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Place of Pooja Room in the House

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Every Hindu home comes with a pooja room or has a specific place for pooja, and that corner is always considered pious and sacred. For this very reason, we should always consider the right place, the right arrangement of the idols and the right way to place other things in the pooja room. Pooja room gives us peace where we get the blessings of the Divine power and also positive energy. It’s important that you follow the Vaastu shastra, which provides direction as to which is the right location of the pooja room and why it is necessary to place everything in the right place as per vastu.

Modern homes and pooja room

Yes, modern homes do have space constraints and therefore the pooja room does not get a special place in the house and is adjusted within the bedroom or the kitchen or other places. There should be a place for God, where you get charged with all the positive vibration and get a little time to meditate and pray and that energizes the environment we live in and the body, mind and soul. When you have relaxed the mind and good health, you will prosper in life and live with happiness and peace.

Designing pooja room, according to Vaastu Shastra

Use the rules of Vaastu shastra for the pooja room because, during meditation the positive energies should charge you and if situated in the wrong direction, then however hard you meditate, you will never get the positive energy. The rules should be followed correctly in order to get perfect results and the blessings of God.

  1. The pooja room should be situated in the Northeast or North or East side of the house. Face towards east or north, while performing pooja.
  2. The deity should face west, south or southwest, and your direction is towards east, north or northeast.

Pooja Room Location as Per Vastu


Arrangements of deities according to the direction

West facing – Brahma, Kartikeya, Mahesh, Surya, Vishu, Indra

South facing – Shodash, Durga, Ganesh, Matrika, Bhairav, Kuber

Southwest facing – Lord Hanuman or Maruti

  1. Legs of the deities should be at the chest level of the worshippers depending whether the worshipper is standing or sitting.
  2. Use copper vessels for performing daily pooja.
  3. The wall should be colored in white, light blue or lemon color. If you wish to use marble then use white color.
  4. Agni Kund should be in the southeast direction of pooja room.
  5. Place lamps in front of the diet or the southeast corner of the room.

What you should take care of:

  1. Do not store anything above the place where Gods are placed and worshiped or above the cabinet.
  2. Do not make pooja room in a bedroom or adjacent to wall of the toilet, or under a staircase or in the store room.
  3. Do not display the photos of dead members of the family along with family deities.
  4. Broken idols should be taken away and immersed in a river.
  5. The idols must not face each other.

A pooja room is a very important place, and everybody will visit it so, make it as beautiful as possible, yet should not distract the worshiper.

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  1. This blog has been beneficial to me. When I came across this site while planning to create a pooja room in my home, many questions about where to put it and what direction they should face were answered. I appreciate how helpful your blog is.

  2. Pooja room is constantly loved and considered sacrosanct. Consequently, one ought to continuously contemplate where to put objects in the pooja room, how to arrange symbols, and how to put different articles. This can be done by following the guidelines by Vaastu


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