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Enhancing Curb Appeal: An Ultimate Checklist to Exterior House Design

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When people think of designing or remodeling their homes, usually, they focus on the part inside the house but the outside is as crucial as the inside.

The facade of your house is the initial thing everyone is able to notice and it dictates the ambiance of the whole territory. 

By this, one is able to boost the value, attractiveness and inviting nature of one’s home through exterior designs. For this post, different exterior design areas will be analysed and some tips and ideas will be provided so that the outer façade of the house can with ease be turned into a masterpiece. 

Understanding Your Style 

As with interior design, exterior design starts with establishment of the kind of style that is most desirable.

Understanding Your Style

Here are some popular exterior styles to consider:

  • Modern: This is mainly because it has a sleek design that features clean lines, minimalistic features, and large windows. Among the trends of modern facade designs, one can distinguish the orientation to the use of neutral color shades and the application of a combination of materials referring to glass, steel, and concrete. 
  • Traditional: Traditional as a style is not a trend, it includes such features as red or brown brick/stone cladding, gable roofs, and precise window division into two equal parts. It comes particularly in a rather friendly and comfortable approach. 
  • Rustic: Based on the models observed in the natural environment, the rustic facades use such materials as wooden and stone. This style is suitable for the rural house or for people who wish to incorporate elements from countryside to their urban house
  • Mediterranean: These are homes with stucco walls, roof of terracotta, and arched windows that are associated with the Mediterranean coasts. This kind of style is rather warm and filled with character. 

 Knowing your preferred style will help you in choosing the right products in order to have a consistent theme in your house.

Choosing the Right Materials 

Basically, materials are very important in exterior design. They also impact on the aesthetic appeal of the homes besides durability and the ease of carrying out maintenance on them.

Choosing the Right Materials

Here are some common materials and their benefits:

  • Brick: It is long- and short-lasting and contains special features that enable it to resist calamities such as fire and cyclones while at the same time giving a more classical look to the building in which it is used. It also has a good insulation hence will save one a lot of money to pay the bills since it loses very little heat
  • Stone: Natural stones – again increase the premium feeling and luxury. It is non-degradable and has a longer life cycle as well as it can bear all kinds of climates, but it comes at higher costs. 
  • Wood: Wood has warmth and a close to nature appeal which is very appealing. It is versatile and can be painted or stained coming in a variety of colors. Nevertheless, it would be best to be maintained most of the time because it can cause rot and other insect problems. 
  • Stucco: Often used in Mediterranean / Spanish style house designs and is a tough wear resistant material type. Which also makes it flexible concerning the particle size and colour. 

Thus, determination of the materials to be used will depend on the amount of money you are willing to spend, willingness to maintain the floor, and climatic conditions of your region. 

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Color Palette 

Selecting the right color combination is also very important to make the outdoor look and feel good.

Color Palette

Here are some tips for selecting colors: 

  • Consider the Environment: When choosing the color palettes, do it according to direction, neighbouring shingles colours and nearby natural environment. That means what you decide should be unique but not appearing out of place in your surrounding environment in this case being your home. 
  • Use Complementary Colors: Identify the primary color to paint the big surfaces and choose the secondary colors for trim, doors and shutters. This gives you a better and more interesting perspective of your exterior. 
  • Think Long-Term: Fashions change, but exterior house design should not wear the latest fad! Choose colours that will not easily go out of fashion after years of usage in the home. 

The cleaner the dressing, the better; no bright pink or greens, but ivory, cream, or beige – safe – yet interesting colors are blue, black, or even red added that little extra.

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Exterior design could not be discussed without the mention of landscaping. The size of the front lawn should be well trimmed, there should be trees and a well-planted lawn and bright flower beds add beauty to the house exterior.


Here are some landscaping tips:

  • Create Layers: Plant in layers of height and differentiate the texture of plants which are to be used. This creates more complexity to your landscape thus making it more attractive to the eye. 
  • Use Hardscaping: Pathways, patios and retaining walls should also be embraced as they will enhance formation of different spaces. Thus, elements such as stone, brick, or concrete can go well with the exterior of your home. 
  • Focus on the Entrance: Front door should be the first point of observation and thus it should be flanked with greens, walled with plants, paved with a small trail and well lit. 

So, it is recommended that you practice consistent maintenance on your landscaping to have the best results.

Some of the tasks that can include_clip_image001 are mowing the compound, hedging and clipping, and planting during seasons like spring.

Here is exterior wall cladding.


External lighting can be fit for purpose and decorative. This illuminates safety and security, visibility of architectural designs and the landscaping.


Here’s how to get your lighting right: 

  • Path Lights: path lights to light up pathways and driveways. It not only leads the visitor but also provides pleasant lighting. 
  • Spotlights and Uplights: Make use of lighting such as the spotlight to illuminate such architectural features or grow trees in the compound. They can give a sort of ‘stage like’ effect and also improve the look of your house at night. 
  • Porch and Entryway Lights: Make sure your front door has proper lighting so as to improve the outlook of the house. The fancy exterior lights, including the porch ones, can introduce considerable changes to the overall appearance of one’s house. 

Energy has to be conserved as far as possible, therefore, they use energy efficient bulbs such as LED bulbs and solar lamps.

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Details Matter 

Ten years earlier and I was a boy, a mere angel standing tall under this more solid copper dome, and since we stand outside we know that exterior design can be totally different from that of interiors.

Details Matter

Here are some elements to consider:

  • Doors and Windows: Some tips for elements to improve interior design Interior doors and windows should be highly-quality. They should also blend easily into the general architecture of the house and give adequate insulation. Some of the improvements that can improve their appearance are items such as; shutters, window boxes, and trims. 
  • Gutters and Downspouts: These are usually ignored but serve as the core human needs for safeguarding the house from water incidences. Use these colors and styles that harmonize with your outer part. 
  • House Numbers and Mailbox: House numbers design: Along with numbers, the handles of the front door are also designed to be eye-catching as well as a modern mailbox on the side. Make sure that they are installed and are conspicuous to anyone who observes the house and are in line with your décor. 
  • Fencing and Gates: These elements not only consist of buying privacy and security but also increase the attractiveness of the designs. Select those materials and designs that would enhance the look of your home based on its architectural style.

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It is critical that you pay special attention to details when planning on changing the exteriors of your home.

From choosing the appropriate type of material used to the lighting of the compound, the colors used in the landscaping, and the minor details, a good exterior look of a house can be achieved to fit the personality of the owner and thus increase the value of the house. 

Essentially, the outside of your house is the first thing that people lay their eyes on; therefore, make it as pleasing as possible! 

Let these surefire tips be your guides whether you’re painting an entire room or just a part of it with the intention of doing major changes or just making minor alterations on the room’s look. Happy designing!

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