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The Safest Choice for your Staircase: Glass Railings

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When it comes to Renovate Your Homes, most of the modern homeowners prefer choosing glass railings for the staircases as it helps them add class, value, and luxury to the house in a beautiful way. They are not only restricted to staircases, but it can be an awesome addition to balconies, decks, outdoor patios, and porch areas. All modern homes and penthouses are now designed with a glass railing system in the indoor staircases. But there is a misconception amongst the homeowners that glass railings are not the safest choice for staircases, but the reality is just the reverse as glass railings are very sophisticated and elegant and also make the safest choice for railing system as well. They are low in maintenance, durable and require very minimal upkeep.

Difference Between Frameless and Framed Glass Railings!

There are many benefits to using Glass Railings for indoor staircases. But you need to decide between framed and frameless Glass Railings before you Install Glass Railings in the indoor staircases. Each of the models has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Let us have a look at both these options.

  • Framed Glass Railings – This is the most common design in the Glass Railings system as the clear glass panels are fixed within the frame and it offers a combination of increased safety and modern aesthetic. The frames that are used in the railing system are available in a variety of options ranging from metal to aluminum frames. Since the glass is protected by the aluminum or metal frame, it makes a good choice for staircases and it offers safe performance all year round. They are also used in wooden decks, pool areas and other areas of the house.
  • Frameless Glass Railings – Homeowners who are planning to make most out of the views, then frameless Glass Railings are the luxurious choice. This Railing Glass Design has no bordering frames and this makes the best choice for vacation homes, cottages, ad rooftop terraces. You will see many commercial properties having indoor staircases equipped with frameless Glass Railings which act as the sophisticated touch to the hotels, restaurants and condo complex.

Despite these pros and cons, most of the homeowners choose the standard wood or metal Glass Railings option. But homeowners who want to add the wow factor in their property go for the frameless design. The frameless Glass Railings are not a good choice for indoor staircases as it lacks in Railing Glass Holder and this makes it highly fragile and unsafe to put your hands upon it.

Are Glass Railings Safe?

Well, this is the biggest concern of many homeowners and they want to know whether or not Glass Railings are safe for their indoor staircases. In reality, Glass Railings System is the safest option indeed as compared to the traditional railing system. The glass material which is used in the railing system is actually the tempered safety glass and this material is about 4 times stronger than the regular glasses that are used traditionally.

It has no chance of deteriorating or rotting like wooden railing and hence the Glass Railings are a highly durable, long-lasting and maintenance-free option for indoor staircases.

Reasons for Installing Glass Railings in Staircases

  • Modern Aesthetic – Glass Railings offers a modern and sleek appearance to the staircases by brightening the space with open concept living. It also promotes an airy and fresh atmosphere.
  • Value – Apart from enhancing the visual appeal of the property, the Glass Railings system also increases the overall value of the property. Its unique aesthetics are always considered as luxurious and upgrading the staircases with Glass Railings will always pay off when you sell your property.
  • Customized Options – The market is flooded with a variety of options and homeowners can easily select the style that suits the Exterior Design Ideas as well as their specific budget. The metal-framed Glass Railings are always expensive and hence people may consider the aluminum option which is very affordable and cost-effective.
  • Safety – Unlike wooden or other traditional railings, there is no opening or post available. This makes the Glass Railings quite the safest option and excellent choice to keep the small pets and kids safe from climbing or slipping and getting their head stuck.

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  1. I feel framed glass railings are safer than non-framed ones. It gives a sense of extra protection and is much more durable overall. I also think that the look of framed glass railings is more polished and give a home or office building a touch of sophistication. Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us.

  2. Do you think glass railings are much safer than the steel or iron ones? I have grown up in a house with only iron railings which is why the confusion. Also, in comparison, which one would be cheaper?


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