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Best Athangudi Tiles Design with Price

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Tiles make the appearance of the floor appealing and tiles of good quality helps making it more designable. Athangudi tiles are considered of great importance due to their durable nature.

The good and amazing designs of athangudi tiles are another point due to which people choose this.

Athangudi tiles are perfect for flooring and for interiors. The interior designs can be embraced and can give a good and modest look to your home. This blog will share some very good athangudi tiles design and their price list will also be shared in this blog.

Let us help you by providing you with some very good athangudi tile designs.

Why choose Athangudi tiles?

Choosing athangudi tiles can be of great benefit. The main reasons of choosing athangudi tiles are shared as follows-

Why choose Athangudi tiles?

  • The tiles are of good quality.
  • The tiles come in very good designs.
  • The variations make it good.
  • The texture of the tiles is good.
  • Tiles are appealing in nature.
  • They are affordable too.
  • The installation is good too.

All these reasons make the athangudi tiles the best and thus one can choose athangudi tiles for floors.

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Athangudi Tiles Designs

Athangudi tiles are available in various designs. One can choose the design accordingly. Tiles are to be chosen according to the preferences . The designs of athangudi tiles are as follows-

Athangudi Tiles Designs

  • Floral athangudi tile design is best for the drawing room. The floral touch makes it best and it is good in appearance too. This tile comes in various colour shades and one can choose according to own choice.
  • Check athangudi tile design in check patterns. The check patterns make it amazing and it can be used anywhere in the home. It is simple yet elegant.
  • Geometric athangudi tile design. If you are into geometrical designs and you want to install geometrical tiles in your room then geometrical tiles of athangudi are of great pick.
  • Freestyle athangudi tile design is really cool. The freestyle design makes it suitable for bedrooms and it looks really beautiful.

Athangudi tiles are available in many designs and one can rely on athangudi tiles for a versatile look.

Benefits of Athangudi Tiles

The benefits of athangudi tiles are many. The main benefits of athangudi tiles are as follows-

Benefits of Athangudi Tiles

  • They are handcrafted by local artisans.
  • No machinery is used while manufacturing them.
  • The designs are numerous.
  • Various good colour combinations are used.
  • The tiles are durable.
  • They can withstand weather changes.
  • Natural installation type is present.
  • Athangudi tiles are economical.

All these are benefits of athangudi tiles and one can simply choose from the large number of designs and variations.

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Athangudi Tiles Price list

In this section we will share the price list of athangudi tiles. The price list is as follows-

  • Athangudi handmade tile in red colour in freestyle design. The price of tile per piece is Rs 50. They can be used for flooring.
  • Glossy athangudi handmade tile. The glossy appearance makes it good and it gives a smooth texture. White oxide is the product material. The Color is white and grey. The price is Rs 60 per sq ft.
  • Floral athangudi tiles in square shape. Thickness is 18 mm. The Color is blue and white. Floral design makes it wonderful. The price is Rs 75 per sq ft.
  • Terracotta athangudi wall tiles in red colour. Floral touch makes it good. The Price is Rs 50 per piece. The Finish is matte and it looks smooth.
  • Floral yellow tiles of athangudi are super adorable. The yellow colour will definitely suit your floor. The price is Rs 75 per piece.

As you can see, the amazing price list makes it wonderful and athangudi is really a reliable product of tiles. The handmade textures look really smooth and cute. One can check athangudi tiles online.

Athangudi Tiles review

The reviews of athangudi tiles have been great. The team has been providing their best services till 100 years. The reviews are as follows-

Athangudi Tiles review

  • Tiles are good in texture.
  • The natural insulation mode is good.
  • The designs are super reliable.
  • The price range is affordable.
  • The colour variations are great.

All these reviews are always received by the team. One can check the athangudi tile catalogue on an online site and one can simply choose the tile of choice. 

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How to choose the perfect tile?

Choosing a tile should not be hard and few things are needed to be kept in mind. The things that one need to keep in mind are shared as follows-

  • Always select the design that matches the aesthetic of your room.
  • Go with a tile that can withstand weather changes.
  • Affordability is also a good factor to be considered.
  • Colour contrast can be kept in mind too.
  • Go with a more durable tile.
  • Tiles should be economical.

All these few points can help you in choosing the most reliable tiles for your floors.

How to maintain tiles?

In a few easy ways you can maintain the tiles of your floor and by maintaining the tilee you can increase the longevity of tiles.

The tiles are to be maintained in following ways-

  • Clean the tiles with mild liquid products.
  • Do not let dust settle on the tiles.
  • Mop the tiles gently.
  • Vacuuming is also advisable.
  • Neutral ph is required to be present in cleansers.
  • Clean the spilled product as soon as possible so that the stain does not stay there.

Benefits of having appealing tiles

If the tiles are of good looks and they look nice on the floor then it can have many benefits. The benefits are as follows-

  • Tiles make your home more beautiful.
  • A good overall look is obtained by good tiles.
  • The surrounding becomes clean with the help of good tiles.
  • It gives you a better view.
  • Good tiles require little maintenance.
  • Good tiles make cleaning easier.

Thus appealing and good tiles can give you many benefits. While choosing the tiles you should go with durable tiles as they can save you from low quality tiles. Install the best tiles of best design.

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