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Living Room Royale Play Design Catalogue

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The living room is the hub of every house, where loved ones congregate for good times and cherished memories. The incredible potential of this space may be realised with the use of the Asian Paints Royale Play series. 

Royale Play’s one-of-a-kind materials and finishes will help you create a refined and luxurious atmosphere in your living space.

To help you turn your living space into a magnificent retreat, we’ve included a thorough design library including several Royale Play themes in this blog.

Royale Play Metallics

The Royale Play Metallics collection provides a variety of solutions for decorating your living space with a modern and spectacular flair. Your living area will be sophisticated thanks to the metallic finishes and shimmering effects. 

Crinkle, a textured, crinkled look on the walls, is a popular choice from this collection. It makes the space more interesting to look at by giving it depth.

Royale Play MetallicsRagging is another possibility; it gives off an air of sophistication while still feeling homely because of its fabric-like look and metallic highlights. 

The brushed metal look may also be achieved with brushing, which is a contemporary design option. However, dapple produces a mottled appearance similar to paginated metal, lending an air of antiquity.

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Royale Play Textile

The Royale Play Textile collection is made to enhance your living space with luxury and comfort. These patterns are meant to make your walls look like they are made of plush fabric. 

Royale Play TextileThis line is a popular option because it mimics the delicate patterns of woven cloth, adding a sense of sophistication and creativity to your family area. The Canvas theme’s smooth, canvas-like texture is sophisticated and understated. 

The layered look created by Layered Stripes is reminiscent of the feel of piled cloth strips, hence the name. Your living area will be visually more interesting with this style.

Royale Play Dune

The patterns generated by wind-blown sand dunes serve as inspiration for the Royale Play Dune collection, which has motifs that give your living area an entrancing three-dimensional feel. T

Royale Play Dunehe soft undulations of sand dunes are reproduced in the mesmerising Crinkle Dune pattern. The soothing motion of waves is captured in the Ocean Wave pattern, creating an atmosphere of calm and relaxation in your home. 

An aesthetic touch of grandeur may be added to your home with a Mountain Range design that simulates the peaks and valleys of real mountains. The Dune collection is perfect for individuals who want to give their home an original and creative look.

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Royale Play Stucco

Bring an old-world elegance into your home with the Royale Play Stucco collection. Walls finished with stucco have been considered a symbol of sophistication for millennia

Royale Play StuccoThis collection’s Antique style was inspired by the rustic allure of worn plaster, providing a textured, vintage look. The sleek and modern appearance of your living area will be enhanced by the spatula design’s smooth, polished surface. 

The Brush Strokes pattern livens up your walls with a touch of creative flair by mimicking the painter’s loose brushstrokes. If you love classic style and want to add a touch of elegance to your living space, the Royale Play Stucco collection is for you.

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Royale Play Metallic Glaze

The Royale Play Metallic Glaze line is the epitome of chic and contemporary design, bringing an air of sophistication and edge to your living space. 

The metallic glazes in the Random Strokes pattern are applied in a seemingly random yet purposeful fashion, producing a visually beautiful and creative appearance.

Royale Play Metallic GlazeThe sponge pattern incorporates a rough, sponge-like look with metallic glaze accents for an air of refinement. 

Modern and aesthetically interesting, a sponged pattern provides a mottled, sponge-like texture with metallic glaze. If you want your living room to be a showcase of your personality and style, the Royale Play Metallic Glaze collection is a great option.

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Your living room should be a reflection of you, a place where friends and family feel welcome and pampered. The Asian Paints Royale Play collection has a wide variety of options to choose from to help you make your living space into a work of art.

There is a wide variety of finishes and glazes available at Royale Play, from metallic to textured to modern.

Let your imagination go wild as you peruse our collection for ideas on how to give your living space a fresh new look. With Royale Play, you can transform your living room into an oasis of elegance and beauty that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

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