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Best Helpful Tips Vastu For Guest Room

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Indians are highly hospitable in nature and consider the arrival of guests auspicious for their homes. We Indians are known for respecting our guests and even treating them at par with God. Indians welcome their guests with warmth and also treat them as their family members. Just like Vastu for Home, there are certain rules in Vastu Shastra that you need to follow when choosing the direction and placement of the guest room in your house. As per ancient Indian text, guests are the representatives of God and hence extra care should be taken for the wellbeing of the guests. The placement of the guest room must be the incorrect direction as per Vastu which can bring hosts of benefits to the guests and keep them healthy.

As per the Vastu Shastra, there are certain rules and regulations that are required to be followed when choosing the location, placement of furniture, and other details for the guest room. This will ensure both you and your guests can enjoy the company and your guests would return with some sweet memories of their stay with your family. Below is some helpful Vastu for a room that you need to keep in mind when designing a guest room in your house.

Vastu Tips for Guest Room Location

Vastu Shastra provides guidelines for selection of the directions for each room of your house; you will even find Pooja Room Vastu online. Similarly, Vastu also offers proper direction for constructing your guest room. The best direction for the room according to Vastu is the north-west direction of your house.

Many people make a mistake of constructing the room in the middle of their house which is considered inauspicious. It is necessary that the northwest direction of the house must be considered for constructing a guest house as it is an unstable area of the house and highly preferred for the room according to Vastu.

Vastu for Guest Room Furniture

The primary furniture in the guest room is bed and cabinets. When it comes to a bed for a guest room, it must be placed in the southwest direction of the room. You need to place the bed in such a way that the head of the person sleeping on the bed faces towards south direction. The guest room also comprises of cabinets and you need to ensure that cabinets are placed correctly and in alignment. Vastu guidelines for placement of the cabinet are on the southwest, west, or south direction of the room.

You may check the Vastu for Bedroom to choose the entrance door for the house. It suggests that the entrance door for the guest room must be in the northwest corner of the room and cabinets must be placed just in the opposite direction. It looks comfortable and gives a clean and attractive appearance of the room.

Colors and Wall Decors in Room

Every room in your house has its own purpose and hence it is styled and colored accordingly. But the color scheme of the guest room must be according to the Vastu guidelines. Just like you follow Vastu for Dining Room when choosing a color for walls, you also need to consider the Vastu guidelines when choosing colors for the room. According to Vastu, light shades of white, blue, and green are the best options for the guest room. These colors are known for serenity and calmness. Avoid using dark shades as it makes the room look darker and also attracts evil eyes.

Similarly, when it comes to decorating the guest room you can hang beautiful paintings on walls, and place vase in the room. As per Vastu, there are many decorative items that you may use for the room of your house. You may check the Vastu tips online for the items which are allowed to be used in the room for decoration. Just like Vastu for Drawing Room suggests decorative items for the drawing room of your house, Vastu for Room also suggests many decorative items that can be used for decorating your guest room.

All families come with different relations and there are many relatives from the maternal and paternal side and having them in your house as a guest is an exciting experience indeed. It is really a fun-filled moment to have all members and relatives together. But for the wellbeing and health of the guest, you need to construct the room considering the Guest Bedroom Vastu guidelines available online for you. You must consider all these Vastu tips when designing the guest bedroom which would bring in prosperity and wellbeing in the room.

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  1. Best Helpful tips Vastu for Guest Room
    Indians love to welcome and respect their guests. So there are some guidelines you need to follow for the placement of your guest room. It is essential to use the northwest direction of the house to construct a guest house. The beds must be placed in the southwest direction. It looks clean and comfortable. You can use colorful paintings and place flower vases to ornament your room.

  2. What colour combinations would you suggest for the guest room? I want to use a slightly dark and light shade combined together. But I am unsure of which ones would be the best according to Vastu.

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