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Decoding The Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

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When you want your kitchen to be modern, you also cannot compromise with the efficiency that they can offer.

One such appliance that plays a major and irreplaceable role in every kitchen is a reliable chimney.

It is very important to maintain an environment that is free of smoke when you are cooking.

There is a sea of options available in the market, and the challenge that you face to choose the best one for your kitchen is very understandable.

This blog post will shed light on the best chimney brands that are available in India and you can choose one for your kitchen based on your choice, requirements and the space availability.

Understanding the Importance of a Kitchen Chimney

Kitchen chimneys are appliances fixed above the stoves to eliminate odour of dishes, smoke and steam caused while cooking.

Kitchen chimneys are composed of fans, filters and ducts for ventilation. Main significance of kitchen chimneys is listed below:

Understanding the Importance of a Kitchen Chimney

  • Smoke control: Chimneys extract the airborne greases and smoke arises while cooking which enables a comfortable cooking experience. 
  • Walls and countertops of the kitchen and other additional infrastructure made in the kitchen can be protected from grease and stains. 
  • Chimneys encourage energy efficiency and filter the air circulating in the overall home. 
  • Some cooking fumes may lead to ignition which is prevented by the chimney and protects from fire hazards. 

In modern kitchens, the chimneys add to the visual appeal of the kitchen due to its customisable feature, designs and structure, chimneys made by materials like glass and those having sleek finish adds to the kitchen’s aesthetics.

Minimalist design available in the kitchen chimneys allows it to blend with the kitchen ambience flawlessly.

Have a look at modular kitchen design.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Kitchen Chimney

There are several types of chimneys available in the market with different features of different brands.

Some of the important characteristics that should be noted while choosing a chimney for your kitchen are discussed below:Criteria for Selecting the Best Kitchen Chimney

  • Suction power: Suction power determines the efficiency in working of the chimney. If your kitchen space is larger or if you spend more hours cooking then opt for a chimney with high suction capacity. 
  • Filter technology: Various chimney types incorporate different styles of filtering technology. Most commonly used filters are charcoal filters, baffle filters and mesh filters. You may choose it according to your culinary behaviours. 
  • If you would like to circulate the air inside your kitchen after filtration then opt for a ductless chimney or go with ducted chimneys. 
  • While choosing the chimney for your kitchen keep in mind about the maintenance factors. Opt for rewashable filters that ensure easy maintenance
  • Many innovative control techniques are incorporated in chimney design like remote controllable, touch control choose the one for your comfort.

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Top 10 Chimney Brands in India

While considering the purchase of chimneys, the best one should be opted and many factors like best brand, budget efficiency etc should be considered. Top 10 brands of chimneys are shortlisted and discusses below:

Top 10 Chimney Brands in India

  • Elica: Elica chimneys are considered popular among the buyers for their functionality and innovative design. They incorporate both elegance and productivity in their chimneys. 
  • Hindware: Hindware is a reputed brand of kitchen chimneys that provide various types in a variety of designs and practicality. They seamlessly blend with any kitchen style, be it an open kitchen or a closed cooking space. 
  • Faber: Faber is an internationally reputed brand for kitchen appliances. Their chimneys are known for the materials used for building them as they are of high quality and ensure durability of the product. 
  • Prestige: Prestige is a well-known brand name among Indian house owners as it offers a wide range of kitchen appliances. Chimneys offered by Prestige are also reliable like any other appliances by them. They are durable and made with easy cleaning features. 
  • Kaff: Kaff is one of the most trusted companies for kitchen appliances in India. They offer the best quality chimneys that offer the best design for contemporary kitchens. 
  • Glen: Glen is a brand that focuses more on quality and efficiency along with aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. They offer reliable and durable performance and innovative design
  • Sunflame: Sunflame incorporates functionality and elegance in their products. Their chimneys offer good ventilator facilities in your kitchen and add to your kitchen’s visual appeal. 
  • Havells: Havells chimneys come with the best innovative features. They also increase the overall appearance of the kitchen. 
  • Butterfly: Butterfly brand offers a wide range of kitchen appliances of reliable and durable quality. Their chimneys are of smooth and attractive design and also provide best extraction or suction power. 
  • Pigeon: Pigeon is a well-known brand that offers chimneys of best quality with various designs to choose from according to your kitchen style. Their chimneys come with effective suction capacity and efficient maintenance facilities.

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Look for a chimney that can serve its function at its best, so that your cooking experience becomes enjoyable rather than a tedious process.

There are many brands that are available in the market that can elevate your culinary experience. Prioritize smart features but do not forget your budget constraints that you placed.

When these brands are just a suggestion, it is in your hands to opt for one that will cater to your requirements and preferences.

Go for reputable brands without overlooking your budget and enjoy the best cooking experience of your life.

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