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Harnessing Positive Energy with Aparajita Plants: Vastu Directions for Maximum Benefits

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Vastu Shastra is an ancient principle which stresses on the alignment of spaces with natural forces and according to this old philosophy, the right positioning of a number of constituents can make your living space a better place for dwelling.

The Aparajita plant is one such component that has recently gained popularity which is respected in Vastu principles for its remarkable blue flowers and several curative benefits.

This article will dig in detail about the Vastu guidelines for planting the Aparajita plants which would bring good energy and improve the Overall health of your household.

The Aparajita Plant: A Symbol of Victory and Positivity

Aparajitha plant commonly known as Asian Pigeonwings has great importance in daily prayers of people.

The Aparajita Plant_ A Symbol of Victory and Positivity

They belong to the Fabaceae family and have faster growth during summer seasons. These plants are noted for their beautiful blue flowers.

They have certain medicinal features and can be considered as a greatest asset for any home. 

These plants have been mentioned in Vastu Shastra frequently and they represent happiness and prosperity.

Placing them in the right direction as per the vastu principles increases the benefits given by them.

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Vastu Directions for Aparajita Plant Placement

Vastu Directions for Aparajita Plant Placement

  • East Direction: Sun rises in the east and it marks the beginning of a new day. The same way placing the Aparajita plant in the east direction may pave the way to new beginnings. It may spread positivity across the house and give a fresh start in welcoming wealth and prosperity. 
  • North Direction:  Placing the Aparajita plant in the northern direction of your house is promising. God’s presence is believed in this direction so positioning the plant in the North is said to increase wealth and riches in the house. It is believed that it spreads calmness and clarity of mind. 
  • Northeast Direction: The meeting of North and East called the North East corner is known for creating optimistic and progressive spirits. It is stated that Northeast direction attracts positive energies and improves wealth and prosperity. Placing the Aparajita plant promotes overall development of the house. 
  • Southeast Direction: As per Vastu shastra Southeast direction is known for the flow of health and wealth into the house. Placing the Aparajita plant in this direction would ensure financial stability in the house. 
  • South Direction: South direction is known for bringing wealth and prosperity to home. It is considered to increase income prospects. This direction is linked with fire energy and also reputation and fame. Placing the Aparajita plant here will enhance your position in the society. 
  • Southwest Direction: Southwest direction is linked with stability and strength as per vastu shastra. Aparajita plant in this direction will make your family relations stronger. 
  • West Direction: West Direction allows light into the house. And it is considered as a symbol of ingenuity. Positioning the Aparajita plant in this direction can drive your thoughts in the artistic direction.

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Aparajita and Color Therapy

As per vastu shastra, colour therapy is an essential factor that keeps our mind and body balanced. Blue is considered as a colour of peacefulness and relaxation.

Aparajita and Color Therapy

Since Aparajita flowers are blue in colour they serve as an excellent element in colour therapy. Placing this plant in your living spaces will create a positive environment and encourage communication in the family.

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Aparajita in Different Living Spaces:

Aparajita plant is suitable as both indoor and outdoor plant. It could be grown in houses, offices, workspaces, balconies etc. even when Vastu is considered.

Aparajita in Different Living Spaces

It’s believed to bring luck to your homes and considered to be an auspicious plant. It keeps the negative energy away from the house and spreads optimistic spirits in the house. 

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General Tips for Aparajita Plant Care

Along with following vastu principles necessary care should be given to the plant in order to enjoy the advantages provided by it. Some things that should be kept in mind while taking care of the plant are listed below:

General Tips for Aparajita Plant Care

  • Sunlight: Adequate sunlight is necessary for the growth of the plant. It should be ensured that the plant is exposed to direct sunlight. Even when placed indoors it should be made sure that it’s positioned to get sufficient light from the sun. 
  • Soil: Do you know that Aparajita plant grows at a faster rate? But it should be planted in fertile soil. Ensure that soil is not too dry or too soggy
  • Watering: As said earlier make sure the soil is not too soggy but of course adequate water should be given to the plant in order to thrive. Please change the frequency of watering according to the heat and humidity in the air. 
  • Pruning: It refers to trimming of the plant or shrubs. Pruning can be done to remove dead leaves or to enhance the growth of new leaves
  • Fertilisation: Fertilisation should be varied according to the seasons or phases of growth. During spring time when the growth is at its peak phase necessary fertilisers should be given to enhance the growth.

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Vastu Rituals and Offerings for Aparajita:

Prayer has always played an important role in any Indian household. According to the Vastu Sastra, offering prayers to the Aparijita plant can increase its benefits.

Vastu Rituals and Offerings for Aparajita

Doing all the activities that are usually done while praying like lighting incense, watering, or chanting mantras in the presence of the Aparajita plant on special occasions or on certain days devoted to holiness will not only boost its influence but also advance the zealousness throughout your living space.

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Combining Aparajita with Other Vastu Remedies:

Think of integrating the positioning of the Aparajita plant with other Vastu treatments to increase the overall good energy in your living area. Some of these ways include:

Combining Aparajita with Other Vastu Remedies_

  • Combining certain stones, symbols, or elements that is linked with Vastu principles which would also help to compliment the plant’s energies.
  • You may set up an integral way to harmonise your area and enjoy the complete benefits of good energy flow by incorporating several Vastu remedies.

 The Aparajita plant holds great importance for its ability to bring about tranquility into the living space in the rich framework of Vastu Shastra.

By knowing the appropriate vastu directions and positioning the plant accordingly, you can definitely make use of these advantages which would aid you in creating a space that would promote your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being by knowing its Vastu directions.

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