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Inviting Peace and Harmony with a Buddha Statue: A Vastu-inspired Home Makeover

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Everyone needs peace and positive vibes in their home. Vastu shastra is considered as one of the best ways of ensuring harmoni in home.

Many vastu tips are used by people for good results. Having a Buddha statue in households is known for good results.

In this blog we are going to discover some good facts about the Buddha statue and how it is to be placed for amazing results.

If you also want peace and harmony in your home then you must opt for a buddha statue. Let us explore many things related to it in the following sections.

Unraveling the Mystique of Buddha Statues

This modern world revolves around hectic schedules and people have lesser mental stability. The attachment to materialistic things is something that is bothering the quality of life.

Unraveling the Mystique of Buddha Statues

It is high time to take a pause and to use some good ways for having inner peace. Sidhartja gautama is known for his spirituality and mysticism. He is denoted for intelligence and peace.

You can place his statue at home for good results. All over the world spirituality seekers follow the path of buddha and his learning is highly admired for blissful life.

The visual appearance of the Buddha statue is really great and it is meant to have psychological effects too.

Bring good changes in your spiritual life by using the Buddha statue. Stay in the presence of  his intelligence by adding his statue.

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Understanding Vastu Shastra’s Influence on Home Harmony

Vastu shastra is highly followed by Indian people. It is a traditional way of organising a home. The Location of the room is done according to the direction assigned by vastu.

Patterns and colour choices are also decided with help of vastu shastra. Each location is specified for a specific deity. Thus it is important to plan the locations accordingly.

Understanding Vastu Shastra's Influence on Home Harmony

Main door facing and colour of outer walls are important and should be paid attention. If things are done according to vastu then you can bring peace and harmony to your life and home.

You can keep bad spirits away from your home by adding vastu tips. Vastu shastra is highly recognised by people of India and people reap good benefits out of it.

Good impacts are noticed by opting for vastu tips. Be it home or office, vastu tips are admired at every place.

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Choosing the Perfect Buddha Statue

Buddha statue is to be chosen by taking care of some specific tips and points. If you are also willing to have good impacts of the Buddha statue in your home then you should consider these points for choosing a suitable buddha statue.

Choosing the Perfect Buddha Statue

  • Consider the position– Different mudras are present in each statue. If you are seeking peace then opt for dhyana mudra buddha, if you want enlightenment then opt for vitarka mudra and opt for abhaya mudra for safety. The specific positions are to be chosen accordingly.
  • Size and material– The size of the buddha statue is to be chosen accordingly. Make sure that size is appropriate according to your place. Material should be of your choice. You can opt for wood, metal or stone depending on your desire.
  • Facial expression– The expression of buddha can be chosen according to choice. A smiling face or simple star can be chosen according to the environment.
  • Handcrafted vs mass produced– Handicraft statues are made with special precision and mass produced buddha statues may lack precision.
  • Symbolism and details– The other features of statute are to be paid attention. You should look at things like lotus and other accessories related to it.
  • Connection– A statue that looks adorable to you should be chosen. You should pay attention to the connection that you feel inside your gut. It will help you in choosing a good one.

All these things are to be taken care of while choosing a good statue. Make sure that you bring a desired buddha statue that gives you good mental health and other benefits.

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Ideal Placement for Your Buddha Statue

After bringing a Buddha statue to your home it is important to take care of the place or location where it is to be placed. The place plays an important role.

Ideal Placement for Your Buddha Statue

  • Guidance– Place buddha in north or northeast for spiritual benefits. This will help you in having good results.
  • Altar and shelf– You can choose the shelf to place the buddha statue. Make sure that you clean the shelf regularly.
  • Avoid bathrooms and bedrooms– Bathrooms and bedrooms are to be avoided as they are not considered well for spirituality seeking.
  • Avoid low places– Place buddha statues at appropriate places and avoid low places or floors.
  • Grouping– This can be done for good flow of energy. Place all statutes all together with Buddha.
  • Cleaning– It is good to regularly clean statues properly.

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Some tips for maintaining purity around the Buddha statue.

You can try these tips to maintain a good surrounding around the Buddha statue. The tips are-

Ideal Placement for Your Buddha Statue

  • Enhancing the Aura with Surrounding Elements– Place good scents and candles around the statue and look how relaxing the environment becomes.
  • Clearing Clutter for Clarity– Remove all the disturbances and make a good environment around it by cleaning surroundings.
  • Experiencing the Blissful Transformation– By adding statues to your home you can experience love, joy and peace.
  • Stay pure– And good thoughts in your mind and meditate around the statue.

All these points can bring good results. Bring good vibes with the help of the Buddha statue.

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Buddha statues can bring many good things to your home. Choose a good buddha statue for your home and make sure that you opt for good quality and size.

This blog is a good guide for choosing a Buddha statue. The benefits of the Buddha statue are  that it ensures peace, harmony, etc.

Read this blog and add a good statue to your home. Bring positivity and heal yourself with the calm of buddha.

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