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Vastu Direction for the Flourishing Hibiscus Plant

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Are you looking to enhance the flourishing of your hibiscus plant? Then you are at the right place.

Hibiscus plants have always held a great place in Indian households not only for their vibrant flowers but also for their cultural significance.

They are considered as plants which would bring great fortune and well-being into our homes thus acting as symbols of prosperity and blooming.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient principle which stresses on the alignment of spaces with the natural forces and inculcating these principles when planting your hibiscus will give you an unexpected, great outcome, the predominant one being the removal of Mangal Dosha.

Now, this blog will walk you through the ideal vastu directions in order to plant the hibiscus which will ensure their enhanced growth.

Why do Vastu Shastras matter

There is not one but many reasons to point out on why these ancient Indian philosophical principles matter while looking for a position to plant the hibiscus at home.

Understanding Vastu Shastra and Its Relevance

One of the main reasons is that the alignment of the living spaces with natural forces will contribute to their harmony and positive energy.

The proper orientation of the plant will aid in the natural flow of fresh air which has the ability to foster a serene atmosphere.

Thus, abiding by the Vastu directions while growing hibiscus will no doubt create a sense of balance and overall refreshments of the mental health as well as physical health of the occupants.

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The composure in the North East direction

According to the ancient Vastu Shastra, the northeast direction is considered as one of the best positions for the enriched bloom of your hibiscus plant.

Embracing the Hibiscus Plant in Vastu

Positioning the plant in this direction in your house is believed to be very good to transmit positive energy throughout the home which will in turn bring about a peaceful atmosphere.

It is also said to be instrumental in inspiring wealth to the members of the house.

Moreover, locating the plant in this direction will stimulate the growth of the plant as it is a widely held belief that it can channel dynamic forces which aligns with the natural cycle of the plant.

This direction will also allow the plant to bask in the sun thereby infusing positive energy into the plant.

However, if the idea of planting it in the North-East quadrant is not feasible, the occupants can go ahead to choose either the north or the east direction which are also considered as ideal for the promotion of a harmonious and calm atmosphere.

Depending upon the kind of energy that you want to attract, you can choose different colours of these flowering plants.

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Beware of planting the hibiscus in this direction

When Vastu principles point out the apt directions to position the hibiscus in your household, they also highlight and warn us about the directions to avoid in your hunt for the right space for the matter concerned.

Ideal Placement of Hibiscus Plant as Per Vastu

It says that it is advisable to avoid the west direction while planting your hibiscus.

It brings to our attention that this said direction would disrupt the stability and a full growth of the plant, thus deterring it from the benefits that it is capable of offering us.

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How to take care of these plants

When Vastu shastra is considered as a significant part in enriching the bloom and vibrancy of the hibiscus plants, they are not sufficient.

Avoiding Inauspicious Placements

Creating a conducive environment for their growth like the soil and water management plays a major role to witness their blooming.

Ensure that your plant gets ample nutrition from the soil that they are rooted in, However, this would give you only half of your desired result.

To give a complete blooming plant, try to avoid overwatering or underwatering your hibiscus, thus maintaining a consistent and proper moisture level.

Watering the plant in the morning can be considered more suitable as it has the potential to improve the vitality of the plant.

Not only in the morning, try to water to provide water to the plants in the evening as well as it will help to harness the calming energy that is associated with the moon.

Make sure to avoid water stagnation in the soil at any cost.

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Prune the plants into perfection

Doesn’t the appearance matter? Of course, they do. In order to maintain the health and appearance of the plant, pruning is very important.

Nurturing the Hibiscus Plant for Positive Vibes

This practice will not only aid us in creating an aesthetically pleasing garden, but also to optimize the plant’s energy and to encourage the robust blooms.

This will prove helpful to enhance the penetration of sunlight and air circulation which are significant in the growth of the hibiscus.

And along with these steps, do not forget to remove the wilted flowers, as this practice aligns with the vastu concept of renewal and growth.

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The colours and their significance

Variety in the colours of the hibiscus hold various cultural and spiritual significance which are considered in vastu practices.

Benefits of Hibiscus Plant According to Vastu

The most preferred and auspicious colour of hibiscus is red which is associated with Goddess Kali and Lord Ganesha in the Hindu mythology.

As the symbolic significance of the colour red suggests, this helps in attracting power and energy into the household.

However, the white coloured hibiscus is said to bring harmony and balance into the life of the occupants of the household when placed in the centre of the yard or home.

The vastu significance that the pink hibiscus flower holds is that it would infuse positive energies that are associated with relationships and abundance.

Thus, the incorporation of the various hued vibrant hibiscus, especially in the north east directions will also allow you to add a spiritual element into your living space and thereby uplift the entire atmosphere.

This will also improve the aesthetic appeal of your garden as discussed earlier. Now go ahead and position your hibiscus plant in the right direction and reap and enjoy the benefits. 

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