
  • Soffit lights are used in ceilings or they are hung. It helps to focus the ground. Soft lighting feature is really good .
  • Recessed lights are also a good type of concealed lights that can be used on the sides. Kitchens and bathrooms are the places where they can be used.

These are the different types of lights that are used and one can choose the preferred type of concealed lights.

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What to consider while choosing concealed lights?

There are few factors that are needed to be considered while choosing concealed lights and the factors are shared as follows-


  • Size of the ceiling is to be checked and then according to that one needs to choose concealed lights .
  • If you are choosing concealed lights for the ceiling then check the span of the ceiling.
  • Take note of the temperature of concealed lights and choose wisely.
  • The compatibility is to be chosen and to be checked with other light sources.
  • Go with lights that use the best space.

By taking care of all these things one can choose the concealed lights accurately.

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Concealed lights, latest designs and price

Here are some very good concealed light design ideas that can be considered . Check these ideas along with their price.


  • Custom downlights with white warm colour ambience can be placed at the ceiling. You can make your ceiling as per you desire with the help of this custom downlight. The price range is Rs 44 per piece.
  • Cool daylight in round shape with led features. It has a warranty of 2 years. Can be used in the office or home. The rate is Rs 74 per piece.
  • Jaquar light in design with square shape at Rs 1,600 per piece. This square shape will look great and will make your view perfect.
  • Cool white colour of this round shape at Rs 89 per piece.

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Concealed light pop design

Pop designs look stunning and amazing . Here are some ideas by which you can use pop lights in your house. The ideas are as follows-


  • Recessed led pop design will give an elegant look. Use this in your ceiling and you can use colour of your own choice .
  • Troffer roof design light is a design that you can use . It is simple in nature but looks cute.
  • Cove light on the sides of your room will give a better view.
  • Gimbal lights are used in between the roof that will give specific lights at specific distances.
  • Island roof design for the ceiling  is a good one and can be considered.

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Concealed light pop design plus minus

The pop design of plus minus is really very trendy and you can use it in your ceilings. The designs of concealed lights with pop design feature along with plus minus is shared as follows-


  • Concealed lights in plus minus designs are symmetrical in nature and it can be magnified with the help of perfect concealed lights.
  • Use a pop led light of your taste and usd the view that suits you most.
  • One can enhance this design by using magnificent designs and by drawing a pattern of choice.
  • Encircle the plus minus design as per you like. Fit favourite colours.

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LED light maintenance tips

One needs to maintain the LED lights for their best quality and long term benefits. The ways to maintain the led lights are as follow-


  • The moisture is to be avoided to surround the light. Moisture is not good.
  • Clean the debris and do not let the debris get stuck there.
  • Make sure that stains and splatters are removed.
  • Cleansing agents should not be very harsh.
  • The surface is to be cleaned prior to installation.
  • The dusting should be done properly.

All these ways can help in maintaining led lights and care can be taken of them.

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Ideas to light ceilings

The ideas to light your ceilings are as follows-


  • Recessed lights are top most picky when it comes to ceilings and designing them. It is good for suspending lights in a good manner.
  • Full flush lights can be used in ceilings for great exposure and for aesthetics too.
  • Semi flush lights are the lights which have a gap between the fixtures and ceilings. They look adorable .
  • Use gypsum boards for placing chandeliers in ceilings.
  • Track lights are really cool. They are efficient and will also give you a modest look.
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