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Why do you need to Plant Curry Leaves in House?

It has been observed that different varieties of trees and plants are being planted inside the house in order to enhance the decor and interiors. Well, the green plants and small flowers greatly improve the environment and ambiance of the house. The individuals also prefer to plant curry leaves inside the premise of the house. Now you must be thinking, can curry leaves planted in the house? Well, the answer is a big Yes. There is no problem in planting curry leaves inside the house, as no side effects are observed. Instead, curry leaves plant growth inside the house can be very beneficial. To know the important benefits of curry leaves, just go through the below mentioned information.

Necessity of Vastu for Planting Curry Leaves in House

But you cannot plant the curry leaves on your own, as it is important to consider the curry leaves Vastu. According to the study of Vastu, if the plants and flowers are planted on the wrong location, then it will affect the living condition and health of occupants. For different plants, the Vastu predictions are different. For example, if you are planning to plant a big tree, then you can never plant the tree on the north side of the house. Like that, Tulsi and other small plants are always planted on the west side of the house. So, for every plant, there is a specific direction in the house. For curry leaves, you need to find an appropriate space on the west side of your house. But make sure that no plants or trees are being planted in the corners of the house.

The vastu experts will suggest you regarding the Vastu health benefits and drawbacks of planting curry leaves in your house. So, before planting the curry leaves in your premise, it is recommended to consult with an experienced Vastu Shastra expert.

Other Benefits of Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are not only adopted for vastu shastra but they have other benefits as well. Curry Leaves plant has lots of health benefits too which you can find at many places over internet.

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  1. Interesting! I didn’t know there is Vastu guidelines for Curry leaves also. This is very informative for me. Now I will check my garden and see where I can grow curry leaves plant. Do you also have vastu tips for aloe vera plant? If so please share some details for that. Thank you

  2. This is true that planting any plant especially curry leaves and Tulsi according to Vastu principles helps in gaining wealth, good luck, and prosperity. Thanks for sharing such valuable tips. These days people don’t share such knowledge in depth. But I am glad I found this blog. Keep doing the good work!


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