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Give your home a stylish look with wooden style main gate

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Today, wooden style gates are becoming fashion for all type of houses, not only in big house but in small houses as well. Gone are the days when we used typical wooden doors build with heavy wood for main gate as shown below.

Old Style Wooden Main Gate Design

With the latest trend coming in, everybody is looking for latest gate designs. One likes pure steel gates for their villas, some want designer gates made of rectangle pipe, some look for steel and wood mix gate and so on. Here we will skip all other type and concentrate only on wooden style. Other styles you can find by searching in respective category at DecorChamp.

Here are the designs of wooden style waterproof gates that you can select for your small, mid size or big houses.


wooden-main-gate-steel-border wooden-main-gate-in-steel-border

These are three mostly used main gates with border in steel and middle material of wooden look based on the entrance size of house. There are lot more.main-gate-design-250x250-9 main-gate-design-250x250-5 main-gate-design-250x250-4 main-gate-design-250x250-3main-gate-design-250x250-2main-gate-design-250x250-1
















These are some mid range main gates which you can select while constructing your home sweet home. However these are the combination of wooden and steel mix material. You can also choose your main gate from the designs shown below as well.

main-gate-design-250x250-8 main-gate-design-250x250-7 main-gate-design-250x250-6 main-gate-design-250x250-10












We have listed many wooden style main gates you can choose from. However, there is no limit of main gate designs. You can also have a look on the catalog available at shops to view more designs.

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Here we are listing few more main gate designs which are very popular for you to select.

Wooden Main Gate Designs Modern Main Gate Design Main Gate Design Ideas in India

Wood Design Front Gate And Why Is It Important?

Wood Design Front Gate And Why Is It Important_

Wood or wooden gates are considered great when it comes to designing main gates. Wooden designs are trending nowadays. It is important to keep yourself trendy.

Wood gates are trending because

  • They are appealing.
  • The texture is great.
  • The designs come in varied forms.
  • The maintenance of wooden gates is easy.
  • They can be decorated as per one’s need.
  • They are affordable.

All these things make wooden gates more desirable and people are opting for them. Here are some best door frame designs for the main gate. 

Wooden Gates and Their Features

Wooden Gates and Their Features

Wooden gates have the following features:- 

  • They are durable.
  • They have various colour ranges.
  • They have various designs and are beautiful to look at.
  • They come in varied price ranges.
  • They can be used to install anywhere.

These were a few features of wooden gates which make them good to use.

You should also know about the main entrance door vastu

Wooden Gates And Their Range In India

Wooden Gates And Their Range In India

The price range of wooden gates is as follows:- 

  • The entrance gate for wood is under the range of Rs.120 per sq ft. It comes in brown colour.
  • Slide-opening wooden gate with various designs under the range of Rs.8,000 per piece.
  • The designer main gate in wooden with a decorative design in Rs.135 per sq ft.
  • The residential main gate in wood under the range of Rs.295 per sq ft.
  • Swing design main gate in wood under the range of Rs.200 per sq ft.

Designs and ranges may vary according to the choice of customer.

One can check the nearby retailer for the correct range price.

One can visit online or offline stores.

Type Of Wood That Is Best For Wooden Gates

Type Of Wood That Is Best For Wooden Gates

The following types of wood are considered good for making gates.

The types of wood are as follows:- 

  • Redwood is good.
  • Red cedar is also a good option.
  • European oak looks stylish.
  • Iroko is considered good.

One can check the material of wood and can choose wisely.

Have a look at the Digital lock for main door. These modern locks are perfect for any main door design. 

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  1. Wooden gates are evergreen but the designs that you have shared are just perfect for any home. You can get the classic look with wooden gates or go for something more unique and modern. Whichever style you choose, make sure that it complements the overall theme of your home. Thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful ideas with us!

  2. Wooden gates still have value despite being an old-fashioned material and having a wide range of substitutes available on the market because of a number of benefits.
    The right tool can be used to fix scratches or general wear and tear, so replacing the entire gate is a last choice.


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