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A Glance Into Neoclassical Interior Decor

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Neoclassical interior is a timeless architectural décor of the neo classical age, that is mostly incorporated in the modern houses. 

The history of neoclassical interiors goes back to the 18th century when due to the renaissance movement in Italy, art and culture flourished in that period and post renaissance period. 

A drastic change came in art and artistry in that period. The rich and magnificent art is also evident in the neoclassical interior too. 

The evergreen art and interior designing of that period still occupies an important place in the contemporary period. 

The neoclassical interior used in modern times, reflects the style, colour, décor and other elements of the architectural designs used in Italy, Greece and Rome during the neoclassical age.

Dive Deep Into Neoclassical Interior Design

As the neoclassical interior design is still very popular and mostly liked by the homeowners, it is important to know about it thoroughly. 

It basically portrays style and elegance of the late 18th century. This type of interior design also has a touch of sophistication to a large extent. 

Dive Deep Into Neoclassical Interior Design

People were gradually losing interest in the Rococo and Baroque style. The neoclassical interior design, due to its fusion of various rich elements did not fade away with time, but finds a prominent place in today’s modern home décor. 

Most of the renowned architects of the world borrow the style and art of neoclassical interior design because of its fusion of aesthetics with functionality.

The Neoclassical Interior Design In Terms Of Rich Colour

The implementation of soft and soothing colours for home decor, with perfect combination of light or dark shades redefines the neoclassical style. 

The Neoclassical Interior Design In Terms Of Rich Colour


The neoclassical interior design uses colours that define the classic style. The neoclassical palette consists of a sober and neutral colour palette, which has a warmth in its texture.

 It mostly uses designs in white and cream which are combined with grey, blue, green and yellow, giving a soft tone. The colour shades produce a low contrasting effect. 

However, the vibrant colours such as black, red, golden and silver are used to highlight the classic style. These accent colours with fusion of the neutral palettes produce exquisitely beautiful and sophisticated home décor.

Apply these ideas to give your home interiors a bohemian touch. All these interiors are very budget friendly and give a unique look to your house. 

Incorporate the timeless neoclassical interior style in modern home décor

You can use the neoclassical interior style in your modern home décor. For embracing this style in your home décor, you need to take into consideration the various elements used in the classical home décor of that time. 

Incorporate the timeless neoclassical interior style in modern home décor

It is their richness in art and sophisticated and luxurious decors that distinguishes them from other interior styles. Implement these elements in your home décor to give it an aura of neoclassicalism.

  • Avoid excessive ornamentation and give a minimalistic look to your home by placing formal furniture, marble flooring and decorative lights like chandeliers and pendant lights. Give your interior a neat and bright appearance, making it cluster free.
  • Use various arts and craft works to give neoclassical effect to your interior decor. Showcase the antique objects and other decorative creations through a flow of style.
  • Use neutral colour to bring a soothing effect like white and cream with warm colours to accent the walls like red
  • Choose symmetrical layouts in the decoration. Geometric shapes and use of lines such as horizontal and vertical should be used to give a sharp look.
  • Try to create spacious layouts with these modern wardrobe design. Be very particular in selecting your furniture. They should be striking with a few specific collections. 
  • Make the room décor bright with sufficient light to clearly exhibit its varied style by constructing large windows with catchy curtains in velvet, silk or satin fabrics.
  • Ornate your home with those pieces which have elegance and value both. Avoid objects and items with no functionality.
  • Try to use the same colours for the same set of objects. Like a similar coloured sofa set and center table with matching curtains.

The variety of neoclassical interior elements in home décor

The variety of neoclassical interior elements in home décor

  1. Color combination – The neoclassical interior displays a soothing color combination. It gives a neat and bright appearance. The shades in white, cream and gray give an appealing effect. Warm colors such as red, black and silver accent the vibrant background.
  2. Symmetry –This interior design uses symmetry to a considerable extent. Use of big mirrors is one of the neoclassical elements in home décor. The frame adds to the neo classical element with numerous mirrors giving a sophisticated and luxurious look and at the same time maintaining the symmetry and increasing the light within the rooms.
  3. Intricate patterns and geometric shapes – It focuses on intricate patterns and geometric shapes. various objects highlight their shapes and structures. Different crafts in wooden and metallic work find prominent place in this design. Fabrics for home décor are highly sophisticated and luxurious. Elegant creations in velvet, linen, silk clothes display a charming look.
  4. Furnishing accessories – The center of attractions are fancy mirrors, shiny pieces of art, mesmerizing flowers. Idea of classic portraits and unique moldings on walls and callings are borrowed from neo classical architecture. Flooring is made sophisticated by using various precious stones such as marble. The neoclassical interior used carpets to cover the floor which has a Persian influence.
  5. Classy motifs – Floral motifs were mainly used in ceilings and walls. Also you can consider different types of pop design. The curtains, pillows and rugs too had motifs in flowers. Motifs in geometrical shapes were also largely used in this neoclassical interior design. They normally had low contrast to create the mesmerizing look of the interior design.
  6. Sharp look – The neoclassical architects made use of tall walls with high gypsum ceiling, large defined windows with long curtains and huge space. They used very few stylish and functional furniture and decorative items, giving a neat look without any clusters.

Conclusion – These are the vital elements that form the neoclassical interior design. Blend them perfectly in your modern home décor to give it a touch of the rich artistic creation of the neoclassical era of late 18th century. This classical design reflects the luxury and sophisticated style with functionality and values of the neoclassical interior. This timeless beauty transcends all other classical and modern interior designs and is a right choice for the people who admire artwork.             

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