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Vastu of The South Facing Flat

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Before we get into the guidelines let’s first understand what vastu is. Vastu originated from a Sanskrit word called “Vas” that means dwelling or house.

A shastra on the other hand are the rules and guidelines. Vastu shastra represents the guidelines needed for the formation of a house.

Hence, if you must have noticed, at the time of building a house the architecture is strictly asked to follow the vastu compliance.

These are some ancient guidelines that radiate positivity and give direction to your house. The idea behind this vastu is to create harmony between people and living spaces. 

The five elements (Panchabhutas) – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space – and their impact on the cosmos, including the body and mind, are at the heart of Vastu Shastra’s primary philosophy.

It is thought that the proper arrangement and alignment of different components in a living area may balance the energy flow, benefiting the occupants.

In this blog we will closely look at some vastu factors of a south facing flat that are kept in mind while the house is built. 

Plot selection As Per Vastu

The first and the foremost step in building a house is selecting the appropriate plot. While deciding the same, go for a rectangular or a square shaped plot.

Plot Selection

Do not go for something not properly shaped or something that has irregular and abrupt sides. It should have corners from all sides. This is one of the most important factors.

South facing flats as the name suggests will have their entrance from the south direction. The purpose of having an entrance in the south direction is because it is associated with the element of fire and the planet mars.

It ignites that the energies flowing in this direction should be positive and should maintain peace and harmony in the house throughout.

Have a look at 25 by 50 East Facing House Plan as Per Vastu.

Entrance As Per Vastu

The entrance of your home can make or break the deal. An entrance should be built with utmost thought and consideration since you don’t want pessimistic vibes as soon as you enter the home.


The entrance should radiate good vibes as soon as you enter. Avoid having tall trees or any obstructions that might hinder your entry.

Make sure that the entrance is welcoming enough and anybody entering the house should feel positive.

To enhance this more, you can keep some fragrances of ittar as they call it around the doors for a strong aura and a refreshing smell.

You should also knowMain door house entrance vastu

Natural Light, Ventilation and warmer colors

As common as it sounds, a lot of us in today’s time ignore natural light in order to not affect the aesthetic vibes. But to have ample windows and a passage where there is enough area for natural light to flow in is another vastu compliant.

Natural Light, Ventilation and warmer colors

The purpose of having a south facing flat is to enhance the element of fire since it is associated with that.

Also, a south facing flat should have warmer and cooling tones and not too dark tones like black, orange, brown. Greener, blue and cream colors go well with the vastu compliances.

You can also look at Vastu for Colors.

Placement of bedrooms, living area, pooja room

The bedrooms are usually preferred to be kept in the southwest area and not the east area since it is considered as a negative outflow of energy.

Placement of bedrooms, living area, pooja room

The living area should ideally be in the middle of the house in order to acquire the maximum space. The ideal location for the kitchen is the southeast corner of the house.

The cook should face east while preparing meals. Avoid having the kitchen in the northeast corner.

The pooja room is the most essential part of your house and is also the most sacred room so it is preferred to keep in the northeast direction.

Explore more aboutkitchen vastu

Correcting Imbalances

There is a possibility that your house may have some bad energies or a negative outlook. To adhere with the vastu guidelines, you can always use some home remedies.

Correcting Imbalances

These might include employing colors that are in line with Vastu, strategically positioning mirrors to reflect off bad energy, or strategically positioning yantras and symbols.

Speaking with a certified Vastu practitioner might help you receive individualized advice based on your unique situation and needs.

While adhering to Vastu principles might be advantageous, keep in mind that it’s crucial to create a balance between practicality and your personal tastes.

If strict devotion to Vastu cannot be achieved, strive to implement as many of its principles as you can while still keeping your home practical and comfortable for you and your family.

Here is living room colors as per vastu.


To sum up, the importance of a Vastu – compliant home is found in its capacity to provide balance, harmony, and good energy in the living area.

Homeowners may design spaces that promote prosperity overall, mental and physical health, and both by following the teachings of Vastu Shastra.

A home that complies with Vastu principles guarantees that the energies present in the room are favorable to happiness, prosperity, and contentment, fostering a feeling of calm and harmony among all residents.

Furthermore, incorporating Vastu principles into the layout and architecture of the house may improve relationships, possibilities, and overall quality of life in the household.

The advantages of a Vastu-compliant house go well beyond aesthetics, whether it’s in terms of maximizing natural light, harmonizing elemental forces, or creating auspicious living spaces.

Following the vastu principles are like a tribute to our ancestors who thought well before creating a layout of any home. The origin is to make sure that every house has a traditional touch to forever take forward the legacy.

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