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What are the Best Ways to Improve the Vaastu of Your House?

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Home is an integral part of our lives. And having a big and beautiful one is just a pleasure. Or we can say an add-on.  And the people of India have one thing that they concentrate on, which is Vaastu. This word is more than a word for people here because according to us a good vasstu of a house gives a prosperous life and business.

It helps in radiating the right energies that one would want in their house. In accordance with a number of Indian traditional beliefs, every home comes with its own type of energy that directly and indirectly affects the people living in it. So, if you are going to buy yourself a house or are going to build one, then be double sure to check the vaastu of the place.

Vaastu science has been adding values to our lives for a long time. People very carefully follow them to a very large extent. These tips are not just for fun, each vaastu tip has a very deep insight and a strong scientific reason behind them.

Vaastu Tips For Home

Like every other year, we are going to leave 2018 for 2019, and this new year we would want to bring prosperity to ourselves so, in this article, we are going to discuss on various things related to this topic. And we are going to learn a few vaastu tips from happy married life.

1. The first thing to take a note about is the Entrance. It is said that the entrance of a house is not just the way in and out for your family members but it is also the way that allows the energy to pass in. According to people the best directions for your entrance are NE, SE, E, N, S.

2. If you want some spiritual growth which can be beneficial for you in many ways, then do meditate daily. And for doing this you need to be in the Northeast direction. This said to be the best position.

3. Always allow bright light to enter through your main door as it is a good symbol for your house. A house where the door is not allowing the sunlight to enter is not a good place to live.

4. Firstly, you should always keep your television and computers outside your bedroom.

5. Put up a painting or a picture of a bright sun on the southern wall of your house. This will help you in having a great start each morning and a great end each night.

6. It might be wrong to keep a picture in your kitchen. So, you should always avoid doing it.

7. To be on a safer side, it is asked to keep the broom and mops away from the kitchen. It should not be in the sight of the kitchen.

8. And one more thing, before introducing a staircase, you should always check the vaastu shatra for the staircase. It should be built inside or outside is another bigger question.

vaastu shatra for the staircase

9. Now you need to keep the gates of the bathroom and toilets closed. Do not keep them open. Shut them as much as possible.

10. One’s house should also have windows that open outwards, on a general note.

11. Keeping a prickly plant such as cactus or anything near this shrub in the house is not advised. You should avoid keeping them inside.

12. One more important thing that you should keep in mind while building or choosing a house is the worship room. If you have a worship room attached to a toilet or a bathroom, then one should not use it for the purpose. It should be left vacant and clean all the time.

So, here are a few tricks that will help you in having a good vaastu house. So, do follow as many points as you can from all those enlisted above. This is because a better vaastu house will give you and your family a better vision and life. With all these points, I wish every reader luck, love and wealth in the New Year. This article is written in a hope that you find it better for progressing in your life.

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  1. Great information mentioned here!
    I agree Vastu does have a lot of impact on how the energy flows and it helps in bringing up positivity as well. I must say each and every tip that is being mentioned here are just amazing.

  2. I just loved the way how information is presented here. It is an amazing post with each and every detail mentioned so accurately. And, I totally agree for a blissful life, one needs to be in a good state of mind and Vastu is all about living your life with utmost positivity.

  3. I just loved the way how the post is presented. It is an amazing post with each point so accurate, I totally agree for a blissful life, one needs to be in a good state of mind and Vastu is all about living your life with utmost positivity.

  4. I have been reading a lot of your vastu related articles and let me tell you, they are so accurate and really helpful. I have been following your tips and my life has become so much better. Thank you so much for all the help, it is really appreciated.


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