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Top Vaastu tips and the science behind them

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Vaastu is a Sanskrit word that means abode. The history of Vaastu is more than a thousand years old and it is one of the most well renowned Indian concepts that people all over India follow when they are building or buying a new home. A home that is Vaastu compliant is believed to bring health, wealth, and positivity. While some of you might think of it as a religious belief, there is science and logic that backs several Vaastu tips and we will prove it to you. So if you have also long thought about the relevance of Vastu for home then we bring to you the scientific reasons behind these famous Vastu tips that all of us have heard while buying a new home. So be it Vastu for Dining Room, toilets or kitchen here’s everything you need to know about it.

When we think of Vastu compliant homes the first thing that comes to our mind is the positioning of rooms. The positioning of rooms is very important as it influences the whole structure of the house. When we plan to build a Vastu compliant house there are many guidelines that we must follow. And while you might think of these tips as completely superstitious and based on religious beliefs, there are scientific reasons for all of these.  Let us first have a look at all the popular Vastu tips that are followed all over the world for a healthy and positive living-

  1. The kitchen should be positioned in the south-east: According to the Vastu rules, the Kitchen should always be facing the southeast direction.

One of the main reasons that influence this belief is the fact that Sun emits UV rays which are less intense and harmful in the morning. And did you know which direction the sun is facing around 7-9 am in the morning? Is in the south-east direction. This means that when you have a kitchen that faces southeast, you will get morning sunlight and along with it will come all the benefits that are attached to it. The morning sunlight is believed to be beneficial for health because the UV rays that we receive early in the morning are not intense and have antibacterial properties attached to them. Morning sun rays are believed to kill all the disease-causing bacteria and tend to be beneficial for the human body. At this time of the day, you can receive the Vitamin D3 requirements for the body without harming your skin. The fact that morning sun is good for health is undeniable. One main reason why kitchens should be facing southeast is that this positioning helps the food to receive sunlight that works best for improving the nutritional qualities of the food.

  1. Pooja/Workout room should be facing the southeast direction: The second most important tip that we usually receive is related to the meditation room. It is often said that meditation/sadhana rooms should be facing southeast.

One main reason that influences the meditation room position is the fact that meditation, exercise, yoga, and puja should be all done in a calm environment. The benefits are doubled when you perform these activities in the morning. Meditation and Yoga both are influenced by the sun rays in some or another way. Science claims that all people with different skin tones need about half an hour of sunlight for 3 to 4 days in a week to complete their vitamin D3 requirements. The best time to gain the right amount of Vitamin D for your skin is in the morning because the UV rays are less dense. So when you meditate, do Surya namaskars or exercise, then benefits double themselves if it’s done early in the morning between 5 to 7 am. When we exercise it is advised that we do it early in the morning and the same is recommended for worshiping. One main reason that influences this belief is the fact that any type of meditation or prayer should be done in a peaceful and calm environment. Early morning is the calmest time of the day and when your meditation room faces southeast you can also benefit from the sun-rays. This makes up for a win-win situation.

  1. Bathroom/doors should face the East: While Bathrooms and toilets can be counted as some of the most insignificant places of the house, Vastu compliant washrooms are a necessity. One of the main reasons for this is hygiene. When a bathroom is being built, it is advisable to place it in the east.

One main reason for this placement is again sunlight. Toilets are places where we shed out our waste, thus it needs proper ventilation and sunlight. Sunlight works as a natural purifier that kills all bacterias and germs and proper ventilation keeps the washroom free from bad odor. When a bathroom faces the east, you can expect it to get the most amount of sunlight that it would need in a day. A strategically equipped toilet and can help you stay healthy and bring positivity to the dwelling area.

Note that in Vastu shastra the positioning of different rooms is determined mostly by the facing of the sun and the way sun rays fall in different rooms. It is because sun rays have a great influence on the human body and physical health. While the sun emits both UV and infrared rays it becomes important to understand how you can benefit from the right amount of sunlight and escape from their harmful effects. Vastu shastra when done right can help you avail the best health benefits with great ease. You can know more about Vastu and understand its working from other articles that we have on the Decorchamp website. get to know about Vastu For Guest Room, dining room, and much more with ease and enjoy a healthy and positive life.

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  1. I follow Vastu Shastra concepts for my home and office and it has helped me a lot in bringing peace and positivity around me. I would recommend everyone to at least read about it and try to follow its guidelines while constructing or renovating their homes. Thank you so much for such great Vastu tips.

  2. I believe in vastu shastra for the home and am looking to buy a new house, thus this was really helpful and instructive to me. Glad I visited this site.

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