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Feng Shui Home And Its Five Elements

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Feng Shui Home – The science of Feng Shui by the Chinese is used worldwide. Feng Shui recognizes energy in two forms that Yin and Yang. The combination of Yin and Yang arise the five elements of Feng Shui. These are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. A proper balance of all the five elements is considered to be good and is found to bring happiness, peace, and prosperity. However, a proper balance of all 5 elements is difficult. There will times when one element is on the higher side and another element is not sufficient. This imbalance can result in difficulties. The main function or idea of Feng Shui is the interpretation of this imbalance and balancing these elements.

Feng Shui Elements

It must be remembered that all the five elements are of equal importance and proper use of these and balancing them well will have positive effects. Three things to be understood here are the productive cycle, the destructive cycle and the interrelationship of all the five elements.

The Productive or Generative Cycle:

As the name suggests this cycle is based on teamwork of the five elements. Here one element will help in bettering the qualities of the other element and helps in giving positive results and benefits. The cycle is as follows:

Water will help plants and trees to grow. From the trees we get wood. Wood is used to generate Fire. The fire burns the wood and it gets mixed with the Earth. From earth we get Metals which can be converted into liquid state and the liquid state here stands for water. So each element is related and dependent on each other.

The Destructive Cycle:

Feng Shui Home – As the name suggests the elements work against each other. As a result it bring obstacles and setbacks. In this reverse order water works against fire while fire can melt metal which in turn can cut wood which is turn can destroy earth and earth can bring about the destruction of water.

Remember that wood is helped by water and weakens earth and it is harmed by metal and weakened by fire. Fire is helped by wood and it weakens metal and it is harmed by water and weakened by earth. Earth is helped by fire and it weakens water. It is harmed by wood and weakened by metal. Metal is helped by earth and it weakens wood. It is harmed by fire and weakened by water. Water is helped by metal and it weakens fire while it is harmed by earth and weakened by wood.

Keeping these facts in view one needs to strengthen or weaken the elements based on the requirement such that one gets beneficial results. One can bring the presence of the five elements using specific colors or shapes or specific materials. By consulting an expert try to fill your home with the 5 elements such that they form a constructive cycle and not a destructive cycle. Always remember that balancing the five elements in Feng Shui is the key to bring peace and prosperity.

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  1. Incorporating all the five elements into your home can be very amicable and peaceful for the house and its members. If you don’t feel a good energy flow in your house, then adding FengShui elements can be a game-changer but balancing those five elements such as wood, earth,fire, water and metal are significant as each has a different impact and aspect on the vibration of energy flow. To use a certain element more, you can incorporate the five elements related to it to create a greater balance of that particular element. For instance, Earth- Clay pots, Crystals.

  2. Feng Shui is a major part of the Chinese household, and following these practices does improve one’s mood and house ambience. Including feng shui elements in one’s house is really needed. Thank you for this article!


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