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Which Color is the Best For Bedroom According to Vastu Shastra

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As we all know that Vastu shastra is so important for our house. Especially if you are an Indian then you must be connecting your thoughts with the mind. No? well don’t lie I know you surely are. Because you know why? we are so much into Vastu shastra, astrology, superstition and all. I am not at all saying that one should not believe or follow these stuff because after all these things rely on our beliefs. So do follow all but not blindly that is my main point. Everything should be in a particular direction or else something bad will happen. Okay fine I get it people don’t make an issue out it. I totally get that there are some particular direction or dishas given to particular things or furniture where it should stay like bed direction, pooja room direction and many more. But interestingly do you know the color of the bedroom also plays a significant role in vastu and our world. Shocked? Well, I was too but yes it is all true. Want to know what and how actually color on the wall or anything kept in your bedroom affects your vastu. As for color, we don’t notice but plays a lot with our mood and mind. Proper and perfect color in suitable place can literally uplift or low down our mood in a moment.

First of all, there are some directions in which bed should particularly be kept. Listen this is not something that one should ignore or not consider much about. This is one of the most considered things by our parents, their parents and so on. So according to old times in a bedroom, a bed should always be kept in a south-west direction. Now the reason behind it is it bring peace, relaxation,and calmness to one’s mind and soul not only this it is also said that this particular side brings out positivity and helps in bringing out the best in people. The other remaining side is known to be the hub of negative energy.


Keeping all the Vaastu tips for your home in mind, here is the list of some best colors that one should pick up while coloring their bedroom:

  1. Shades of Rose Pink Color: We all know that pink color is known for its firmness and peacefulness apart from this it also denotes sweet, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine and many you know talking about this particular color then the list will get bit longer but what main focus we should have in it that the color is known to be the universal love of oneself and of others. Having this color painted on your bedroom walls brings relaxation, serenity, acceptance, contentment as well as it neutralizes or lowers the anger and frustration of a person. We all suffer from anxiety and stress so this color in your bedroom will do nothing just soothes a person’s After all day of hectic day person will feel happy and relaxed in their bedroom.
  1. Light Brown Color: It is basically color of earth, wholesomeness, wood, stone, reliability, elegance, security, healing, stability, honesty and many more but basically it is a color which significantly denotes nature’s color and typically associated with seasons. It is a warm color that stimulates the appetite. While some people also look towards it as dull color which basically denotes simplicity, dependability, friendliness,and It also helps in creating wholesomeness feeling, stability, and peace in one’s mind. It also brings the feeling of connectivity as well as a cozy feeling of relaxation and warmness. So having this color in your bedroom not only relaxes your mind but also provides warmness.
  1. Mauve Color: Before going down to know the benefits of this color for our bedroom, first of all, let us all know properly which color is this first of all. So mauve is a color which particularly a shade of purple that is a pale purple shade. It is believed that it helps in increasing the imagination, remove perceived spiritual obstacles, calm and soothes the mind and helps in creating positivity not just outside but inside too. This color is actually a combination of soft and bold color so it symbolizes that a person should be a mixture of both of these things. There should be anger but calmness too.
  1. Tinges of Gold Shade Color: Golden color denotes richness, wealth, excess of everything. With this, it also creates that warmness that usually shows brightness and helps in creating cheerfulness in one person. With this color,insight helps in increasing personal wisdom and power. It is also believed that it brings success and wealth in one’s life as it motivates and brings up in people’s mind that one should keep tryingand should do anything to achieve what they want. So having this color in bedroom not fully but in small proportion acts well.

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  1. I love the gold palette you spoke about in your blog. I adore earthy tones, such as brown, grey, copper, and gold. With off-white or ivory walls, I think gold with a white ceiling would look fantastic in my bedroom. Could you also suggest some color combinations for a child’s room?

  2. Vastu shastra believes that everything should be in the right position otherwise something bad will happen. The same goes with colors for the bedroom so we will see some colors recommended by Vastu for the bedroom.
    1. Rose pink is a peaceful color for the bedroom.
    2. Even light brown color is good as it represents earth, healing, stability, and more.
    3. Gold color is also a rich color for the bedroom.


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