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Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home

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Decoration: A different identity of auspicious festival

The festivals is an important part of the human life. Being a social animal, there are end number of festivals people celebrate all over the world. The oldest civilization of the mankind, India has Diwali known as the most auspicious festival among all.

Hence, people in the society prepare well in advance for the celebration of this festival with a number of decorations as it is believed that prosperity stays where the area of home is well decorated. Hence, there are a lot of diwali decoration ideas people use for the decoration of their homes this diwali.

Many homes are already in preparation for Diwali. But not everyone has the time to decorate their home properly. So we have given this blog to save your impression from falling when guests are about to drive. So here’s presenting some simple yet fulfilling Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home. 

Ideas to Decorate Homes this Diwali:

Diwali is known as a festival of lights and therefore all those items with light has a different significance on this day. It is of least importance whether the light is from a traditional oil lamp, wax candle, electric lamps or any other mode of light.

There are also a number of designs created by the people on floor with the help of the powder colours, flowers and murals on the wall as well as painting of different walls.

Oil Lamps Decoration Ideas: The Diwali night has a different importance and therefore to make it more decorative one can use traditional oil lamps with various colors, size and shape. There are also floating lamps used by many people.
Oil Lamps Decoration IdeasOne can also add various aromas with different oils that can add smell to the celebration of Diwali and make it more pleasant.

Electric lamps and chandeliers: There are various chandeliers available with paper, glass, clay and metal frames that can emit the light and add great charm to the look of the house.
Electric Lamps Decoration The constant light with various colors can make it more attractive. There are also a number of types blinking lights available in the market that can be used to look the home more beautiful on Diwali night.

It is an age-old tradition to decorate your interiors using diyas and candles but it is equally essential to light up the exterior house with a vertical throw of lights. 

String lights cover the length of your home and are one of the prettiest Diwali Decoration Ideas for your Home. You can also go for the less power-consuming LED options. 

Designs: People also make different sorts of designs with the help of a number of materials. The normal trend is of using powder colour. There are many artisans who also create various designs with water colour and natural colours. The people from some cultures prefer to have design with the help of flowers also.

Paper, ribbons and other materials: There are many other items such as papers, ribbons and paper crafts with the help of which one can decorate the home and add a different charm to it that can make it a pleasant place for guests and visitors also.

Diwali Decoration with Paper

Wall paintings and Murals: In the modern day’s people also prefer to decorate the walls of their homes with different religious wall paintings such as Kalash, swastika, Om, Ganesh and many more designs that can add a great look to the wall. Usually red, Green, Yellow and Indigo colours are used for such paintings.

Diwali Wall Painting DecorationMany people also prefer to have a wall painted differently than other walls that can add a different sense of colour. The use of colour on walls also displays a lot about the dwellers and the festival and hence, all the auspicious colours are only used for such paintings on walls.

Decals: Many people also love to apply various decals on this day. The decals are made of durable materials and therefore last longer than all the other sorts of decorations on walls.

Glam the pooja room up: Your pooja room needs special attention this time, as it is the center of all the festivities. So Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home never be complete without including a pooja room decoration. You can use candles, garlands, and backdrop lighting to do the decoration. 

Glam the Pooja Room Up

It doesn’t matter whether your pooja room is small or large; you can place some vintage lamps made of brass and place them around the pedestal. And not to forget, always add flowers and diyas to liven and light it up!

Genda Phool it all up: Can we talk about Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home without mentioning or thinking about the genda phool? Do you know why decorating the house with marigolds is essential during these festivities? 

Genda Phool it all up

These flowers have an extremely pleasant fragrance that can improve your mood and take away your stress. They are called herbs of the sun and mark prosperity in life. 

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Deck the door up: You can use torans to decorate your doors and welcome your guests warmly. They usually decorate the main doors and give color and happiness. This is the first noticeable thing as your guests enter, so it helps lift their spirits. 

Use rangoli to ramp it up: Rangoli is an old practice that is still followed very vehemently. Colorful patterns are always an excellent way to showcase your talent and make for a good Diwali Decoration Idea for your Home.

Use rangoli to ramp it up

You can draw small footprints made from a mixture of rice flour and vermillion. It enhances the beauty of your home. 

Beautify that wall up: Diwali Decoration Ideas for your Home when it comes to wall decoration, You can never run out of. They are the easiest to decorate and yet grab the most attention. They throw an enjoyable and colourful vibe

Beautify that wall up


To wrap up, we have started some simple Diwali decoration ideas for your home that you can easily carry out and give our home a fantastic festive makeover in no time. So glam up your home and your outfits and throw in a big festive party!

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  1. Oil lamps and paper decorations are my favorite items to use during Diwali. The wall painting idea is unique and this way I can use my creativity to bring life into my home. Could you perhaps showcase someways to create Diwali murals and mix different colors?

  2. I love that this piece mentions wall paintings and decorative murals, as most people often do not think of them as part of their festive decorations. Handmade ones are especially ignored. So, can you suggest ways by which I can make easy handmade festive wall décor pieces?


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