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Elegant Glass Dining Table Design for Modern homes

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The dining table is the most important piece of furniture in your eating area. It is in fact the place to get together for the whole family.

We may be busy with our work, with no time to meet the other members of the family. It is during a meal like breakfast, lunch, and dinner that the whole family gathers at the dining table.

The dining table is also a center of attraction for the guests who visit our house for a lunch or dinner party. So, it should have a classy decor. modern glass dining table design

The traditional dining tables were made of wood, which although are durable but don’t have a stylish appearance. The glass dining table on the other hand looks extremely stylish. 

The glass dining table designs are versatile which suit well with any style of home décor and are widely used in modern houses. stylish glass top dining table design

The frame of the modern dining table is of wood or steel or iron with its top made of glass. This glass is usually black colored which looks charming or transparent which makes the decorative base portion visible. 

You should not only go with the new design of center table but also pick a modern and trendy glass top dining table or a steel dining table with a glass top.

Make sure to choose the tempered glass for your dining table design. The tempered glass is durable and has a long-lasting effect. 6mm toughened glass is best for your eating table.

The modern glass for dining tables has printed patterns or frosted glass for enhancing their beauty. Whether you have a two-seater or four or 6-seater dining table, glass goes well with all of them.

Make your Glass Dining Table Stylish

The shapes of the glass may be rounded or square for small families and rectangular shapes for large to very large families. To make your glass dining table more eye-catching you can match some velvet chairs with it for a bolder look.

You can use sitting chairs made of bamboo to give a rustic effect to your dining room. Steel or wooden chairs which are beautifully padded also suit your glass dining table. A matching 3d wallpaper is an ideal backdrop for your glass-top eating table.

To give a touch of luxury, hang a beautiful chandelier just above it. You can also put a big pendant light above it to make it more aesthetically appealing. 

7 best glass dining table designs for enhancing your home decor

We have chosen some best glass dining table designs for small and big families which will suit any background and style.

One can also contact one of the top interior designers in gurgaon to get the entire interior designer work done at competitive pricing here.

  1. YANA rounded mini glass dining table It is a beautiful round dining table for only two members with stainless steel legs. You need to buy the chairs separately. rounded mini glass dining table design The transparent round glass looks awesome with its steel frame.
    • The price of this product on Amazon is Rs 2850.
      It has multipurpose uses. A stylish dining table for home and a conference table for the office. You need to match the dining table with open kitchen design as well go give it a perfect look.
  2. VISMAYA dining table This modern wooden dining table with a glass top looks classic. This six-seater square-shaped table is suitable for big families. wooden glass top dining table design It has an antique look for the brownish finish. It is comfortable to use.
      • This table or similar to this glass top table is available to buy at Amazon here.
        Also pick the perfect modern steel bed designs for your bed room if you want to go with a durable furniture.
  3. SS Furniture wooden glass dining table This is a six-seater dining table in wooden frames, making it highly durable. glass top royal dining table design It looks gorgeous in its brown color frame with a printed glass top that looks very gorgeous.
    • Similar table can be bought from amazon online here.
  4. IRA Furniture This is a rattan cane four-seater dining table with a transparent glass top. This is an ideal choice for you if you are obsessed with hand-crafted furniture.Have a look at sofa cum bed in steel if you want to give a steel furniture look to your home.
    IRA furniture glass top dining table design It uses a superior quality cane to give it a touch of rustic in modern decor. The chairs have cushions for your seating comfort. The brand claims its durability for up to a period of ten years.

    • Buy it from Amazon at a discounted price listed here
  5. Pooja Khandelwal Feather Dining table This is a unique glass dining table which has a signature look. It has a wooden feather carving at the base and the extreme beauty of the design is visible from above because of its transparent glass top. pooja khandelwal feather dining table design With a touch of nature, this table is an example of beauty at its best and is a perfect combination for your modular kitchen design. The wooden feather gives the illusion of a real bird feather with the finish of Azul. 
    • This table or a similar one is available online at Amazon here at discounted price.
  6. Durian Jenna glass dining table This 6-seater dining table with a black glass top and stylish metal legs will spice up your eating area.durian jenna glass top dining table design This stylish table will enhance the beauty of any room décor with its modern design. The tempered glass top has a glossy finish, with a beautiful white pattern. The work of white piping on the leatherette chairs gives it a stunning look. It has five years of warranty on its product.
    • Buy it from Amazon today at a discounted price. Click here to view. 
  7. Godrej Interio Aurelia Glass dining table This 6-seater glass dining table has sleek metallic legs with black tempered glass table top. The legs are coated with metallic powder for a beautiful finish. godrej interio aurelia glass top dining table design The glass can be detached for easy cleaning and convenient shifting of the table. It has one year of manufacturer warranty. 
    • This glass top table is available at amazon as well. Click here to view the latest price.
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All these glass dining table designs are available online on either Flipkart on Amazon. Select one which you find the most elegant and appropriate, matching the design of your dining space.

The glass tops are thick, have a sleek appearance, suitable for any home decor. Although glass-top dining tables are very popular because of their aesthetic beauty, glass is fragile by nature. So, they need to be taken great care of.

Also read about modular kitchen designs for small kitchens here.

Never put a very hot or cold vessel over the glass top. It will then lose its shine and luster. Use stands to keep hot or cold dishes.

However, cleaning the glass surface is very easy. You can remove the stain and spills very easily by cleaning them with a piece of wet cotton cloth, which is very difficult in the case of a wooden surface.

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