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Bhai Dooj 2023: A Celebration of Sibling Love and Bond

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Our culture is blessed with so many meaningful festivals. Festivals are a way of celebrating life and its blessings. Indians are known for their rich culture.

Be it holi, diwali or dussehra we all enjoy it with great enthusiasm. The sweetness of sweets and feeling of togetherness is a common feeling in all festives.

One of the most popular festivals of our country is bhai dooj. Just like raksha bandhan people celebrate this festival to strengthen the bond between brother and sister.

Brothers and sisters celebrate this festival with great love. This blog is going to tell you about things related to bhai dooj.

Many great things are mentioned in this blog that will help you in getting good insight upon bhai dooj celebration.

Read this blog and know the great tradition of our culture and the significance of the festival of bhai dooj.

Why is Bhai Dooj Celebrated?

Every hindu festival is associated with some great story and popular ritual. Just like we celebrate dussehra, diwali because of their rich heritage stories likewise we celebrate bhai dooj because it is associated with lord krishma and his sister subhadra.

Why is Bhai Dooj Celebrated?When lord krishna came back after killing Narakasura then his sister greeted him with a tilak on his head.

They shared greetings with each other and due to this bhai dooj is celebrated. This reflects the love and affection between brother and sister.

Both the siblings pray for each other’s well being and celebrate this by offering gifts to each other.

Arti is done by sisters and they offer prayers. This is the ritual of bhai dooj.

Celebration Across India

This  festival is enjoyed in every corner of our nation. People celebrate it with great zealth. In North India it is termed as Bhai dooj and it is celebrated near diwali.

Gifts and sweets are common in this festival and along with this brothers and sisters both can offer their likeable presents to each other.

Celebration Across IndiaThis festival is known as Bhai phonta in Bengal. Sisters stay empty stomach until they apply tilak to the head of their brothers. They pray for each other and then whole family

enjoy the great meal together. In Nepal this festival is celebrated by the name of Bhai tilak.

The interesting thing to know is that they apply 7 coloured tilak on the forehead of their brother. They also enjoy this festival by sharing gifts with each other.

Southern people celebrate this festival with the name of Yamadwitheya and they worship Lord Yama on this occasion.

Sisters offer prayers for long lives of their brothers. This festival brings joy to every corner of our nation and both the siblings shower love and greetings on each other.

Many kinds of sweets are prepared in different parts of the nation and people enjoy the lavish dishes.

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Creative Decoration Ideas

For celebrating bhai dooj along with blessings and sweets, one can add the effect of decoration to this festival by doing decoration in different ways. Let us talk about how you can celebrate this festival with good decoration ideas.

Creative Decoration Ideas

  • Rangoli– It is considered as the vital part of every festival. Be it holi or diwali we love making rangoli. Rangoli invites good vibes and thus it is prepared in amazing designs. On bhai dooj too you can prepare rangoli with amazing colours. You can choose some good colour options. One can make rangoli colours at home only or one can use petals of flowers for making rangoli. 
  • Diyas and candles– By lighting diyas and candles one can decorate the interiors and exteriors of their home. Lights look good and they add a good effect. You can opt for many designer candles that are present in the market today. Use ghee in diyas for good effects on the environment. Lighting will always be special as it makes things prettier.
  • Flower garlands– Choose a theme or mix different flowers. The output will be great. The great effect of garland will make your place look awesome.
  • Bhai dooj thali– This is the most important part of bhai dooj celebration and one needs to make bhai dooj thali in a very lovely manner. Add sweets and tilak to the thali. Place flowers in it and add the gift that you are offering to your sibling. Although you can take readymade thalis from online stores, making or decorating it on your own will add a good touch.
  • Torans– They are placed at the front gate for welcoming positive vibes. There are many kinds and designs of torans that you can use for the front gate. It is said that terms are used for greeting the god and goddess. Flower torans or other themed toran can be used for decorating. Use a good colour theme and choose accordingly.
  • Sweet and food– In different parts of India different dishes are prepared during bhai dooj celebration. One can make this festival more amazing with the help of food and dishes. Add good sweets and enjoy it with friends and family.
  • Colour scheme– you should opt for a good colour scheme. Make sure that you are following the theme that you have chosen for yourself. By doing this you will get good results. Add colours of your choice.

Try to do the decoration with handmade products and make the things of decoration on your own as it will make things more beautiful. Your creativity will reflect good results.

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Bhai dooj is celebrated in India by brothers and sisters. In many parts of our country it is celebrated by different names. One can read this blog for a good insight on bhai dooj.

Decoration ideas are shared in this blog. Check out the significance of bhai dooj and know about its ritual.

You will love the celebration ideas that are mentioned in this blog. Celebrate this bhai dooj with great love and good gifts. Happy bhai dooj!

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