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Laughing Buddha Meanings, Placement Directions & Vastu

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Decorating your house with some of the best artifacts not only makes your home look beautiful but it also helps boost your mood. One such piece of artefact which immediately brings a smile to your face is Laughing Buddha.

Ho-Tei or Pu-Tai is commonly known as the laughing Buddha. It is based on a Chinese Monk who was famous for his compassionate and jovial nature. Today this happy Hotei is a part of most homes.

Meaning of different types of laughing Buddhas:

There are different types of laughing Buddhas available in the market. Let us understand the meaning of different types of laughing Buddhas and its vastu.

Vastu for Laughing Buddha with a Bowl

Some Buddha statues have a bowl in one hand . The bowl is a representation of a begging bowl. It thus depicts a nomadic monk who will beg and take away the sadness from the lives of people and bring happiness into their lives.

He holds the bowl above the head which represents that he is asking for loads of happiness from the almighty which he will give away to others.



Vastu for Laughing Buddha with a Fan

The fan also called as Oogi is considered to be one who will fulfill all your wishes. It is basically a representation of happiness and prosperity. By waving his wish-fulfilling fan he does away with all the troubles of the people.

There are some unique bedroom colors for couples according to Vastu to choose from.

Vastu for Laughing Buddha with Sack

Vastu for Laughing Buddha with Sack

The sack is said to contain happiness and wealth. This statue is a representation of travelling Buddha. It is believed that this Buddha travels at different places and ask the people to give away their sadness and troubles which he puts in the sack and in return gives then happiness.

Vastu for Laughing Buddha with ball and Beads

The ball is considered as a magical ball which will bring happiness and the beads represent meditation.

Vastu for Standing and Sitting Buddha

Standing laughing Buddha represents love and compassion. If this sitting posture is with a gold nugget then it brings good luck. Standing laughing Buddha represents plenty of wealth and happiness.

Placement Directions where laughing Buddha can be placed

Placement Directions where laughing Buddha can be placed

In the East:

Placing the laughing Buddha in the East corner or a place where all the family members can see it when they sit is one of the best ways to get rid of arguments and quarrels in the family.

In Sheng Chi direction based on Feng Shui Kua number

If you want to attract wealth and prosperity then determine the Shen Chi direction from a Feng Shui expert and place the laughing Buddha in that direction.

In Money Plant Vastu, it is advised to position the plant in the southeast corner of the house to attract wealth.

In the South East Corner

For better luck and better income place the laughing Buddha in the South East corner of the living room, dining room or bedroom.

On The Desk and Study Table

Placing a laughing Buddha on your desk in office will protect you from office politics and betrayals. Also students should place the statue on their study table for better educational luck.

If you want happiness and prosperity then don’t forget to get the statue of this jovial monk. His only ambition in life is to take away your sorrows and shower you with happiness and prosperity.

Where to Buy Laughing Buddha Online

You can buy laughing buddha online from reputed websites like Flipkart, Amazon and many other. Click here to buy it online

Vastu for Laughing Buddha Placement Dos and Don’ts

Vastu for Laughing Buddha Placement Dos and Don'ts


  • East or North Positioning: Position the Laughing Buddha to attract positive energy and fortune.
  • Elevated Position: To increase the Laughing Buddha’s importance and power, place it on an elevated surface or table.
  • Right Hand Position: If your Laughing Buddha is grasping an ingot or a bowl, make sure it’s in the right hand, as this represents riches and abundance.
  • Cleanliness: To keep positive energy flowing, keep the statue clean and well-maintained.
  • Family Room: To encourage peace and happiness among family members, try placing the Laughing Buddha in the family or living room.

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  • Avoid Placing the Laughing Buddha in the Bedroom: Placing the Laughing Buddha in the bedroom might interrupt the tranquilly required for rest and intimacy.
  • Bathroom or Near Toilet: Never place the Laughing Buddha near a bathroom or toilet, since this might cause negative energy to be lost.
  • Bad Directions: Avoid placing the Buddha towards the south, southeast, or southwest, since this may produce bad energy.
  • Avoid Placing the Statue against a Wall: Placing the statue against a wall hinders the flow of energy.
  • Damaged or broken sculptures: Damaged or broken Laughing Buddha sculptures might bring inauspicious energy. 

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Vastu for Cleansing and Energizing Laughing Buddha

Maintaining positive energy in your environment requires cleaning and energising your Laughing Buddha statue. Begin by deciding on a lucky day and time. Light incense or a candle and place the Laughing Buddha in a clean, peaceful space. Express your thanks and goal for positive energy while you do this. 

To erase any collected negativity, gently wipe the statue with a combination of clean water and a bit of salt. As you wash the Laughing Buddha, imagine it emitting positive energy. After washing, energise the statue by putting it in a well-lit, well-ventilated environment. 

This technique restores the Laughing Buddha’s pleasant aura, ensuring that it continues to attract success and joy while also balancing the Vastu of your house or office.

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  1. I love having Laughing Buddha in my house and I have been looking for the best place for it so that it sends in good luck to my house. I have been told that placing it in the North-East corner of the house is auspicious. I would like to know if this is correct and also the reasoning behind it? Thank you

  2. Amazing blog! I had no idea that laughing Buddha needed to be placed in a specific direction. I will be more mindful of this when setting up my little Zen corner in my home. One thing that I want to ask is whether we can place the laughing Buddha on a higher shelf or should it be placed on lower tables only? Thank you for writing such an elaborate blog.

  3. Nice! This is something very new to me. I didn’t know that laughing Buddha positions can have such different impacts on life. This blog has made me curious to learn more about it. I will do more research on this because I have one laughing Buddha in my living room and I keep gifting it to my relatives. The significance of each position will help me choose the laughing Buddha carefully.

  4. Artifacts of the laughing Buddha can be used to decorate your home, which not only improves the aesthetics but also lifts your spirits. Your face starts to smile right away.


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