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Dog Legged Staircase For a Designer Staircase

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Staircase designs are needed to be planned accordingly. Features of building and the plan of building is to be considered for creating a good staircase design.

One should keep all the desirable features in the mind to create a perfect staircase plan. Dog legged staircase is considered as the most cost effective staircase plan.

In this blog we are going to discuss dog legged staircase and why it is preferred. We will talk about its benefits and drawbacks. This blog will help you to choose the most suitable staircase designs for your building or home.

Staircases are important and are a vital part of every building. Be it your home or office stairs are everywhere. Stairs attract the visitors and are needed to be used for convenience.

Accurate plan of staircase is a necessity and one needs to keep many things considered for making an accurate plan.

Dog Legged Staircase and Its Components

Dog legged staircase is designed in a way in which two parallel lines of stairs are made and are separated from one another by one being slightly turned upward. Dog legged staircase has numerous benefits.

Dog Legged Staircase and Its ComponentsThe components of dog legged staircase are as follows-

  • Riser is known as the section that is present between both the treads. Treads are described as follows.
  • Tread is the part of the staircase on which a foot is placed.
  • Newel post is the vertical section of staircase from the beginning of staircase.
  • Baluster is located near the handrail. Handrail is used to prevent falling.
  • Line of nosing runs perpendicular to the slope of the staircase.

These were all the components of the dog legged staircase. The components were namely Riser, baluster, line of nosing, treads , etc.

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Benefits of Dog Legged Staircase

Dog legged staircase is used for various purposes. It is considered as cost effective plan and other benefits of dog legged staircase are discussed as follows-

Benefits of Dog Legged Staircase

  • The design of the dog legged staircase is simple.
  • Dog legged staircase takes lesser time to design.
  • The space is mostly available. More carpeting can be done.
  • The design of this staircase is very straightforward.
  • The design is trendy and looks elegant.
  • Commuting becomes easier via this type of staircase.
  • Privacy of floors either upper or lower remains maintained.
  • It is cost effective.

All these were benefits of the dog legged staircase.

One can install this for maximum benefits.

Things to be Considered while Implementing Dog Legged Staircase

Various points are needed to be taken care of while implementing dog legged staircase.

Implementing Dog Legged Staircase

Take care of these things-

  • Location is to be specified while making this. Opt for a location that remains in the middle and is usually ventilated.
  • Flight length should be taken care of. Maximum 16 risers can be made.
  • Landing length is also advised to be taken care of.
  • The slope of the staircase should be 15 degrees.
  • The step ratio should be constant.

When all these points are considered accurately then the chances of getting accurate and proper staircase increases.

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What are the Features of a Good Staircase?

Let us now discuss what are the features of a good staircase.

Few features are needed to be present for becoming a good and perfect staircase.

The features of a perfect staircase are discussed as further-

  • The height of the riser should be uniform and constant so that the continuity can be maintained.
  • Landing width should be taken care of.
  • Stair angles should be between 25 to 45 degrees.
  • The number of risers are to be maintained carefully. A single flight should have a maximum of 16 risers.
  • The location should be properly ventilated.
  • Light should be taken care of.

All these things are needed to make a perfect staircase.

While designing the staircase plan take note of these things.

Disadvantages or Drawbacks of Dog Legged Staircase

We have talked about the advantages of the dog legged staircase. Now we will talk about the disadvantages of dog legged stairs.

Disadvantages or Drawbacks of Dog Legged StaircaseThe disadvantages of dog legged staircase are discussed as follows-

  • Handrails of this staircase need to be planned accordingly. A proper attention is to be given.
  • Construction of a dog legged staircase may be a bit difficult.
  • Large goods or things may be difficult to carry along them.

All these were the drawbacks of the dog legged staircase.

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Other Types of Staircase Design

There are many other types of staircase designs that one can consider for making a perfect staircase.

The various designs are discussed as follows-

  • Linear type of staircase has no twists and turns. It is linear in design. It is considered best for minimal designs. They are good to look at.
  • Straight staircase with central landing. A linear staircase is designed and a central landing deep space is created. A lot of space is present there. It looks good and elegant.
  • L shaped staircases are another cool option. They are L in shape and are modest.
  • For a more modern and cool look one can opt for spiral staircase and can see how cool they look in your home or buildings.
  • For a curvy look opt for a curved staircase. This can be designed in a more elegant way.
  • Ladder staircases can be made in rooms or in libraries. They look aesthetic and can enhance the glory.

One can consider all these staircase designs and can opt for the one that suits them the best.

Do not forget to keep the features and requirements of the location in your mind for choosing the best staircase.

Why are Dog Legged Staircases calle Dog Legged?

Dog legged staircases are given this name due to their appearance.

The staircase resembles the half case elevation .

The rear leg of the dog is visible or is seen in a pattern while designing dog legged staircase design.

Thus it is named as dog legged staircase.

While making or choosing the staircase design take note of the dimensions and the requirements of location.

Discuss your specific ideas with the designer for getting a perfect staircase.

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