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Vastu Shastra Tips for Plot Selection

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The Importance of Vastu Shastra in Plot Selection

Some of the important factors that one considers while selecting a plot for building a home is the location and the type of design for your dream home. We leave no stone unturned to make it the most beautiful home in the neighborhood. But before you plan all of this one important thing to be considered is the buying a plot which is in compliance with vastu shastra. This is of prime importance of you want positive energy and positive vibrations in your home. One must remember that the vastu of the plot will have great impact on the over all well being and happiness of you and your family.

Here are a few things to be considered while buying a plot:

Location of the Plot:

It is important that the plot has signs of fertility. A plot which is surrounded by flowering plants plants and fruit trees and has ample ground water is considered to be good. But if the plot is of small size then it is not good to have big trees like that of mango. In case of huge plots the place where the actual construction takes place should be far away from the big trees. Do not select plots that are close to graveyards, dumping grounds and hospitals. It is also best to avoid plots close to schools, colleges and temples.

Direction of the Plot:

If you are going to build your home then it is always good to have plots that are facing East or North. Also while constructing the house the rooms have to be built in specific areas or directions in order to have a positive impact on the residents. Like in north or east facing homes the living room has to be in the north east direction.

Shape of the Plot:

It is best to buy a square plot or else you can keep rectangular plot as the second option. An extended north east corner in the plot is considered to be good. Do not but plots that are round, triangle ,hexagon, octagon and polygon shaped. You can also check out with your vastu consultant regarding “Gomukhi plots” which are narrow in the front and wider at the backs as they are lucky. Avoid singhmukhi plots for building homes. These are wide in the front and narrower at the back.

Color of the Soil:

Government employees. admin executives, those who are in armed forces or legal services should opt for plots with red soil. Yellow or green soil is good for those involved in commercial activities like bankers, businessmen, shareholders etc. Those in professions like doctors, engineers teachers, performing arts etc should opt for plots with white soil. Always avoid plots with black soil and clay.

The Roads:

The roads around the plot is also of importance. Road on the east brings prosperity and wealth that on the west gives average results. At the north it is good for women and on south it is found to be good from business point of view. Roads on both north and east is superb and that on east and south or west and north or east and west is good. North and south or south and west gives average results. Plot which has road on three side is considered average while that which has road on all four sides is considered to be the best plot. Plots at dead end or facing T or Y junction are not good.

Always take these tips in to consideration while selecting a plot. It is best to consult a professional and knowledgeable vastu expert before buying a plot for construction.

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  1. Amazing tips you have shared about Vastu for plot selection. These tips are very helpful for those people who are looking to buy a new plot. I am sure that following these tips will help them to get the best possible vastu compliant plot. Thanks for sharing such useful information.


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