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Vitrified Tiles 2×2 With Price: To Choose The Best

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Tiles are really important as they can play a good role in magnifying the beauty of your place. Many considerations are to be done for choosing tiles.

Tiles are of many types. Today, one can have types of different colours and shades along with customised patterns. 3D designs are also good and people like to choose them too. 

In this blog we will be talking about vitrified tiles and the reasons for choosing them. You will also know about their price list vitrified tiles 2×2 price will be shared in following sections.

If you are going to select the tiles then this blog is for you as it will help you out. Let us first start talking about the reasons why one should choose vitrified tiles in homes and buildings. The reasons are discussed as follows.

Why to choose vitrified tiles?

The process of vitrification makes the name of these tiles as vitrified tiles. There are many good compositions of these tiles which help them be the best.


The reasons for choosing them are shared as follows.

  • The texture of these tiles is good and one can use it because the surface requires no additional glazing.
  • These tiles are resistant to scratches and one can rely on its resistance.
  • The strength of these tiles is perfect and they are durable too.
  • These tiles give the guarantee of quality.
  • It does not fade in terms of quality.
  • These are quite affordable.

These all are some very great reasons for choosing vitrified tiles. One should try them. The price of 2×2 vitrified tiles are shared as follows.

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2×2 vitrified tiles price list

In this section you will get to know the price list of 2×2 vitrified tiles price list. You will be able to choose the tiles of your choice easily. The price list is discussed as follows.


Multicolour vitrified tile for home – This tile is available in various colours and shades. One can get the vitrified tiles for 2×2 dimension with these features-

  • The finish type is of gloss.
  • The shape of this tile is square.
  • You can have thickness ranging from 5 to 10 mm.
  • Vitrified material is of good type.
  • The price range is affordable and one can have it in Rs 50 per square ft.

Marvel vitrified tile for floors – This tile belongs to a good brand and one can have these tiles in a good texture. The features are shared as follows-

  • The patterns are very great.
  • One can opt for different shades.
  • The material is very fine.
  • One can use these tiles in various places.
  • The price range is Rs 355 per box.

Metrix vitrified floors –  Square shaped tiles are good in this form. The double charge tiles makes it perfect and it has features like-

  • Glossiness is upto 70 percent.
  • Many smooth patterns are obtained with these tiles.
  • You will find that the tiles perfectly fit the size criteria for your usage.
  • The colours are versatile in nature.
  • The price range is Rs 30 per square feet.

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Sky blue vitrified tiles – If you want a sky blue touch in your home then you can opt for this type of tile. The sky blue vitrified tiles are having features like-

  • The polished feature is good.
  • It has a square shape.
  • The size is 2×2.
  • It is of double charge nature.
  • The white pattern in this is nice and you can use it for beautifying purposes.
  • The price rate of this is Rs 42 per square feet.

IVORY vitrified tile for homes – This colour of tiles will give a simple and cool look to your home. It has features like-

  • It is best suited for floors.
  • It is made for matching the aesthetics of your natural surroundings.
  • You can have it for having a soothing look.
  • It is of good material.
  • The price is affordable.
  • Buy it at Rs 34 per sq feet.

All these are some good tiles and options from which you can choose easily. It will help you in having affordable tiles according to the need of 2×2 dimensions. All are suitable for your location and size preference.

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How to choose the best vitrified tiles?

You can choose the best vitrified tiles for yourself by taking care of these points. The points are shared as follows-


  • Check the quality of tiles by taking care of any cracked sign.
  • Go with the design that you like the most.
  • Check out the affordability or price.
  • Check whether it is durable or not.
  • Avoid low quality tiles.
  • Check the water absorption nature of tile.
  • Go with the types of tiles that you like.

All these points will help you to have a good tiles for yourself. The vitrified tiles will help you in having good overall beautification and will help you have a perfect surrounding.

Choose the tiles perfectly and with great consideration. Make sure you go with the best brand. Check for amazing price ranges too while choosing and also seek discounts.


In this blog the price range of vitrified tiles is discussed and the price options can help you in choosing the best vitrified tile for you.

This tile is specifically known for its great durability and appearance. You will have a great benefit by using this tile for yourself.

Check the various shades and colours of these tiles and then choose. You can go with different varieties. Make sure that you choose the most perfect design and brand.

Low quality tiles can give you bad experience and can harm you in the long run. This blog is a perfect guide for a 2 ×2 vitrified tile  purchasing journey.

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