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2×2 Floor Tiles: Price Guide and Top Brands

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Floor tiles are considered very important as they help in making the look of the place great.

The designs and styles of floor tiles are unique and hence they provide a wide range of options to choose from. The main features of floor tiles like quality, strength, durability, etc matters the most.

2×2 floor tiles can be suitable for many places. Knowing their price range and about their bestsellers can help you in choosing good ones.

You can check this blog for a great idea of floor tiles and their prices. This blog has shared some very good information about floor tiles.

The companies like kajaria, armstrong are considered very great and one can simply consider them for having floor tiles.

You will get detailed information regarding that. Check the following sections and learn more about it.

The Elegance of 2×2 Floor Tiles

There are many suitable reasons that tell us why we should choose 2×2 floor tiles. The main reasons for choosing floor tiles are as follows.

The Elegance of 2x2 Floor Tiles

  •  Versatility–  One can get many designs and patterns in 2×2 floor tiles. If you are looking for classical designs or some modern art, you can get both im 2×2 floor tiles. Due to their wide options and applications they are used.
  • Timeless appeal– The durability and longevity of 2×2 floor tiles is amazing. One can have a very durable floor with the help of the best floor tiles. For enjoying longevity one can choose 2×2 floor tiles from the best brands. They will never disappoint you.
  • Aesthetic freedom– Nowadays people look for aesthetic appeal and the thing that suits the aesthetic of home can be chosen for a great look. One can find many designs and styles in floor tiles. You can feel free to choose the one that you like the most.

These reasons make the floor tiles of 2×2 the best and these are the reasons why people need to opt for 2×2 tiles from good companies.

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The Price List

It is best to know about the price range of the best companies as by knowing the price range you can simply choose the best one. The price range of famous tile companies are shared in this section and you can check them out. Tiles Price List

  • Kajaria Tiles (INR 25-90 per sq. ft.): Kajaria is a well known brand and people rely on this brand for its high quality. It offers good design and patterns in tiles. The price range is affordable too.
  • Somany Tiles (INR 20-80 per sq. ft.): Somany tiles are known for their unique styles. If you are into choosing good and stylish tiles then this is the place where you can get one. Select the best one.
  • Armstrong Ceiling Tiles (INR 30-95 per sq. ft.): The durable nature of their tiles along with classy designs makes them best. One can find good and affordable tiles here. 
  • Johnson Floor Tiles (INR 20-75 per sq. ft.): Choose from the top quality tiles and the best designs. The tiles offered by them will make your place great. They are known for their good service and customer support.
  • Varmora Tiles (INR 20-85 per sq. ft.): If you are worried about your budget and you want tiles at reasonable prices then varmora tiles offer the best tiles at good prices. You can check their collection.

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Choosing the Right Floor Tiles

For choosing the right floor tiles you need to take care of some points. Make sure to notice these points for having the right tiles installed.

Choosing the Right Floor Tiles

  • Choose the tile that suits the aesthetics of your room. You should opt for appealing tiles.
  • Durability of tiles is to be considered and you should pay attention to their durable nature. Durable tiles will stay longer.
  • The colours of tiles are to be chosen wisely. Make sure that you are getting good colour options in the title that you have chosen.
  • Patterns of your choice are to be checked while choosing.
  • Size is very important and choose tiles that fit right in your place.

These points can help you in getting the right tile installed.

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The Beauty of Online Shopping

There are many good reasons for buying tiles online. The main reasons are discussed here.

Beauty of Online Shopping

  • One can have good alternatives in floor tiles options while buying online tiles.
  • You can buy floor files by saving your time. You can buy it from your home only.
  • It is easy to check customers reviews and this makes it easier to choose the tile.
  • Good discounts and offers are available on online sites and one can get them.
  • Home delivery is also possible and convenient.

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Top Brands: A Closer Look

Let us talk about the top brands here. The good features of top brands are as follows.

  • Kajaria tiles offer a good range of products and also one can find good designs from kajaria tiles.
  • Somany tiles can be used in many different places as the size options are good. One can have good tiles at good prices.
  • Armstrong tiles being durable and great makes it easier for their customers to trust them. They have simple and complex types of designs.
  • Johnson tiles for the floor are available in different budgets and thus they are great.
  • Varmora tiles are famous for their aesthetic appeal. Customers love their customised designs.

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Floor tiles of 2×2 dimension play a very great role and choosing them can be hard but this blog has offered some very great options of floor tiles along with their price.

You can check the best options of floor tiles that are mentioned here. The best companies and their brands will help you to choose the best one for your place.

Consider the benefits of online shopping and explore options on online sites. This blog is suitable for people who want to know about the best floor tiles.

Read this blog and give your home the best ever look with the best floor tiles.

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