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Top vastu tips that can change your office aura

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Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture that focuses on living space direction coupled with nature’s elements to create a positive atmosphere. It can be described as an art of placement through which one can experience balance, peace, and prosperity.

In India, it is an old quote that “Work is Worship”, but it is as important that you worship your workplace too. Your workplace should be free from negativity. And, Vastu shastra ensures well-being and good luck to your place. From ancient times, Vastu has been an important part of the culture while considering any new place to build.

Since your office is constructed to get profit and success. Incorporating the right directional tips from Vastu can lead to the flow of wealth, harmony, and success in your office resulting in overall business growth. In addition, you should always consider Vastu tips for the office while selecting directions, design, arrangements, layout, etc.

Incorporating Vastu For Office Main Door:

Different directions have varied impacts on overall growth for the business. Hence, it is important that one should consider the direction of the main door that is auspicious.

For instance, the main door should always be in the north, east, north-west direction.Vastu Shastra for Office

And as per Vastu tips for office, it is recommended to avoid having the main door in the south, south-west direction. But in any case, if there is no option due to locality or lack of space this can be corrected through a lead metal pyramid.

It is said that direction in the office space should be chosen according to the work activity. And, for a financial activity or activities relating to money, North direction is best.

Ideal Seating Arrangement For Office:

You can never overlook the seating arrangement factor when it comes to design an office as per Vastu. Here are some tips, that you can follow to enhance productivity with an ideal sitting arrangement in your office:

  • If you want an enthusiastic sales team, the best sitting direction for them would be southeast, as this direction is dominated by the fire element.
  • Since the north direction is best for financial accountancy and money matters, it is best suitable for your account team members.
  • In marketing, one has to deal with multiple clients. Therefore East direction is most suitable for them, it will help them connect to relevant people.
  • West direction supports creativity and innovation. Therefore, IT and designers should sit in the west direction.
  • Employees should sit in the northeast direction for better productivity.
  • If you want to have successful ad campaigns then make sure you do not miss out on the northwest direction.

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Perfect locations For Office Toilets:

As per Vastu, a toilet should be made considering the factor of disposal of all negativities. Otherwise, it can lead to serious financial challenges and can block growth.

Here, are some tips that you can follow regarding the location of your toilets and what could be the best direction to let go of all blocked emotions.

  • As per the old text on Vastu, Roda Graha means a place to cry or let go of all negative emotions. The direction of Roda Graha was west of Northwest in more particular terms. So, one can make a toilet in this direction, this will help in releasing all blocked emotions and negatives from the mind, heart, and body.
  • South of the southwest is considered to be the best direction to dispose of all the wasteful products and negativity. Being the direction of “disposal”, one gets released from human, emotional, or mental wastes. Therefore, it is advised to make toilets in this specific direction.
  • One can make a toilet in the east or south direction, as it is a direction for the analytical flow of ideas. Hence, one can let go of stress and tension easily in this particular direction and can work with creative ideas.

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Right Place For Important Papers And Files:  

For every office owner, it is very important to know the right location for their important papers and files. The file could include important information regarding your clients or might contain terms and conditions for your next deal. And, placing them in the right corner can attract more clients and growth for your business as per Vastu.

Here are some important tips regarding the colours and location for your important business materials: 

  • West is considered to be one of the relevant directions for keeping your office-related files as this can help you gain more business and deals from your clients. If you are choosing west as your direction to keep your office files and folders make sure you buy Grey coloured office files.
  • In case you want to generate more queries for your advertising campaigns, then it is suggested to keep marketing pamphlets and advertising stationery in the North and North-West directions.
  • You should keep your investment and property papers in the northwest corner of your office. It is considered auspicious in Vastu.

Right Reception location at the WorkPlace: 

Reception is one of the important areas in the office as all your business appointments or clients cross reception for some source of information and all. 

Hence, there are some important tips that you can consider for your perfect Vastu-oriented reception area:

  • The receptionist should be seated facing in the north or east direction.
  • You can place your company logo on the southern wall of your reception area.
  • Reception should ideally be built in the northeast or east direction.
  • According to the Vastu, a reception table should be placed diagonally in front of the office door.
  • Flowers are also considered fortunate. Therefore, you can keep some good french lavenders or jade flowers at the reception.

Vastu is a science that works on positive energies and can work well for any area whether it is an office or home. A Vastu-oriented one must office can bring immense business growth and productivity.

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  1. After reading this blog, I implemented some of the Vastu remedies in my office and to my surprise, I started getting good results. My business improved and slowly, all my financial problems were solved. I am now a strong believer in Vastu and would recommend it to everyone who is facing difficulties in their life.

  2. Your article is really a great work.I stay upset all day at office.Also I am running through great financial crisis.I will surely try these tips to get better result.


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