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Rectified Tiles VS Vitrified Tiles – Difference, Price, Manufacturers

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What are Rectified Floor Tiles?

The rectified floor tiles are applicable for specialty ceramic and porcelains. Rectified floor tiles are fired tiles that are mechanically processed ensuring the tiles to be manufactured with uniform size and with perfect measurement and shape. The edges of the tiles are precisely cut into square or 90 degree angle. The rectified floor tiles are mechanically finished from all sides that achieve uniformity and high precision. In the process of manufacturing, an extra step is taken for grinding the tile to precise dimensions.The rectification of the flooring tiles is helpful in controlling shrinkage of the tiles.

rectified floor tiles

Features of rectified floor tiles

  • The rectified floor tiles with sharp and plain edges are baked and cut into desirable shapes.
  • The rectified tiles are manufactured in a different way than the traditional tiles.
  • The rectified tiles are used in different spaces but are widely preferred in locations where visual effect is essential.
  • The rectified tiles come in different textures, sizes, formats and finishes.
  • Installing the rectified tiles is a slower process in comparison to the traditional tiles.
  • The cost of installing rectified tiles is high.
  • The rectified tiles are slightly expensive but are responsible for giving the location aesthetic appeal.

Companies manufacturing rectified floor tiles in India

Kajaria Ceramics Limited, HSIL Limited, Somany Ceramics Limited, Nitco Limited, Asian Granito India Limited, Murudeshwar Ceramics Limited are few of the leading Rectified floor tiles manufacturing companies.

If you want to view the catalog of rectified floor tiles check it out here

Pricing of rectified floor tiles

Prices of the rectified floor tiles are higher than the vitrified tiles. This is because the extra costs incurred for cutting of the tiles to a precise shape. The price range varies with designs also.

What are Vitrified floor tiles?

The vitrified tile is the ceramic tile having low porosity and is considered as an alternative to marble and granite flooring.The vitrified floor tiles are usually used in the outdoors for the incorporated feature of water and frost resistance. There are four types of vitrified tiles such as Soluble Salt, Double Charge, Full Body, and Glazed. The Vitrified flooring tiles are manufactured by hydraulic pressing the mixture of clay, feldspar, quartz and silica that makes the vitreous surface of the tile.

Vitrified Floor Tiles

Features of Vitrified Floor Tiles

  • The vitrified tiles possess less water retention property and are highly strong and stain resistance.
  • The vitrified tiles constituting the mixture of silica and clay form a non-porous tile with a glassy texture.
  • The as these are non-porous in nature these are very durable.
  • As the vitrified tiles are manufactured these don’t have natural textures and patterns of marble and granite.
  • The vitrified tiles can be cleaned by using bleach and detergents.
  • These are easy to maintain and to develop stains on this is quite difficult.
  • The vitrified tiles are highly durable and more solid than the natural granites.
  • The vitrified floor tiles withstand acids and are not scratch.

Companies manufacturing vitrified floor tiles in India

Kitco Ceramic, Golden India Tiles Company Private Limited, Neogress Ceramic Pvt. Ltd, Simbel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd, Pelican Ceramic Industries Pvt. Ltd, UVR Decors, and traders Pvt. Ltd, Creative pavers Manufacturing Co, Aampha Projects, Millenium Tiles, etc. are few of the vitrified floor tiles manufacturing companies in India.

To view vitrified catalog click here

Price ideas for vitrified floor tiles

Price ideas for rectified floor tiles go through several assumptions. The regular size of the rectified tiles starts from as low as Rs 60 and as high as Rs 160. The medium sized rectified tiles are priced as low as Rs 100 and as high as Rs 220. The large sized tiles are priced as low as Rs 160 and as high as Rs 350.

Please Note: tiles price or tiles installation price given here are just for the reference. These are not the final price and vary location to location. Price can be different in cities like delhi, mumbai, jaipur, gurgaon, patna etc.

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  1. For traditional Indian houses which tile would you recommend, rectified or vitrified? I live in Mumbai and the rainy season is very harsh. It creates a lot of humidity so which one do you think can withstand these weather conditions? Please let me know.

  2. I was very confused about which tile to choose for my apartment. This blog was super helpful in giving a clear picture of vitrified tiles. The aesthetic look and smooth finish it gives is unparalleled. It upscales your living space.


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