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Top 12 Amazing paraquet interior designs

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You have seen them – those perfectly designed homes where the color schemes complement the lighting, the furniture, and the floors.  These homes also seem to be perfectly furnished and have every aspect planned out to the ‘T!’  “The owners must have used magic to design these homes!”  While that may be a natural thought for you to think, the real answer to these perfectly designed homes lies in the use of color in interior design and style.  This article will explain how this works.

Paraquet interior designs

A new trend in interior design projects has to do with parquet interior designs. Before you ask, “What on Earth is that, and what does it have to do with interior design,” it’s time to briefly explain what it is. Parquet has to do with the use of different color schemes in the floor designs of homes.

It relies on interior design psychology which uses combinations of different color schemes and patterns to create floors with unique colors and patterns which pleases the eye and calm the mind and the soul! Additionally, parquet involves using different schemes in terms of colors when painting the walls or covering them with wallpaper and arranging the furniture. You want to create a room with interesting and unique color contrasts and patterns which will welcome and calm the mind, soul, and body!

Some examples of paraquet color schemes

  1. Arrange furniture along a wooden floor. Use white color interior design when arranging the furniture. For example, the furniture can be white and can be set against black wallpaper or wallpaper of neutral color.
  2. Use all hardwood furniture against a room whose color is blue in interior design.  The flooring can be either wood or tile.
  3. Set furniture with a neutral color like gray and a modern flavor against bluish-gray floors to create a room with a modern look combined with a neoclassic flair
  4. Use a traditional rectangular white couch set against a brown floor and pair it with a transparent round glass tabletop with a white ceramic bowl of fruit on top to create a room with a classic look which looks homey and lived in.
  5. Put a white twin bed with fluffy white bedding and a pillow with a white background and black embossed flowers superimposed over the background against a wooden tiled floor.  Make sure that there is a knitted red rug underneath the bed to give the entire room a modern and homey look with an elegant flair
  6. Use a wall fixture that is made out of bright colored rectangles of different colored cloth.  Set this against an all-white wall. Make sure the floor is made out of light tanned wooden tiles of different shades. Put a greyish black sofa up against one side of the wall and arrange 1 greyish black throw pillow with 2 white throw pillows on the right corner of its seat.  Arrange a rectangular white table made out of metal frames in front of the sofa for a classic look with a modern twist to it.
  7. Use a white color scheme on all of the walls of a room. Put a black grill on the bottom of the fireplace and arrange white stones of different colors against the corner wall of the fireplace. Put a multi-colored throw pillow on one side of the fireplace and put a white, oval-shaped sofa with plastic see-through sides and a vinyl mattress on the other side of the fireplace. The entire room will calm the soul and be very welcoming to the eye.
  8. Arrange a flat black colored cloth sofa with a black and white checkerboard throw a blanket over the side on top of a wooden floor with different shades of brown planks.  The room will look old fashioned but have a modern and classic feel to it
  9. Set the image of stones and wooden pillars on a watery dock on the wall of a white room. Then contrast this with a wooden plank floor of different hues for a room with a romantic look and quaint and distant feel to it.
  10. Set black rectangular furniture replete with a sofa, a chair, and a table against a wall outdoors. Make sure that the floor is wood and made out of squarish round planks.  Set this against the backdrop of a tinted black window to ensure that nature is enhanced with a modern feel and flair.
  11. Set a white chair outdoors on top of a wooden planked floor of the same hue and color (light brown). Make sure that there is a pool whose walls are cut into the middle of the floor. The entire outdoors will have a tranquil and welcoming feel.
  12. Set a stone on top of a wooden plank floor. Put a pool to the left of the floor for a feeling of tranquility with a modern feel to it.

You can refer to the Internet for more interior design styles pdf files showing rooms using the parquet interior design scheme. Remember that with parquet interior design, the entire objective is to create rooms which use furniture in different colors, types, styles, and arrangements against different types of planked and tiled wooden floors to create rooms which play with and alter the mood and psychology of the person in the room for the better.

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  1. Once again you have outdone yourself by sharing such incredible tips on paraquet Interior designs. I have been reading your blogs for a long time and I must say that you are one of the most talented and skilled writers I have ever come across. Keep up the good work!

  2. Another informative and wonderful article from decorchamp. I have read all the articles posted here, but this is also my favorite as it is very short and not that long. Whoever is behind it, kudos to you for this one. I found it very helpful and reliable.


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